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✶ [BOOKS] ✪ I Knew Jesus before He Was a Christian...and I Liked Him Better Then  By Rubel Shelly ❀ – Livre-game-of-thrones.co chapter 1 I Knew Jesus before He Was a Christian...and I Liked Him Better Then , meaning I Knew Jesus before He Was a Christian...and I Liked Him Better Then , genre I Knew Jesus before He Was a Christian...and I Liked Him Better Then , book cover I Knew Jesus before He Was a Christian...and I Liked Him Better Then , flies I Knew Jesus before He Was a Christian...and I Liked Him Better Then , I Knew Jesus before He Was a Christian...and I Liked Him Better Then 3df4ab01c78b2 Asking Why Christianity Is Unattractive To So Many People, This Book Contrasts A Revolutionary Jesus Who Changed The World With A Marginalized Church That Is Being Ignored By Our Culture And It Explores How Churches Can Do A Better Job Of Representing Jesus To The WorldHas The Church Become A Barrier To Faith Is What Our Culture Knows As The Church A Near Approximation Of Christ S Presence In The World Or Does The Church Give A Distorted View Of Jesus As Businessman, Showman, Huckster, Or Fraud Without Abandoning Love For The Church Or Forgetting The Biblical Mandate For Its Presence In The World, Rubel Shelly Explores A Model For Thinking Of Church In Terms That Are Personal Than Institutional

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    I really like this book, and I really don t like this book It is one of those volumes which will deeply disturb you and keep you awake at night thinking about what it means to be a follower of Jesus even as it will help you grow in your understanding of what it means to follow Him As a churchman and a pastor I have experienced and observed first hand how much the church has done to turn people off to even considering a personal relationship with Jesus or to drive them away from Him At the same time, I have known men and women who have lived their life in Jesus so powerfully in the Church that I cannot imagine why they did not attract multitudes to follow Him As a French archbishop remarked to Napolean when he threatened to destroy the Church, Your majesty, the Church has been working for over 1700 years to destroy itself I don t think you can do anything to us that we have not already done to ourselves Paraphrased This little book attempts to lead us away from salvation by church to salvation as it is in Jesus and while it is deeply disturbing at times, the mirror he holds up to us church people is clear and rarely distorted You will be challenged and will grow if you choose to read what Rubel Shelly has written.

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    Author Rubel Shelly has it right Jesus was someone everyone wanted to know before he became a Christian While this title may seem irreverent, it isn t Shelly is just telling it like it is Christians have destroyed the name of Christ.Too harsh Nope He s spot on.In I Knew Jesus Before He was a Christian, the author asks the question why church is so unattractive to so many people and attempts to show where we got lost He does a great job of it too Is the author anti church Not at all He s about the body of Christ remembering their biblical mandate in the world and getting back to how the early church functioned Rubel Shelly explores a model for thinking of church in termsthat are personal than institutional.He explores the history of the church and accurately states, So long as church is a place or a series of events on certain days and at certain times, it will continue to have minimal to decreasing influence for changing the world The body of Christ is the church, unfortunately we have not been united as a body for some time We are Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Pentecostal, etc and our differences in worship and beliefs are vast Accept the one belief that holds us together that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour and He died to save us from our sins Until we get back to that central message of hope and give up the many rules, rituals and regulations that make church so boring and unapproachable, we are failing our Lord in our mandate to spread the Gospel.This book has so much to say and I admit it has me thinking I highly recommend it.

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    Initially, I thought Shelly might have some personal axe to grind due to his past experiences with numerous churches, but this was not the case I found this book to be spot on and rich with a solid framework from God s Word His contention is that churches have moved to an institutional model versus the relational model portrayed in Scripture He proposes that such a move has caused church members to serve its officers, creeds, programs, budgets and so forth versus God and His purposes He is not anti church in fact, he is extremely pro church But his priority is Jesus first then church Per Shelly, such movement holds the promise of producing a community of love, accountability, and nurture where gradual spiritual transformation would take place Shelly s work is a plea for the church to become relational by focusing on serving others, nurturing one another, and living out a Christ centered life in the world From his thoughts, we have to resist letting the church be the message and put it in its proper place as the medium.Most certainly, I highly recommend this book I believe you will find it refreshing, challenging, and perhaps even a wake up call.

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    It is wonderful to find a book that is not only well written, but speaks to you at just the time when you need to hear what it has to say I highly recommend this to life long church attenders who find themselves questioning the value of the institution of church but still cling to their spirituality It is also a good read for those who are seeking a spiritual connection, but are skeptical that they can find this in the traditional church Shelly addresses this eloquently, and will cause many in the first category to heave a sigh of relief, and those in the second to take a breath of hope, that there may be some validity to our current feelings Shelly s main focus is to address how church has moved from organism to organization and from community to corporation Read it, read it, read it.

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    I am very interested in the history of Christianity and I agree with some of the conclusions that Mr Shelly has reached, but the book is written on a fairly scholarly level To a layman, like me, some of it is beyond my reach The basic point is that, beginning with Constantine, the church slowly but surely became an entity to itself, and was not representative of Jesus teachings The Reformation put Christianity back on the track to follow Jesus closely, but the modern church seeks to find a way to be of the world while maintaining a weak grasp on Jesus call for self sacrifice and total commitment In other words, the modern church has re created Jesus in its own image thus the title of the book.

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    Rubel Shelly is a leader among the Churches of Christ, a college president, former pastor, and a friend In this book Shelly contrasts the message of Jesus with institutional religion, especially it s post Constantinian forms, that have interest in preserving the institution than serving the world It s moderately conservative in theology, rooted in the Churches of Christ ethos, but generous in its application Even if you don t share all of his theology, I think you will find this book encouraging for the missional journey.

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    If you ever get frustrated with church politics and want to return to a radical Christ centered approach to life read this book.

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