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  • Not a Fan
  • Kyle Idleman
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  • 05 June 2017
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    I read this book because my son s girlfriend gave it to him It s just another book written by another well meaning believer who thinks he has the to do list of an A believer in Jesus Christ In reality what he is spreading is not the Christian way of life but religion His list includes not having sex, working in soup kitchens, going on mission trips, etc All these things are fine if they are produced BECAUSE we have a spiritual life They should never be presented as what we will do as evidence we are a follower In addition all these books have one thing in common They tell you to surrender, commit or recommit , give your life to Jesus and or Jesus must be the Lord of all But they never tell you how to surrender, how to make Jesus Lord of all they only give you a list of things you will be doing IF you have surrendered, etc Christians spend way too much time reading someones book or listening to someones personal experience than building their own You ve got to have your own personal relationship with Jesus Christ You need to KNOW Christ Knowing all about someone is completely different than knowing them Think about it You can know all about a friend of a friend because they are always talking about their friend You can imitate the person you have heard everything about saying the same things, doing the same things, being in the same places but you don t KNOW them And, even scarier they certainly don t know you Once you have believed the gospel message your spiritual life begins It begins and ends with Christ He is the author and finisher He doesn t begin the process and then turn it over to you We are told to grow in the Grace and Knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ How do you grow in the Grace and Knowledge of Jesus By getting to know Him How do you get to KNOW Him Just like you get to know anyone else You spend one on one time with Him on a daily basis Pick up your Bible and really study the letters within its pages Begin your study of Scripture with prayer confess you sins to God the Father Diligently search the Scriptures and ask God to help you understand His Truth It s God Truth that we need THIS is the true meaning of surrendering Setting aside your previously conceived idea Setting aside your human viewpoint of what you think you already know Surrendering your thoughts and ideas to the absolute truth of God s viewpoint If you will approach God s word, the Bible, without your own ideas, your churches ideas, pastors ideas, your friends and families ideas and surrender your mind to be filled with the Absolute Truth of God s word God s view point you will be amazed at the new found confidence you will find in Christ This This grace oriented approach to God s word This This is what it means to surrender If you will surrender you mind to the viewpoint of God, you will be blessed beyond measure in your soul As believers we need to become preoccupied with the person of Jesus Christ We need to stop putting our focus on doing things that others can see and start doing things they can t see Grow in Grace Grow in the Knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ Being the genuine article is what its all about it s not about producing the works that give the desired human appearance Our spiritual life is about who and what we are IN Christ When we grow IN Christ, the light of this relationship will be seen by others The radiance of Christ IN YOU will be evident in ways that you can not even imagine Others will be touched by your words and actions in ways that you will likely never even know about All you have to do is approach the Word of God through prayer, confessing your sins to God then it s just a matter of diligently studying and rightly dividing the Word of Truth The Holy Spirit will help you discern what is Truth and what is not Through this process, which is the hidden transformation of your mind, you will develop a massive spiritual root system completely unseen that will carry you through all the storms of life with incredible stability in Jesus Christ By doing so, you will become a vessel in which Jesus Christ is clearly seen All the glory, praise and honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ If you want to read please see Message 29 in this thread

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    I am not a fan of Jesus This book is so powerful and so convicting, I felt uncomfortable reading it But that is exactly the point Christianity has become too comfortable and too safe Christians view following Jesus as getting saved, attending church services, praying before meals and before bedtime, reading some devotionals, listening to Christian music These things are great, but what truly defines being a follower of Jesus is sacrifice Jesus demonstrated pure love by giving up his life and all he asks in return is that we give him our lives This book will stir something It might make you angry and you may not take anything it says seriously, but I urge you to take its message to heart Jesus doesn t want fans He wants followers who will truly follow him The best section of the book is the final one, following jesus wherever, whenever, whatever but it will make you squirm.Readers of this book also recommend Radical Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream That is next on my list.

