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dancergirl quotes dancergirl, litcharts dancergirl, symbolism dancergirl, summary shmoop dancergirl, dancergirl c3d7e18c Ever Feel Like Someone S Watching You Me, Too But Lately It S Been Happening In My Room When I M AloneA Friend Posted A Video Of Me Dancing Online, And Now I M No Longer Alicia Ruffino I M Dancergirl And Suddenly It S Like Me Against The World Everyone S Got OpinionsMy Admirers Want , The Haters Hate, My Best Friend Jacy, Even He S Acting Weird And Some Stalker Isn T Content To Just Watch AnyAli Dancergirl Whatever You Know Me As, However You Ve Seen Me Online, I Ve Trained My Whole Life To Be The Best Dancer I Can Be But If Someone Watching Has Their Way, I Could Lose Way Than Just My Love Of Dancing I Could Lose My Life

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestAlicia Ruffino is a dancer in New York Being the daughter of a single working mom comes with baggage, so it s important to have something to define herself as That s why she s so determined to excel in her dance competition and snag the solo part Her dancing is well known to her friends, and one day, her friend Charlie gets the idea of filming her from afar under the pseudonym Shyboy Uploading the video and calling her dancergirl, he creates a narrative in which he, the sensitive loner type, is pining after the ethereal manic pixie dream girl from afar The video goes viral, and Alicia finds the taste of fame sours on the tongue, especially when it brings her unwanted attention in the form of a stalker.I really wanted to like this book I m a sucker for stalker stories and for stories about dancing, but this book completely fell flat Alicia is such an unlikable character I mean, this is a girl who makes light of her mother s profession as a nurse and whose first reaction when she sees her friend crying is, Hey, let s watch this video of ME online what makes it worse is that it turns out the friend is crying because they have a degenerative disease Wow, way to be all sensitive and sh t, Alicia The story is also pretty lame I kept reading because I wanted to find out who the stalker is, but man, it takes FOREVER and with little payoff.I think what made it worse is that I ve recently read a much better YA dance story about sex and scandal called THE HIT LIST, and I ve read a much better book about a stalker called THE BOOK OF YOU By comparison, DANCERGIRL felt really tone deaf and read as though it were written by someone who only encountered teenagers through reruns of Degrassi Very disappointing.1.5 stars

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    Dancergirl was a realistic and suspenseful read I couldn t put it down once I started Ali has spent most of her life dancing It s her passion She works at the local dance studio so she s able to take all the free classes she wants She never imagines the thing she loves most would end up turning her life upside down While at a park concert with her best friend, Jacy, Ali s filmed dancing One of her film geek friends catches her, doing what she does best, and loads the video up on the internet He edits it out as sort of a mini show with her as dancergirl and him as the quite crushing boy in the sidelines shyboy It immediately goes viral and Ali is thrust into the spotlight with everyone at school and elsewhere, suddenly taking an interest in her At first Ali is flattered by all the attention Everyone has had the desire to feel special and wanted at some time in their life But soon the initial excitement at the popularity wears off What s disturbing is this video has brought Ali into the sights of a stalker, which becomes apparent when a video of her dancing in her underwear in her bedroom gets posted As soon as Ali sees this, she is beyond freaked out and wants nothing to do with all this dancergirl business Ali and Jacy try to figure out who could be behind the stalking Ali becomes and paranoid, suspecting anyone and everyone around her Add to this, Jacy has been acting strange and sullen Ali thought he might have just been about to kiss her at the park concert which would be a very bad idea They ve been best friends forever and know way too much about each other to go down that road, right Oh so wrong, Ali I adored Jacy, he was such a lovely and protective best friend My favorite type of love interest in books is the best friends that turn into something kind Even if Ali didn t see it right away, they were a perfect match You realize early on, even when Ali doesn t, that Jacy has something major going on I wanted Ali to figure it out sooner, and wanted to shake her a couple of times when the light bulb didn t go off Jacy was in need of support just as much as she was This story is something that could easily happen, and probably has in some form already With surveillance and camera phones everywhere, we re often filmed without our knowledge This story pointed out the many ways this can go terribly wrong I was riveted by this tale and had to keep reading as the suspense level keep being ratcheted up, page by page I could easily put myself in Ali s shoes I would ve been as creeped out by all this as she was Her level of anxiety kept rising with each new invasion I was a little annoyed that she didn t immediately confide in her mother but we don t always think with a clear head in an emotional situation There were several suspects and just when you think you know who s responsible, you find out you re wrong I really enjoyed this suspenseful mystery Everyone who knows me, knows there must be romance in my reads While this is a little light on romance, I still found it satisfying and sweet The last few chapters were a definite thrill ride I m now off to read the companion in this series Circle of Silence You can find this and at The Readers Den

