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  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Beautiful Outlaw
  • John Eldredge
  • English
  • 24 September 2017
  • 9780892960880

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    The personality of the artist leaks through their work God included He reveals himself through nature, as the Scriptures testify This book came to me in a very delicate moment of my life I recently went back to my Christian faith after years of being far away from the Church, and I had a couple of weeks of deep spiritual trouble I prayed so much every day that I neglected every other aspect of my life, because I really just wanted to be with God But the problem is, I was sad Every time I prayed, worshiped, listened to a sermon, even went to Church or spoke to our pastor, I felt like crying Why I guess I was crushed by the guilt of all those years far from God, and I was punishing myself Then, messages started to appear in my everyday life Miracles started to happen, bigger and bigger every day, and difficult to ignore Finally, yesterday, one EXTREMELY INCREDIBLE thing happened, and I was crushed by the greatness of the power of the Lord.This book has thought me, in a moment of pain, what it truly means to be a Christian and a follower of Jesus It means to know Him, to look at Him, to became an instrument of His will, because this is the only way to truly love Him with the deepest, most intimate love In today s prayers, I thanked the Lord for the gift of joy, and asked Him to remind me to always, always, pray with a smile give thanks with a smile, worship with a smile I am not saying that I know better than others how to be a Christian, far from that I am not saying if you don t have a faith like it s described in this book you are not a real Christian The opposite is true since I don t know much, I won t do much on my own will I will surrender to Jesus, and He will show me the way.

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    John Eldredge has been an incredible influence on both me personally and on my ministry Wild at Heart and Waking the Dead are two of the most powerful books I ve ever read I use both regularly in my teaching and have encouraged many other people to read them While his others books aren t quite on the level of those two, I consider most of what he s done while a bit repetitive at times to be excellent and highly recommended.In some ways Beautiful Outlaw continues that trend There are parts of the book that are vintage Eldredge Unfortunately, there are also some glaring theological issues throughout I understand that Eldredge is neither a theologian or a scholar I don t expect him to be But he is someone who has devoted his life to ministry and teaching the Word Theologian or not, that makes him accountable to a higher standard Much of the error in this book is simply not acceptable for someone in his position Let me start with the good I found much of the book to be a very refreshing read Eldredge brilliantly presents the human side of Jesus and shows how his personality shines through the Gospels in ways that we often miss He also stresses the personal side of faith, something that s too easily forgotten when studying theology As such, the book was a very important reminder to me to not let go of that side of my faith I say reminder because for anyone who s read Eldredge before that s what it will be There s not a ton of new ideas from him here While it s helpful to see them presented in this context, it would be nice to see him stretch himself a bit as a teacher and writer That aside, the material is powerful and important.Unfortunately, that s not the whole story My biggest complaint with the book is Eldredge s use of the word religion According to him religion is what s wrong with modern Christianity He never defines his term and it quickly becomes apparent that religion is a straw man he s constructed to project onto anything he doesn t like about how other people do church This on it s own is obnoxious, especially to those of us who find religion despite all the ways it has been corrupted to be a beautiful and powerful part of our faith, one that brings us closer to God But what really takes the book down is the way Eldredge projects his vague understanding of religion back onto Scripture He assumes that Jesus was confronting the exact problems that he, as a 21st century Christian, is At best this is an eye rolling, hermeneutical error At worst it s a serious theological error in need of rebuking and correction The heremneutical problems don t stop there Eldredge is determined to draw out the personality of Jesus in Scripture At times this is done brilliantly Other times, it s bizarre and problematic He quotes Matthew 15 22 28 where Jesus metaphorically refers to a Canaanite woman as a dog It s a confusing and troubling passage and one that deserves serious thought if we re to understand it Eldredge s answer is to tell us to not bother looking for any deep spiritual truth here Jesus is just being playful Ok, maybe But where s the textual evidence to back up that claim It s a nice thought but it s completely unsupported by Scripture I don t think Eldredge realizes how serious an error he s committing with claims like that On the surface it seems like a small thing, but what he s doing is projecting his view of Jesus onto the text rather than allowing God to speak to him through the text Without intending to, Eldredge has undermined the authority of Scripture in a very serious way It s clear throughout the book that he is in desperate need of a hermeneutics class or two The other major issue with the book is the way that Eldredge allows no room for reverence of God or a recognition of his transcendence He s determined to present Jesus in a highly personal, highly relatable light He does a great job and what he presents is important But the fact that he does away with any sort of reverence for God is very troubling There is a place to come before God as Father, speak to him personally and experience the rich personality Eldredge describes There is also a place to come before him in awe, recognizing his greatness and holiness Both are taught by Scripture Both are necessary for a complete faith Both draw us closer to God and help us become who he wants us to be The other side effect of Eldredge s highly personal presentation is that he winds up with a frighteningly low ecclesiology At one point he briefly affirms that going to church is important, both those words ring hollow compared to the rest of the book He spends a lot of time attacking the church and winds up a faith that is very much just me and Jesus I find this incredibly problematic and unbiblical I believe that Scripture quite clearly teaches that we find that personal relationship with God only within God s covenant family The church is not a nice add on as Eldredge presents it It is essential There are a couple other minor problems with the book First, it s not very Trinitarian Eldredge frequently confuses the different persons and roles of the Trinity, which is a bit shocking considering this has been a strength of his in previous work Second, his instance on The Message as a legitimate and at times superior Bible translation is pretty disturbing I m fine with people reading The Message but it s simply inaccurate to consider it a translation It s not It s a loose paraphrase that is really Eugene Peterson s interpretation of Scripture rather than Scripture itself If that s understood by the people reading it, I have no problem Eldredge clearly fails to understand this and winds up presenting it in a way that will lead other people astray At the end of the day, I m glad I read the book I admire Eldredge and will always owe him a huge debt of gratitude It makes me sad to see the direction his work is headed in I know God is continuing to use him powerfully, but he could be used for so much if he would only get himself some proper theological training and correct some of these issues This could have been a great book Instead it s merely a good one with enough theological holes to make it difficult to recommend 2.5 stars