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    One reviewer sadly commented after reading this book, I guess I don t measure up I would like to encourage her by saying Of course, you don t None of us measures up We are all sinners and that is why Jesus had to do it all He loves you even though he knows you don t measure up I am afraid that for some readers this book may teach that there are two kinds of Christians lazy pew sitters and radical foreign missionaries Each chapter ends with an inspiring example of someone who is living the Victorious Christian Life Now don t get me wrong I love these stories, but I wonder how they speak to a humble Christian whose vocation may not take them to the deserts of China or the jungles of Burma It s wonderful to want to serve God Should you do it because the clock is ticking Should you do it because you know God expects from you It seems to me that the author implies that human will power is the difference between being a fan and being a follower We can be obedient, but the power is all on God s side of the equation Don t let this book steal your joy and hope

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    Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman was truly an incredible read.Idleman shares short stories from his own spiritual walk to help guide us through our own His outlook on our journey as a Christian is quite inspirational and really helped to direct me One thing that I really drew from the book was that what we have with God isn t religion but a relationship, and we often get the two confused We often find ourselves so used to the rules of being a Christian that we ve conformed to being the everyday fan instead of a true follower This book opened my eyes to many things that I was doing in my own life.Luckily for me, I read this with a group of people and was able to collaborate on it with fellow believers I recommend this book for anyone whose looking to further strengthen their relationship with God and how they view it.

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    Following Jesus will cost you something Following Jesus always costs something Dear Christian, are you ready to take your relationship with Jesus to the next level This book delivers some uncomfortable truths , and definitely doesn t tell us what we want to hear, but challenges the way we view ourselves as Christians and our relationship with God, as we ask ourselves are we fans or followers In other words, how deep is our commitment to Jesus I love this author, and I always listen to his sermons on Youtube The thing I like the most about him is that he has the ability to deliver uncomfortable truths in a very direct, simple but unforgiving way which doesn t feel like preaching, or scolding the believers, but like hey, you know things are like that, and deep down you always knew Deep down, we all know that being a Christian doesn t mean having a fish bump sticker and that Jesus called us not to wear a cross around our necks, but to carry His cross on our backs Living our faith truly and deeply can sometimes be challenging, especially during these times when it is so unpopular at least where I live and the values we grew up with seem especially difficult to maintain in a world full of temptation This book made me think about the fact that sometimes we back away from things because they seem to go out of our comfort zone, but we should never forget that if you never take risks you never go forward in life The weird coincidence was that, right while I was reading this book, our priest did a sermon on this exact topic during the Mass Coincidence I don t think so Finally, there is a verse of the Bible which always made me uneasy since I was a child, and it s this one So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth Revelation 3 16 NKJGod doesn t want us to be lukewarm, He wants us to be either be all in or all out, in other words, He wants us to pick a side and commit to it I saw this book as a call to live my life as a Christian always, and not only when it s easier in Church, during the Holidays, or while surrounded by other believers but every single day and night of my life Loved it

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    Got your church T shirt Your Jesus is my co pilot bumper sticker What about your WWJD bracelet Bible Check Some verses memorized Check Personalized tithe envelopes You know this maaan Okay, okay Now what about Jesus You ve got all the paraphernalia the outward stuff that clothes you with the Christian image but do you really have Jesus Are you a fan, or are you a follower Uhhhhhhh ..what you talkin bout Willis Willis isn t here But if you want to know what I m talking about, pick up Kyle Idleman s Not a Fan Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus Idleman uses an in your face and step on your toes approach to distinguish between professors of Christ who are merely fans, and followers of Christ who are all in Kyle addresses several indicators of fandom In short, they know about Jesus but don t know Him, they praise Him with their mouths but their hearts are vacationing in self ville, or in Kyle s words, They want to be close enough to Jesus to get all the benefits, but not so close that it requires anything from them Followers, however, don t just put Jesus first He is it He is all There is no competition Because the book is non fiction and the theme very specific, it s difficult for me to review it in depth without giving away too much What I can say is that it will challenge readers to do a great deal of self reflection It is written in such a way that, fan or follower, you cannot walk away from it without digging deep inside to see where your loyalties lie, whether they are divided, or even if somewhere along the way they ve shifted Most of the time Idleman addresses the reader as if he she is already a fan Some might sit a little straighter at such presumption, but calm down Following Christ is a daily calling, not a one time deal And every opportunity to search the heart and see if there is any wicked way in it Psalm 139 24 is time well spent Remember followers of Christ welcome a righteous rebuke, we don t refuse it Psalm 141 5 If you re a fan and you re happy right where you are, my guess is Kyle s message will seriously offend you If you re a fan but no longer want to be, it ll challenge you to bolt out of the stands, suit up, and get to the business of living like a true follower of Jesus If you re already a follower you ll identify if and when you tend to have seasons of fandom, or whether there are compartmentalized areas of your life where your spiritual weapon of choice is a set of frilly pom poms Where this book is concerned, I have to say I would qualify as a fan of the book I am an enthusiastic admirer of the message and the style of writing I laughed hard , I cried loud , and when I put it down I started calculating how much it was going to cost me to get one in the hands of way too many people I found the personal testimonies particularly powerful I gave it five out of five stars When it comes to Jesus, however, I am not a fan.