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    Oh wow For a book that I had no expectations, I ended up really enjoying it I love when that happens The creepy premise is what made me want to read this A girl being stalked because of an online video count me in dancergirl very hard to not put a capital D twitch starts off smoothly and brings us into the life of Alicia Ali who is just a regular girl with a passion for dancing Ali is your average high school girl who thrives on popularity Which is why she s fine with the video that s been posted online by a classmate, of her dancing at a concert What she doesn t expect, is when another video is uploaded of her dancing in her room, alone I really enjoyed Ali s personality She wasn t perfect and she makes some bad decisions, but that s what makes her real I did have a problem with her having no qualms about the first video getting online, though Sure it was taken from a classmate she knows, but he never asked if it was ok to post it online, and she just shrugs it off, then agrees to do See what I mean about her bad decisions Videos online stalker magnet Everyone knows this This was, however, the only issue I had with her character.As I m sure you guessed, there is a lot of dancing in this story Ali has a deep love for dance her life revolves around it I was never as much into it as Ali, but I love dance as well I ve taken classes for a few years and performed at a couple of shows So I could really relate to the dancing and the rush of performing I got stage fright right along with Ali I could feel it Those part were a lot of fun for me and added some lighthearted moments to the otherwise anxious mood of the book.Now on to the best part the stalker plot All throughout the book I felt chills for Ali and feared for her It s so incredibly easy to imagine all of this happening, that it got me very unsettled Not knowing when someone s watching or what part of your privacy is being taken from you that s incredibly discomforting I didn t find it hard to guess who the stalker was I do read and watch a lot of suspense stories like this though so it s hard to surprise me any Regardless, I still thought it was a fantastic thriller with a realistic setting and gripping suspense I m curious what the rest of the series will entail since this one ends like a stand alone But I m sure I won t be disappointed Carol is a great author and I absolutely recommend you give dancergirl twitch a try.

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    As a huge fan of dance, I admit that there is nothing I ve wished for than even a smidgeon of rhythm in my step so I could glide across a glossy stage like I m having the time of my life, but alas, all I m good for is carrying in the watermelons In fact, I m such a bad dancer that I m not even allowed to sit in the corner I have to stand in the back to gawk Still, I love being an observer of the sport because dancers are amazing I could watch them bust a move for hours That said, I ve learned that visual dance performances work much better for me than printed ones.In the competitive world of dance, Ali is still looking for her big break When she finally gets it, it s nothing like she imagined it would be After videos of Ali dancing gain popularity on the web, she becomes known as dancergirl But not everybody is happy about Ali s newly found fameand someone is intent on ending it.dancergirl was a quick read that I had high hopes for, but, unfortunately, I didn t quite connect with the story.Maybe it was the uses of urban lingo, but I was unable to warm up to the main character, Ali, or her sidekick of friends All of them seemed kind of shallow, and never really conveyed any hard hitting emotions, even when situations that called for such arose.The mechanical and abrupt story structure in which dancergirl was told, certainly set the stage for the thriller side of things, but it also confused me, along with the missing transitions and the use of technical dance terms.Sure, a dim curiosity formed within me as Ali tried to figure out who her stalker was, but she also had a lot of TSTL moments that baffled me like when she first suspected that she had a stalker because she saw someone yanking a camera away from her bedroom window, but decided not to tell her mom about it I guess, I could kind of understand why she reacted that way though, after all, she did think she d get in trouble with her absentee mother But then later, she seemed to be concerned about rumors that people were calling her strippergirl than the fact that a video of her dancing in her undies appeared online After that, nothing really happened for a while, other than Ali accusing everyone best friend, computer geek, some other girl s boyfriend around her of being her stalker Naturally, her guesses were completely wrong every single time, but as she crossed potential perpetrators off her list, she grew paranoid and anxious.The final element that had me at odds with the story appeared as dancergirl headed towards its climax That s when things got a bit too fantastical to be believable In a fantasy novel or even a romance, I could have bought the idea of everything coming together so blatantly perfect , but not so much in a contemporary Overall, not for me, but I m sure others will enjoy this thrill ride immensely.

