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❮Reading❯ ➻ Growth Lessons  Author Naty Matos – Livre-game-of-thrones.co chapter 1 Growth Lessons , meaning Growth Lessons , genre Growth Lessons , book cover Growth Lessons , flies Growth Lessons , Growth Lessons fb87d6f508db8 This Is An Inspirational Devotional For The Everyday Christian Living It S A Journey Through The Scriptures Of How To Face Normal Every Day Situations That We Take For Granted But Submitted To The Will Of GodThis Book Will Help The New Believer Understand The Practical Concepts Of The Christian Lifestyle And The Seasoned Believer Afirm Their Faith Through Those Details That Seem Unimportant But Matter The Most

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    Ever wonder if you re the only one who thinks this Or that Naty Matos has written a wonderful book in Growth Lessons At first, it was like reading her private journal, since she so candidly shares about her own shortcomings as she helps us glimpse what perfection in Christ looks like My favorite quote is, I ll be the first to admit that I overslept the day that they were handing out patience I think I did too My favorite section is the one on loving the unlovable.So many times, as I read, I said, YES and I m so glad to read these truths written in such down to earth and honest language As I said to myself, I m so glad I m not the only one who struggles with this or that, I appreciated that Ms Matos never lets her reader think it s okay to wallow in self pity or sin.In Growth Lessons, I was reminded of this beautiful truth Our walk with the Lord is a process of growing up into the image of Christ.

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    I loved the simplicity and genuineness I felt emanating from the author, Naty Matos A book like Growth Lessons takes courage to write It gave me a fresh awareness of our ability to respond instead of react to situations we may find ourselves in Touching and inspirational.

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    This Blog in a Book Waters Christian Seedlings Naty Matos says she has been through some tough times, but she doesn t dwell on them in this work She keeps a sweet, cheerful attitude, a lot like the gardener, while gently and persistently digging around our roots, aerating our soil, fertilizing our ground, and pruning our parts to get some growth going She knows better than anyone what it s like to grow up saved, but to only become truly converted after many years of do it yourself Christianity What a timely message for today this book is Folksy, flowing, as good as a chat over tea Here s the heart of a fellow believer opened to us, begging us to open our hearts and examine our relationship with our God I can t think of a real surprise to tease you with from this book, because it s not so much new, as charmingly presented, drawing you along from subject to subject It s a project, a patchwork quilt Naty invites you to work on together with her Plenty of Scripture gets mixed in with Naty s own thoughts It s a blog, as I understand it, a person s scattered thoughts collected and shared, in a stream of consciousness style Yet the author says she has a Masters Degree, so I have to say that there seems very little regard for traditional punctuation here, especially periods She also says she grew up with other languages so I hope that is an explanation I enjoyed the book and could recommend it wholeheartedly with that one proviso.

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