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    Not A Fan is a bold, in your face book that aggressively packs a punch It confronts anyone daring enough to ask the question, Am I a fan or am I a follower From the jump, the book holds nothing back, and it asks the reader to define her relationship with Christ It will challenge, affront, influence, and very definitely impact you as a Christian Rating 5 5 Stars

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    There were some points in this book that I did not agree with, but at the end of the day, it did make me question where the priorities in my life were However, I do need to say that I would not give this book to a new Christian The theology is a little confusing I am, of course, basing this opinion on what I have learned and truly believe I do believe that we are saved through the grace of God through belief in Jesus as our savior I am not a big expert on the Bible, but I think it says somewhere in there that we aren t saved by our own works, but by the grace of God This doesn t mean that I believe that you can just let yourself go because God will forgive you anyway I just really believe that this belief that we are saved through grace causes people to want to change and live the life that Jesus would want us to live There was one point in the book where Idleman said he received an email from someone who read his book that thanked him for the message and let him know that he was trying to be a follower of God This was not an appropriate response, according to the author The appropriate response was that he should die to himself to become a follower While I kind of agree with this statement, I have to say that I don t like Idleman s approach at all He is a very, If you don t do this, you re not a follower kind of author He focuses TOO MUCH on things we should be doing when, once again, our works prove NOTHING to Jesus I don t feel like I need to sell all of my possessions for Jesus accept me as His child I m sure Idleman would say that that means I m not a true follower, but he is not present in my actual relationship with God Being a follower of God, to me, means listening for His word and then doing our best to obey what He asks us to do within the boundaries of our own individual relationships with Jesus Some people may need to sell all their possessions or do some other drastic thing if that is TRULY what God is calling them to do Idleman talks a lot about sacrifice and that if we aren t denying ourselves or are somehow uncomfortable with life, than we aren t a true follower of God Here s the thing, though God loves a cheerful giver Jesus sacrificed Himself because he loved us He gave Himself up for our sake because he WANTED to, not because God was making Him and not because someone told Him He didn t love God if He didn t do it Selling your possessions to prove that you are a follower of God means nothing if your heart isn t in it And God calls us each to do different things has gifted us with different skills for fulfilling His purpose In the beginning of the book, Idleman talks about Jesus saying that on the day of Judgement, he will not recognize some people who claim to be of the faith But if you search your heart, you know if you really know Jesus I am just terribly wary of anyone who spends too much time focusing on the works of man Also, the fact that he divides his book into two sections, the first seeming to do with belief and the second with works, makes it hard to reconcile the fact that the two go hand in hand a fact that he gives glancing notice to But after true belief comes a true desire to live in a way that is pleasing to God It takes time to get to know God, His word, and what He would expect But this comes from a deep desire to please God and not some kind of desire to prove that you are not a fan.

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    I was fortunate to read Idleman s book immediately after Tozer s The Pursuit of God I say this because Not a Fan is the perfect counterpart to Tozer Idleman challenges the reader to identify themselves as a follower of Christ or a mere fan and presents the argument that many who identify themselves as the former are actually the latter.Idleman presents a wonderful argument against the cheap Christianity that runs rampant in the Church and encourages his readers to get to a place where following Jesus is so important to them, that if they lost everything it would still be worth it p 66.This book causes the reader to reflect upon his own faith In my case, I was convicted in several areas of my life I was able to recognize those parts of my life that I simply wasn t prepared to surrender to Christ It s a simple concept really When Christ asks us to give up everything to follow Him, what is the one thing you would refuse to let go of This may be a simple concept but is difficult in practice If Christ isn t what we hold most dear, we are a fan not a follower.While Tozer s book placed in me the desire to pursue Christ daily, Idleman s gave me a practical vision of what such a pursuit entails.This book will certainly be added to my list of recommended reading.

