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  • Hardcover
  • 458 pages
  • Audition
  • Stasia Ward Kehoe
  • English
  • 10 May 2018
  • 9780670013197

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    4.5 stars Am I lonelier nowThan when my sad imaginationHad him disappear Heart torn,Loosing tiny dropletsOf sorrowNo tape can measureNo needle can mend I was ecstatic when I found out my library had a copy of Audition, as it was one of my highly anticipated books of the year The greatest surprise was my library having a copy four days after its release date I wasted no time in downloading my copy yes my great library does free e books and getting stuck in straight away Let me tell you this book did not disappoint Audition tells the story of Sara, who auditions for a dance scholarship and gets selected for a place to study at the Jersey Ballet Initially Sara has a hard time fitting in with the other girls, she finds herself standing out from the other girls because of the style of her leotard, the colour of her legwarmers or she feels she s always playing catch up as the other girls are sleek and graceful in their positions and elegant in their posture and beauty While Simone and Madison,Who look high school age like me,Bonnie and Lisette,With their ballerina straight backs, So where do I sit And then there s Remington Rem one of the students choreographers teachers, he doesn t really have a specific role, but sort of flits from one group to another He has the confidence about him, the way he saunters around the studio and his brooding eyes always seem to distract Sara from her positions during rehearsals Sara can t help herself She finds herself heating up at the slightest brush of his touch her body has an unnatural aching for him that she can t stop Rem is like chocolate,Making me feel hungry and guiltyAlways and at the same time And which she doesn t really want to end But does Rem have his own agenda for being with Sara I really felt for Sara, she finds herself on a scholarship miles away from her close friends and family all alone She doesn t really talk much to the other girls or feel that she fits in, as they ve been at the school longer than she has And then her relationship with Rem, from first meeting his character I knew I wouldn t like him, he just seemed really self assured and full of himself and then how sometimes he didn t even acknowledge Sara after they d spent the night together infuriated me I know that Sara was in a situation she hadn t found herself in before, and that she didn t have anyone, and that by spending time with Rem gave her a small amount of comfort that she had longed for But I just wanted her to have the courage and stand up for herself and question exactly why she kept going back to Rem Despite these minor irritations I did really enjoy reading Audition This book gave me a huge insight into the life of a ballet dancer about the extremely busy day to day schedules, the gruelling routines and techniques they have to learn, pushing their bodies to the furthest they could go and restricting their diets Dare I tell them that since I came here to danceI have been giving pieces of my body awayTo ridiculous diets,To repeated injuries,To Remington And that maybeI thinkWith each bit of my bodyI lose a little piece of my soul Also Stasia Ward Kehoe s writing was beautiful, as you can tell from my review so far there were so many quotes that I adored and which left an aching in my chest Audition was a book which I could have devoured in one sitting, but I took my time reading, so that I could savour the powerful verse Audition has definitely left me with a longing for verse books in the future Also Stasia Ward Kehoe is very talented author I look forward to reading what she publishes next Some of my favourite quotes I know my review is already full of so many beautiful quotes, but I just couldn t leave these out Today he will lift me into the air, Hold my hand, Support my back,And make me beautifulThan I could ever be alone Sitting in the back of a car behind a boy and a girlThe way I do each day in Jersey, pretendingThat I don t ache all the time,That I m not lonely,That such tenderness exists for meOutside my dreams