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    There are so many ways for me to read this book as a dancer, as a teacher, as a YA writer As a dancer, I loved Ali s passion for the art form Anyone who dances will understand and empathize with her need to express her creativity, her inner soul through movement, as well as the sheer joy she feels moving her body As a teacher, I feel like I got an insight into the many pressures a young dancer has in her life, things I may have forgotten about And as a YA writer, well, this was a page turner from the opening chapter and I love reading thrillers.Our culture s current fascination with YouTube, with getting our 15 minutes of fame, with quick sound bites that we use to define people, are dealt with head on in dancergirl We see how Ali wants to have things both ways popularity and fame as a dancer on the web, yet respectful privacy in her daily life As she soon finds, it s nearly impossible to keep secrets once you are in the public eye, for whatever reason.Ultimately, beneath the trappings of the dance world, this story is a thriller, and it definitely thrills Tanzman keeps upping the stakes of the game for Ali, who indeed takes it as a game at first until things escalate beyond her control I thought I knew who the bad guy was and then Tanzman took it away again and again and again LOL I discovered it the same moment as our heroes, and it wasn t a butler did it solution either You don t have to love dance to love dancergirl but if you do, I think you will find an extra layer of fun and self discovery within its pages.

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    As I prepare to wind down from the 24 Hr Readathon, I bring you Book 7 a good number to finish on as it s my favourite number Are you a fan of mystery and suspense Feeling in the mood for a bit of stalkerish fiction Meet Ali , all she has ever wanted to do was become a dancer and what started off as fun entertainment a school friend Charlie filming her dancing and posting on Zubu which is like the equivalent of Youtube ended into a game much dangerous as somebody else is filming Ali secretly as videos of her dancing in the privacy of her own bedroom start appearing on Zubu When the videos get out , everyone at school starts to call her strippergirl instead of Ali or her nickname Dancergirl When her friend Jacy starts keeping secrets , Ali starts to wonder if it is him whose filming her and what started off as a questionable whose doing what turns into a full blown panic attack as Ali discovers she is in fact being stalked Will the stalker get the better of her as those around her start to believe she is paranoid or will Ali with the help of her friends discover the identity of the stalker But as the novel nears the end and the stalker hasn t been discovered and is now leaving personal gifts, we as the reader start to worry for poor Ali Writing this it kind of reminds me of the similar plot to Pretty Little Liars, mainly of the stalking and the fact that the lead character s nickname was Ali though not short for Alison but Alicia What happens when Ali discovers the stalker in her very own house Will her friends come to the rescue in time or will Ali become another statistic Will we ever discover the identities of shyboy1 and kruzer99 the two online identities that seem to follow dancergirl Find out in Dancergirl by Carol M Tanzman, a great read if you wanting a fast paced, suspensful dancing read that contains alot of twists and turns.

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    The beginning of dancergirl was a bit slow and confusing, especially with her best friend Jacy and the characters not being introduced clearly for us However the story finally took off, with Ali s dancergirl videos and the emerging of a peeping tom stalker.Alicia, Ali, who is our female protagonist is a contemporary dancer The dancergirl videos started because one of her classmates Charlie videotaped her while she danced The videos went viral enters the stalker I wasn t that happy with Ali s personality She was persuaded too easily and she never confronted Jacy about his withdrawn behavior towards her Especially towards the end, some of her decisions got me screaming NO DON T DO IT However I loved the unpredictable ness of who the stalker might be One time it was this person, the other it was that person Each with their own motives and then a tight alibi that removes them from the suspect list Ali and her friends had to turn on their investigative intuitions and start playing detective to figure out who is the stalker The identity of the stalker was honestly a shock to me I didn t, in the least bit, expect it and im so happy for that The writing was simple, easy, nothing too complicated that takes you outside of the story while you re trying to figure out what the author meant by it yes the beginning was a bit confusing, but 50 pages in, and i was hooked This is a great contemporary, light thriller book It s a nice change from the usual contemporary romance novels I would definitely recommend it to any reader looking for a bit of a thrill in their books.

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    Review also posted on my blog The Book BarbiesMy aunt said a very true thing once She pointed out how when she watches CSI or any crime show movie she knows who the bad guy is five minutes into the movie show But, the anime cartoon Detective Conan which is better known as Case Closed It was dubbed in Arabic in Saudi Arabia Detective Conan is the Arabic translation is unlike the high end movies TV Shows because Case Closed Detective Conan keeps you guessing until the last 30 seconds of an episode on who he bad guy is This is how Dancergirl is Dancergirl is about Alicia, or Ali who is on the road of becoming a professional dancer What started out as Charlie, a peer from school videotaping her dancing with her knowledge so he can make story like videos to put on the internet and get countless hits turns into something scary when Ali starts getting stalked.I hate dramatic irony in books, it s nothing but annoying but Dancergirl is a real mysterious read that made my head spin in 6 different directions Every time a new character was introduced I was like THAT S THE STALKER I changed my mind a hundred times, I suspected everyone BUT the actual stalker and I didn t find out who it is until it was revealed by the author I loved that Usually I can figure out who the bad guy is and predict the plot of books very early into the book but Carol M Tanzman did a terrific job with making everything remain a true mystery.I was just vacationing in New York a few weeks ago so I liked the portrayal of Brooklyn where the book is set, it was done very nicely and it conveyed how the city and borough really is I also liked the characters, sure some of them did stupid, selfish things but that s how real teenagers in the real world act Their actions and experiences are similar to what people at my school do and I loved that Even though in the case of this book, since the mystery was so engrossing, I didn t care too much about it but I do believe the romance could have been slightly better Also I loved Luke and I was not pleased with how he was handled at the end, I wanted much of him Another thing is after the action went down, things were wrapped up a bit too abruptly but I did enjoy the epilogue and overall the book was a fantastic read that I could not put down I m now eagerly awaiting for the companion novel, Circle of Silence, I hope it s just as thrilling as Dancergirl Rating 4 hearts a mystery that was actually mysterious Unputdownable thank youcome again.