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    If I could give 6 stars I would This may be the most impactful book outside of the Bible that I have read It s a book about the personality of Jesus.If you re looking for theology principles, like how God could become man or the Trinity, this isn t where you would get that There are many fine books for that This is about the personality the character qualities and values of the person of Jesus It s about his playfulness, his ferocity, his wild disregard for looking proper , and his cunning.It s biblically grounded with many, many passages included word for word It s full of vulnerable stories from the author There s humor all throughout And there are challenging sections that made me stop and pray right there.I ve ready a lot of books about Jesus I ve taught a lot about Jesus More importantly, I have a personal relationship with Jesus And this book added depth and clarity to how I see Jesus I finished this book understanding and loving Him than I have ever before and that s saying something.I can t think of a impacted book I ve read, outside of the Bible Loving and truly knowing Jesus having His life pour into me and through me is the most important thing I can do with my life This book inspired me to do that powerfully than any other I have read I think EVERYONE should read this book.

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    John Eldredge, the manly man s author of Wild At Heart and Captivating, has written quite a manly work on Jesus It s a frustrating, if at times well written and unique journey, into the life of the most famous person in the history of the world Such a daunting task is not lost on Eldredge, who bypasses the scholarly doctrine and gets right at the heart of Jesus, not always successfully.We often project our own personality onto Jesus himself, as argued by Scot McKnight and counter argued by N.T Wright This happens frequently in Beautiful Outlaw, as Eldredge s well known personal theology takes center stage Though he continually wants Jesus to be himself, we suspect this is hardly the case throughout the book To at once claim Jesus as his own person and then label him playful, cunning, disruptive, and other postmodern terms is not only contradictory but inadvertently undermines Eldredge s point Eldredge also beats up the religious, never defining them but gut punching them at every opportunity It s very vogue these days to use Pharisee as a religious boogeyman, the equivalent of saying Nazi, and then to exclaim how not to be like them The first few times I agreed, but the next one hundred or so verbal smackdowns was eye rolling Eldredge states that categorizing people with partisan dismissal is a religious tactic, but then he himself casually dismisses the religious group and never once shows grace their way It s too bad, because traditional, church raised, Southern value abiding, well intentioned, religious folk need Jesus too It s an immature Christian who pits two sides against each other and claims one as superior Eldredge s spiteful bitterness is cringe inducing.The main problem here is that the ideas are presented in such a way that bullies you into believing If you don t agree with Eldredge s take on Jesus, you got it all wrong While this is probably not Eldredge s agenda, his entire presentation is forced down your throat The last couple chapters are rife with this sort of mean spirit, and his vivid encounters is so off the rails of orthodoxy that I needed a shower from the guru esque grime The irritating thing is that Eldredge would ridicule me for disagreeing with him, and in fact has already done so with preemptive defenses.If I have been too hard on him then, I must confess that portions of Beautiful Outlaw are written well, with the expected poetic grandeur and pretentiousness of Eldredge s previous works The stories of Jesus life, while presented haphazardly with no cohesive order, are still shown in a fresh way We really do see the humanity of Jesus shine through here If it weren t for Eldredge s overbearing aggression towards religious people, then the stories of Jesus alone could have made this book a classic In particular, when Eldredge talks about Jesus as Faithful and True, I was stirred by Jesus all too honest nature he never had to hide anything and was exactly who he said he was No other human can make that claim We all bury ourselves in labels and manners and conformity This was a great view into Jesus that shows why the Christian life is about bearing his image in sanctification.Bottom Line I really expected from Eldredge s work I had even purchased a second copy for a friend, excited for intimacy with Christ If only Eldredge could get a re do While there are some great portions here, we still await the insightful look into Jesus humanity.