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    Audition is Stasia Ward Kehoe s highly anticipated YA verse novel debut At sixteen years, Sara leaves her friends and family, moves away on a scholarship to a prestigious dance school Sara feels lost amongst her peers, who too often are pitched against one another competitively to form true friendship Dancing is a constant discipline in which dancers strive for perfection with their routines and in their bodies It is not an easy burden to bear, and you can feel the shackles and tension in the pages To add to those swirling feelings of homesickness, Sara fast leaves her innocence behind Remington is a dance instructor, gorgeous, older in his early twenties, against her sixteen years and Sara fast becomes entangled in the addictive pull of his attention I feel him trace my bodyWith his eyesPanicNumbs my fingertipsDesireMakes my face burn Sara becomes Rem s muse It is not a happy, giddy love story There are sparks, swift, all consuming romancing, followed by a dark underside where Rem s previously charming enigmatic vibe is swallowed up into something much foreboding Audition is swirling and ambiguous and dark in parts There were not many moments of comic relief, lightness or joy shining through Alongside Sara, I felt plunged in a world full of pressure, doubt and the lonely struggle of an artist The glimpse into the world of dance was insightful often harsh, intense and yet with moments of beauty My gosh, I felt weary just reading about it all The physical effort and extreme commitment Sara s extremely driven, yet as the story unfolds, it shifts to become of an internal struggle Sara frustrated me in parts, seemingly unsure, unquestioning and yet in the end I felt proud of her scraping out from under the pressure to find who she really is and what she really wants, and the story is ultimately triumphant.True to most verse novels, the prose is gorgeous in parts and extremely quotable I think verse was a great medium to tell Sara s story It is most effective in that relaying of emotions and completely getting under Sara s skin It seems I am livingBelievingDoingAlmost everythingIn halves On the flipside, the sparse wording did give me a sense of weightlessness while reading I felt burdened by the emotions of it all, yet not at all grounded in the plot, if that makes sense It s such an internal exploration, barely any dialogue, and I missed the sense of feeling like I was in the story alongside Sara, I was very much in her head, but not in the story Argh, it s hard to describe The setting seemed vague, some of the characters interchangeable, the story emotive than tangible I am a fan of the verse novel and have read many Stylistically, this one drove me a bit crazy Rather than just capitalising at the beginning of every sentence like every other verse novel I have read , Ward Kehoe capitalised at the beginning of every line Which meant she was capitalising random words mid sentence It drove me crazy and really broke that smooth rhythm and flow It was quite jarring, even unnerving, LOL with each capital, I kind of gave pause, as if the sentences were broken with full stops after I while, I tried to tune out to those random capitals I think I have disgusted himWith my childishnessEven though I am afraidOf being lonelyThan of losing anythingRem could take from me I can see the talent in Ward Kehoe s debut, cleverly crafted and gorgeously written, yet I wish I had connected with the story I felt mostly numb most of the time, even while appreciating parts of it It just wasn t the story for me 2.5 stars

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    As a former dancer, I love movies and books about dancers I ll never dance again long story but it is nice to be back in the world of dance for that short period of time it s good to read about watch girls who struggled with the things I struggled with in the ballet world.However, I wasn t a big fan of Audition First of all, it was in verse, without actually being in verse, which is a huge pet peeve of mine If you re going to write in verse, don t just write sentences and periodically hit enter a few times in the middle of them Make it worth my while to read your poetry e e cummings it up a little, I don t know Something.Second of all, Sara was such a flat character, I couldn t put myself in her shoes This happened, then this happened, then this happened, and Sara reacted to none of it, voiced an opinion about none of it, cared about none of it She just let the plotline wash over her and vaguely danced It took her until the last few pages to start growing a pair about anything, and frankly all she did was decide to quit, not because of an injury or a disservice done to her, but because I don t know, she wasn t happy Because of Remington I couldn t quite tell, and at that point I wasn t about to flip back a few pages to look again I just wanted to get to the end And then there wasn t even a satisfying ending.Meh Just not a fan overall.

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    I actually didn t like this book as much as I thought I would I found it interesting for the first half of the book and after that it was way too much romance for me and it was kinda lame Too much kissing and not that it was extremely descriptive, but after awhile it got old and too repetitive for me in all honesty and felt it had no point to it personally and the end, I mean, I felt it lacked a true ending it was ok but at the same time, I thought it didn t have that strong of an ending But I m not a ballerina and I ve never danced ballet so unless you do dance or not and like this kind of story book, then you may or may not like it but I have a feeling it s on the person with this one Some won t like it, some will probably think it okay or some may ABSOLUTELY love it But I fall into that where it wasn t all that great, too fast of a read and couldn t enjoy it enough, and had such a lacking end to it and wish some other open holes were filled back inoh well D