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    A good review of this book are some good points and also some problems with this book The author basically teaches the surrendered life which is nothing new DA Carson s associate Andy Naselli wrote his doctoral dissertation about this movement called Keswick or Higher life sanctification and you can read a presentation of it here I was completely unaware of this model of sanctification until my early 20 s when I started reading Romans and the rest of the new testament only to realize that I had an incorrect view I had been taught that we can live with Jesus as merely our savior or we can totally surrender our life to Him and accept Him as Lord also My high school youth pastor was Methodist and this view stems from the Wesleyan Arminian viewpoint Also Campus Crusade teaches this sort of thing and I heard the word surrender at every one of their meetings Idleman mentions Bill Bright the leader of Campus Crusade as a hero of his Having and practicing this understanding will lead to problems and here are a few that Dr Naselli points out.A few problematic teachings of Keswick theology which all can be found in one degree or another in Not a Fan Disjunction It creates two categories of Christians This is the fundamental, linchpin issue Fan vs Follower Perfectionism It portrays a shallow and incomplete view of sin in the Christian life Then I completely surrendered and now I live fully for Jesus seriously Quietism It tends to emphasize passivity, not activity Let God do the work I ve also heard Charles Stanley teach this kind of thing and he is also mentioned in the book Pelagianism denial of the complete effect or noetic effect of sin on our will It tends to portray the Christian s free will as autonomously starting and stopping sanctification You need to decide to become a follower This concept is truly foreign to the new testament It is God who works in you and you were bought at a price, therefore honor God Methodology It tends to use superficial formulas for instantaneous sanctification You re now a fan, decide to become a follower The sad thing is that many people may sell their house or empty their bank accounts to become followers and realize later that they aren t the rich young ruler and Christ hasn t called them to do something crazy for Him I wonder why people haven t gouged out their eyes or cut off their hands since Jesus also requires this Read the rest of the new testament if you want to know how to know God Jesus sent the Apostles for this very purpose.Impossibility It tends to result in disillusionment and frustration for the have nots Pretty self explanatory and I am sure many people felt this way after reading this book Spin It tends to misinterpret personal experiences This is made clear in all of the personal accounts in the book There are many things said that raise red flags, but the God was laughing at me one on page 278 is particularly troublesome.Campus Crusade and other Wesleyan Arminian ministries espouse this sort of total surrender which may work for a season to get you through college or a lull in your walk, but isn t a sustainable method for discipleship This model of discipleship fails because it is based on an insufficient understanding of the total depravity of humans and how God definitively and progressively sanctifies the believer We are saved fully when we believe and continue to be sanctified as we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to repent and become progressively conformed to the image of Christ The call to discipleship in Not a Fan is mostly good material If you liked this book I would recommend continuing in your study of biblical sanctification and read J.I Packer s book Keep in Step with the Spirit and then John Owen s Overcoming Sin and Temptation But most importantly read and re read Romans and what the rest of the New Testament teaches about justification by faith alone and the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer Jesus and Paul whom Jesus sent are talking about the same discipleship and we can t separate their messages Overall I found the theology of this book very contradictory at many points Here a few examples On page 63 Idleman says that Nicodemus must humble himself to become born again he goes on to say that being born again is really up to Nicodemus, yet Jesus and the rest of the New Testament make it very clear that the second birth or regeneration is 100% an activity of God and initiated by Him and not us Read John 3,7,10 and Ephesians 1 3 if you aren t sure about this concept.On page 64 he says speaking about a fan that he made a decision to believe, but not a decision to follow this also presupposes that sanctification is basically up to us and our will to surrender or follow It leaves out that it is God who saves and sanctifies us including our will and effort The same Holy Spirit that grants you faith also grants you repentance and the desire to know God and repent Saving faith that is of the Holy Spirit is a faith that trusts and obeys There is no such thing as the person on page 263 who has received the gift of the Holy Spirit, but isn t being filled with the Holy Spirit This is another teaching of the Higher Life or Keswick theology that subscribers like Bill Bright and Charles Stanley teach These men have been great men of the faith, but teach a non biblical method of sanctification.Maybe the most problematic error is this one ABSOLUTE SURRENDER I am all for living your life as a living sacrifice and self denial As long as we realize that our repentance and sanctification requires our effort We put sin to death by the power of the Holy Spirit, but we are commanded to actively do it Let go and let God is a recipe for disobedience to God Our surrender is never complete and to think otherwise is just self deception I do recommend going to the above link and reading the presentation on Keswick Theology It will be helpful in putting these things in biblical perspective.This is also a good article on the subject

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