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    The sick feeling that someone s staring at me Only I m not on the subway Or the bus Or even a park bench I m in my bedroom Alone A creepy beginning prologue I was hooked from the very start Ali Ruffino loves to dance and one day even dreams of Julliard or a career in dance So when her film buff friend Charlie takes some footage of her dancing at a party and posts it onto Zube she decides to go with it A little fame and recognition for her dancing can t be so bad, can it Then after 50,000 hits Charlie still wants to keep up the internet sensation story line He plays shyboy who is watching dancergirl from a far Fame has brought on than Ali bargained for Everyone is talking about her, whispering around school, recognizing her on the street and putting in their opinions Even assuming the most horrible things about her My friends and I think you re a bitch You should leave a message for shyboy, tell him you want to meet She decides to put an end to the videos but when another video ends up on Zube, one where she is in her underwear, in her bedroom, where no one should have been filming her, Ali begins to realize someone must be stalking her But who could it be Charlie with a grudge since she told him no videos Her best friend Jacy developing deeper feelings for her Pot head Luke Sorezzi who is trying to date her The angry girls at her dance school or their creepy boyfriends A close, intriguing and real look at internet fame How someone can deal with thousands of people talking about your looks, your personality, who you might be dating or blowing off, your every move without ever even meeting you Ali has to deal with the crippling and creepy feeling of constantly being watched She doesn t know if it is paranoia or her imagination but she can t escape the feeling Her best friend Jacy has been distant He won t tell her what is going on with him so she feels extremely alone Jacy was a sweet and wonderful best friend character Going through some extreme life difficulties he does end up being there for Ali I love when a love interest is a real and sweet guy No angsty bad boy here I was rooting for him all along When Ali finally discovers a camera hidden in her alarm clock she knows someone is taking their dancergirl obsession to a scary and dangerous new level On a hunt for the truth, Ali slowly starts crossing suspects off her list I loved that everyone was a true suspect It took me awhile to figure it out I was as shocked and creeped out as Ali I will definitely keep any personal videos of myself off youtube This book definitely made me see the scary side of the internet But sometimes danger is closer to home

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    Have you ever felt that feeling that someone is watching you like if they had ex ray vision when you re alone Suddenly things turn out to go a bit too far and you find out that someone is behind your back Dance girl by Carol M Tanzman illustrates a teenage girl named Alicia Ruffino who loves to dance She is into the flow of the music, the movement into her dance that she loses herself Charlie a friend of her films her dancing alone for a video he s filming At this point the video just went viral and videos of her are made at a party where she was drinking One of the videos of her has been filmed where she s dancing in her underwear at home This video is soon posted online so she s no longer Alicia Ruffino she s dance girl an online character She never thought this situation would drastically change her life With all this she finds out that she has a stalker who has been watching her and secretly recorded her She won t tell her mom or the authorities about the videos It s up to her and Jacy her closest friend to find out who this mysterious person is before it s too late Alicia likes to hang out with her best friends and likes to party as well She is passionate about dance and hopes to study dance when she goes into college Alicia works at a dance studio after school to take free classes She is quit responsible and does told what to do later she finds out that fame comes with a price Carol M Tanzman is the author of the contemporary YA novels such as Dance girl and Circle of silence She is an award winning theater director and is well recognized for arts educator and has been honored by the Bravo Awards She was in a production of the Wizard of Oz and she also directed Broadway production of new plays She was then artistic director of children Theater Company and was honored by the Los Angeles Unified School District Dance girl was a good book because it makes you see the problems that can occur when you make bad decisions like putting serious information on the internet and when you don t make the right choices then you have consequences coming right at you The novel was entertaining because it turned the novel to both sides making it a mystery and romantic However the story was catchy because the author made the characters believable and it made me feel that Alicia was actually talking to me throughout the story The authors writing style made me follow the story because it made me want to find out who was the mysterious person.

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