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    I don t read a lot of novels in verse, nor do I read a lot about dance The former is because I don t really know how to sift through the good stuff and the bad stuff, the latter because dance especially ballet kind of freaks me out the body obsessive, intense grind of it is extremely disturbing to me However, despite my reluctance with both of these elements, Audition was a fantastic read Lots of interesting themes are tackled in this one Fish out of water, rural girl in an urban, sophisticated setting, is one of my favorites and it s handled so, so well Having lived that experience as a 17 year old, I appreciate when this is done well, and in a nuanced, non stereotypical manner Audition really nails the feelings of having the wrong everything the wrong clothes, the wrong accent, etc I haven t seen this addressed in a lot of reviews, but it s an important element Relationships at the intersection of Dysfunction Junction and Userville Road Audition really explores the attraction of these types of relationships, especially the younger girl slightly older, very talented, dude dynamic Rem, the dude, is not an inherently bad person, but he sure sucks at normal, functional relationships The way his character is handled reminded me much of the way Cardidad Ferrer handled the male protagonist in When the Stars Go Blue and that s a good thing Lots of nuance there The whole muse thing is fascinating to me both in fiction and as a very real part of the arts world I have an art history background and the female muse is such an interesting facet of the history of many great artists and their work It s explored in all of its beautiful WTFery is wonderful in Audition I found myself lost in the words of this novel I love it when that happens which is funny, because my favorite novels have very sparse language, but every once in awhile, I want something different For example As afraid of conversation As I am of boys, Of men, Of wind blasting throughOpen car windows.And this this killed me My Vermont accent,Inferior as my angular ports de bras, Reveals my rural roots, basement ballet technique.If I open my mouth, It will only remind them Of the imperfections of my limbs Silence feels safer.And finallyOnce you learn the techniqueOf joining a man in bed It seems that it might stretch further Than d velopp s, splits, grand jet s And maybe you ll consider Using that technique On than one boyUntil, like ballet, The steps become An act in themselves,Separate from you, And you forget who you are All over again.The only thing that kept me from giving this one five stars is because the ending felt extremely rushed, and that the resolution was just too tidy It was a let down after the slow burn of the rest of the novel Highly recommended.Note there s an odd format to the verse in Audition The beginning of each line is capitalized, as opposed to only the beginning of each sentence This didn t bother me it actually read in my head with a staccato feel to it that made the story feel slightly frenetic I have no idea if this was the author s intent or my own interpretation , but I can see it being distracting to some folks Different and good Will write a real review soon There were a number of elements that really reminded me of one of my favorite books, When the Stars Go Blue.

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    There are so many things that I am not okay with about this book The whole thing was about a 22 year old male and a 16 year old dancer having a regular and lengthy sexual relationship with no consequences Not only is that illegal, but there wasn t any closure to the fact that the she is essentially being used the entire time Does anyone else think it is creepy that Rem peeps on Sara while she is changing I know teen adult liasons happen in the real world, but not okay Add the fact that she is also attracted to another much older male her teacher with children I really don t want to read about it Especially with no solution or insight coming to the young girl from outside supports.I also struggled with some of the little facts about the Chilean family she is living with Because I lived in Chile among native homes for a year and a half I know the food and customs well The details the author put in were not accurate Chileans don t eat spicy beans or peppers I was excited when I found out she would be housing with a Chilean ballet master only to be disappointed Depressing read Content is not suited for young teens.

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    It s offical I love books written in free verse I love how these books play with form and how the sparseness can sometimes hit me harder than prose Audition by Stasia Ward Kehoe is awesome, plus it s nice to read a free verse book that s not about the dangerous world of drugs.Read the rest of my review here

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    I thought this was quite depressing Did Sara find her happiness in the end And I was really hoping that Remington would get AIDS or break his leg Ugh, what a complete arse.

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    this book gets published on my eighteenth birthday ha thought that was kind of cool D

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    A beautifully told novel in verse from debut author, Stasia Ward Kehoe I love reading novels in verse The gift of some authors to be able to tell an emotionally powerful story with just a few words It blows my mind Although I wasn t familiar with some of the literature pertaining to the specifics of ballet, I never felt lost, I just simply imagined the graceful moves that I ve seen ballerinas preform several times Sara, at the age of sixteen, is a child in many ways when she arrives in the city to fulfill her ballet scholarship Readers will watch Sara grow as the novel progresses Watch her make mistakes, mature, and loose the innocence she once had at her family home Stasia skims the surface on some of the darker moments that we often hear about with dancing at Sara s level, including ignored injuries and eating disorders I liked, however, that she did not focus on those aspects, but rather on the dancing itself and the struggles that Sara faced in that alone Audition is a fascinating novel, even for those with no prior experience or interest in dance This isn t a novel about ballet It s a novel about finding yourself and growing up.

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Auditioncharacters Audition, audiobook Audition, files book Audition, today Audition, Audition 3cea7 When High School Junior Sara Wins A Coveted Scholarship To Study Ballet, She Must Sacrifice Everything For Her New Life As A Professional Dancer In Training Living In A Strange City With A Host Family, She S Deeply Lonely Until She Falls Into The Arms Of Remington, A Choreographer In His Early Twenties At First, She Loves Being Rem S Muse, But As She Discovers A Surprising Passion For Writing, She Begins To Question Whether She S Chosen The Right Path Is Rem Using Her, Or Is It The Other Way Around And Is Dancing Still Her Dream, Or Does She Need Something This Debut Novel In Verse Is As Intense And Romantic As It Is Eloquent