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    There were some good features about this book, but overall it was seriously marred by issues related to style, content and manner of argument.On the plus side there were 3 particular areas of strength 1 He validly challenged two widely accepted misunderstandings that can have profound affects on the possibility of developing deep relationships with God Firstly, the often anaemic, uninspiring remote vision of Jesus created by a failure to appreciate and represent the full and authentic reality of Jesus humanity Secondly the equation that relationship with God religion, contending in fact that institutional religion is often a negative influence on attempts to develop real relationship with God These were by no means original observations, nor was this the best investigation and exposition of the negative effects of these two misunderstandings, or of the positive effects to be gained by jettisoning them For a far concise, rigorous well written piece, John Bell s 10 things No One Ever Told Me About Jesus some of his published sermons, are much better 2 He was very good on the use of imaginative reading of gospel a method with a long tradition passages e.g on pages 81 83 he discusses the healing of the leper in Matthew s gospel 8 1 3 He provided a sound and enlightening interpretation of the responses of the various characters involved, by fleshing out their likely emotions and tones of voice 3 In many places he gave good pastoral advice related to specific issues.There was however a strong down side to the book The faults were numerous 1 Arguments were of poor quality and were reminiscent of the worst techniques of tabloid journalism For instance a major contention of Eldredge s was that Jesus was misrepresented by false images of him as wispy and pale This is quite legitimate, and provided a rounded portrait of Jesus, by demonstrating a spectrum of very human characteristics in his words and actions as seen in the gospels However, he used as a major tool in presenting his case, the creation of just the same type of nonsensical cardboard cut out images of a variety of people and groups of people For instance, in his chapter Fierce Intention he used the story of Jesus driving the traders from the temple to show Jesus as capable of anger, hostility to injustice and of commanding personality He then counterpoised this against an image from a worship song comparing Jesus to a rose trampled on the ground Such a dreadful line is hardly difficult to demolish However he goes on to say this Helpless, lovely Jesus Vegetarian, pacifist, tranquil Oh wait that was Gandhi Not Jesus Apart from the crass and insulting nature of the comments, he has obviously failed to read any accounts or words of Gandhi, or any accounts of real pacifists or opposers of warfare e.g conscientious objectors,antiwar protestors, ploughshare groups or Greenham Common women, with their own fierce intentions , their commitment to the point of accepting violence, imprisonment and, in the cases of some conscientious objectors, death Nor has he understood the motivations of principled vegetarians Perhaps a matter of concern was his use of similar crass misrepresentation in relation to a whole world faith Having described the short comings of a Christian college which encouraged a religious rather than a relational approach to Jesus, and where the motivations were pressure guilt, he then describes this as A kind of Christian Islam The faith of millions of people across the world is homogenised into the worst kind of tabloid headline, scare reports about Islam.I found it interesting that after these examples he could then write Branding someone prevents them from ever being able to prove that they are innocent, or state their case It s a cheap and effective ploy that s been around a long time, a particular favourite of the religious Tar and feather them Hmmm Physician heal thyself Chapter quality was varied Probably the worst was Extravagant Generosity This was repetitive, muddled at times close to incoherence As an example this is a footnote related to the story of the wedding feast at Cana Watch this if you want proof of the current religious spirit, its ugly nature, watch how folks freak out over this Websites will crop up Theologians will step forward to argue the amount It says holding from twenty to thirty gallons Okay, take an average twenty five gallons per jar That s still 150 gallons, 757 bottles They re not going to like that, so they ll tell you it wasn t really wine or their wine isn t like ours I ll be accused of encouraging drunkenness I am not The scripture forbids drunkenness Look I didn t do the miracle I just did the math Are you going to tell Jesus he can t do this There were some stylistic irritations I hated the use of the word friend as he made some of his statements This was one example of his dreadful folksiness Maybe the worst came in his discussion of the normal nature of Jesus This is a problem gang People loved to be with Jesus, just be with him in normal life walking down the road, having dinner, talking on the beach If your spirituality doesn t fit into normal life, it is religious.Ooops now I am gearing up for a tirade At his worst he had the approach and language of a salesman Here, I m including you in my gang too Sorry, but much of the time I had no desire to be part of his gang Overall the concept of the book was valid, the execution often poor, muddled repetitive.

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    Beautiful Outlaw, by John Eldredge is almost like two books in one The first half takes you through different personality traits of Jesus, emphasizing how human he was and how loveable his personality is The second half is about us, how we can respond to this Jesus and live fully through Him Sprinkled throughout are Bible versus that help support what he is saying illustrating While I enjoyed the first chapters, the chapter about Jesus Disruptive Honesty really stuck out for me Especially in the politically correct world we live in, I have never really equated honesty with love before John takes us through different scenarios of Jesus correcting people He says The man Jesus shoots straight Sometimes he s playful sometimes he s fierce the next moment he s generous This is the beauty of his disruptive honesty you can count on Jesus to tell you the truth in the best possible way for you to hear it P 71 I had never thought that Jesus was tailoring his rebukes towards the heart of the recipient before, or that rebuke can be an act of love.The second half of the book really picked up for me I Love how John is willing to wage battle against religion even current day religiosity warning us of the dangers of crowding Jesus out with fake rules and practices The following quote also resonated with me, as I look back on my youth group days with much of the same feelings The campus ministry my friend had joined shortly after coming to Christ was sadly deeply infected with the religious They did not teach the availability of an intimate relationship with Jesus Focus was on consistent Bible study, witnessing, good morals Motivation was largely pressure and guilt A kind of Christian Islam The fruit was that most of its disciples did not experience Jesus, did not believe in anything supernatural, and lived under a cloud of pressure and guilt p 187 I think most kids in my generation felt this way I wish youth leaders and pastors for that matter spent time cultivating knowledge and expectations of relationships with Jesus than they do on activities and pressures to witness to friends This is not the majority of the second half of the book it s just something that has stuck with me personally John wraps his book up with a chapter called one last thought and I hope that everyone will read it After showing us who Jesus is, and then helping us understand how we can respond to that, he leaves us with a few last words mostly of encouragement, but also of warning A warning that life will still continue to be hard and that suffering will almost certainly happen He encourages us to cling tightly to Jesus, especially through the pain and hard times I have been a Christian for a very long time, and while I felt acquainted with most of the concepts in this book, there were some new ones for me, and I am left with a deeper expectation hope of relationship with Jesus, right now, this side of heaven and for that, this book is worth the read.

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    In this newest book by John Eldredge, Beautiful Outlaw , he takes the life of Jesus and puts it all into context for us He gives us who Jesus really is, than just saying he is both God and human Eldredge lays out that Jesus was not only human, but had real feelings, and was just like you and me I absolutely love how Eldredge uses the scripture and intertwines the stories and brings out the hidden treasures He brings up a point in one chapter that when something is written, something behind those written words get lost in translation They just don t get the same context as if you are looking at a person s face To actually be able to see Jesus s playful nature in scripture was eye opening for me I had always thought Jesus was just this straight laced guy who didn t really joke around Eldredge dumps that right out the window showing stories straight from the Bible that show he has quite the sense of humor The book goes on to show how Satan is using religion itself to poison the way we should be seeing Jesus Do you pray oh high and mighty God, or do you pray Abba, Father Jesus came so he could know us on a personal level Eldredge says that most people find Jesus as they expect to experience Him Most people set boundaries for Jesus, but Jesus wants to just be Jesus All we need to do is but to ask Jesus to show us who he really is By doing so, it will be like when He turned those six stone water jars into 908 bottles of wine Jesus came to set your heart free, to free us from the religious drapery This book is essential In opening your eyes and helping you to gain better insight into the stories in your Bible Eldredge says Jesus is not merely a figure for devotions, He is the missing essence of your existence Whether we know it or not, we are desperate for Jesus He also states, You are meant to share life with him not just a glimpse now and then at church I couldn t agree To really know and understand Jesus at this level, frees you in ways that you would never think were possible Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever You are meant to live in His truth If you are struggling with who Jesus is, or with the loss of a loved one, this book is essential and will open your eyes to the healing Jesus has for you.I urge all you who are debating on getting this book or not, to not hesitate This book will change your outlook on Jesus, and He will change your life forever if you just let Him be Himself.

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    This is one of the most important books I ve ever read, and possibly THE most important book Eldredge captures the person of Jesus in a way I ve never seen or heard from the church He dispels common misconceptions about who Jesus is to us The book triumphs with an appeal to look at reading stories about Jesus within the context of his real personality Otherwise we struggle to absorb a number of separated stories that cause our view of Jesus to be one of confusion Picturing Jesus with a real personality requires us to depart from what most of us have grasped in our Christian walk Jesus walking along the streets with children running around him, a look of calm tranquility and peace always over his face Jesus always passive or Jesus always severe in his dealings with people If there are extreme attributes you ve placed on Jesus that take away from his humanity and your relationship with him, they re most likely addressed here Imagine Jesus having a sense of humor Can you I admit that because my pursuits of Jesus are many times associated with needs or difficult times that humor never enters my mind Jesus HAS humor Eldredge shows you this here My primary take away from this book is that Jesus is knowable He is a really fascinating and dynamic person, and wants to be intimate with you to a degree most of us have never thought possible Seeing his personality makes me WANT to know him It brings me out of this he s up there, I m down here thought process that makes him feel far away and distant I have to read this book again slowly to fully appreciate the pictures painted about Jesus and the appeals to allow Him into your deepest places to give you life But reading it once through was absolutely captivating A stunning book.Don t miss the opportunity to read this If I could recommend one book for someone to read if they could never read another book again, this would be it That s how amazing and influential it was.P.S I caution you to read this book with the understanding that some of the notions you cling to about Jesus will be smashed At first you may be offended at the feeling that your foundations are being attacked I didn t have this problem because I don t center myself around Christians with extreme pop culture views of Jesus, but you may feel that way Before you write it off as offensive, take a moment to ask God if your convictions are based in truth OR based in what you know because that s the community you live in Have you just embraced what s been preached to you about Jesus all your life without actually stopping to think about whether or not its accurate This book challenges that quite powerfully I encourage you to embrace the shake up that you ll experience from this book It s so true So true Did I mentioned I loved this book

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    Let me start by saying that I have always had a problem with Jesus Historically, I read Him as being a little snippy I preferred the Old Testament to the New Old Testament God made sense to me He said no, we did it anyway, we got blasted Fair enough Jesus, on the other hand, is much unpredictable I just didn t really know what to do with Him This is not to say that I didn t read the New Testament, I just did so with a little trepidation and not as much open enjoyment I heard John Eldredge speak at a conference recently, and I thought I would see if this book changed my opinions It did.First, this book presented Biblical stories through the context that Jesus has a personality It suggested that Jesus had a sense of humor, something I never considered Jesus laughed It s not recorded, but I m pretty sure He did Most of us do Jesus also was a FRIEND to people He hugged them, chided them, loved on them Again, I m sure He did, I just never considered that either On this account, this book was genious for me It presented Jesus as a living, breathing human being that I could relate to Something I have never considered, but desperately needed.The theology of this one is a little out there I m not sure if I agree with all of it, but it might just be because I ve never been presented with it before He discusses the religious fog quite a bit, blaming it for separating us from Jesus I have to agree with that since I am fairly faithful and have never heard Jesus expressed like He was in this book However, Mr Eldredge suggests communicating with Jesus and asking Him to live my life for me, which I find a little unnerving Not necessarily wrong, just unnerving Mr Eldredge is also deducted for suggesting in his final sentence of the book that we suggest to all our friends to read his book Shameless self promotion is never acceptable.

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    I LOVE this book Especially in recent years, it always jars me to read the New Testament and hear how funny, blunt, alive, real and sassy Jesus actually is, on top of everything else, when we as the so called Christian community at large have this dumb tendency to set him up as something so much ethereal and alien This book is all about removing that religious gloss we ve painted him in I feel like this passage explains it best You ll find it hard to receive his life in any great measure if you as the branch keep running off on your own, leaving the Vine behind in order to do life as you please Honestly, I think this is why we accept such a bland Jesus, or a distant Jesus he doesn t intrude on our plans I highly recommend this book It s really helped me in the last couple months.

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Beautiful Outlaw characters Beautiful Outlaw , audiobook Beautiful Outlaw , files book Beautiful Outlaw , today Beautiful Outlaw , Beautiful Outlaw 97627 Reading The Gospels Without Knowing The Personality Of Jesus Is Like Watching Television With The Sound Turned Off The Result Is A Dry, Two Dimensional Person Doing Strange, Undecipherable Things In BEAUTIFUL OUTLAW, John Eldredge Removes The Religious Varnish To Help Readers Discover Stunning New Insights Into The Humanity Of Jesus He Was Accused Of Breaking The Law, Keeping Bad Company, Heavy Drinking Of Being The Devil Himself He Was So Compelling And Dangerous They Had To Kill Him But Others Loved Him Passionately He Had A Sense Of Humor His Generosity Was Scandalous His Anger Made Enemies Tremble He D Say The Most Outrageous Things He Was Definitely Not The Jesus Of The Stained Glass In The Author S Winsome, Narrative Approach, He Breaks Jesus Out Of The Typical Stereotypes, Just As He Set Masculinity Free In His Book, Wild At Heart By Uncovering The Real Jesus, Readers Are Welcomed Into The Rich Emotional Life Of Christ All Of The Remarkable Qualities Of Jesus Burst Like Fireworks With Color And Brilliance Because Of His Humanity Eldredge Goes On To Show Readers How They Can Experience This Jesus In Their Lives Every Day This Book Will Quicken Readers Worship, And Deepen Their Intimacy With Jesus