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The Cranes Dance pdf The Cranes Dance , ebook The Cranes Dance , epub The Cranes Dance , doc The Cranes Dance , e-pub The Cranes Dance , The Cranes Dance bb1b0184627 I Threw My Neck Out In The Middle Of Swan Lake Last NightSo Begins The Tale Of Kate Crane, A Soloist In A Celebrated New York City Ballet Company Who Is Struggling To Keep Her Place In A Very Demanding World At Every Turn She Is Haunted By Her Close Relationship With Her Younger Sister, Gwen, A Fellow Company Dancer Whose Career Quickly Surpassed Kate S, But Who Has Recently Suffered A Breakdown And Returned HomeAlone For The First Time In Her Life, Kate Is Anxious And Full Of Guilt About The Role She May Have Played In Her Sister S Collapse As We Follow Her On An Insider Tour Of Rehearsals, Performances, And Partners Onstage And Off, She Confronts The Tangle Of Love, Jealousy, Pride, And Obsession That Are Beginning To Fracture Her Own Sanity Funny, Dark, Intimate, And Unflinchingly Honest, The Cranes Dance Is A Book That Pulls Back The Curtains To Reveal The Private Lives Of Dancers And Explores The Complicated Bond Between Sisters

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    This was perfection If you have any interest in ballet, which I do, there s a pretty good chance that you ll like this novel It was written by a former ballet dancer, and it gives you a rare insight into the ups and downs of being part of this world Kate and her sister Gwen are both professional ballet dancers in NYC, but Gwen has been ordered home to her parents because of psychological issues, and Kate out protagonist is left alone in NYC, right in the middle of a ballet season I loved getting an insight into this world as well as the techniques of praticing this dance, but most of all I loved reading about the tension between the two sisters It felt real and honest, and it was fascinating to hear about it from Kate s point of view while being witness to her career, doubts and thoughts This book was beautifully crafted and I definitely recommend it to everyone It s one of the best books I ve read for some time, and it s definitely the best book I ve read about ballet.

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    This book is perfect example of how bore a reader right from the get go.we get a quick synopsis sloppy sarcastic detail descriptions of Swan Lake Example You re gonna want to scoot down and get that program for the explanatory notes on this action, because otherwise you might think that the Queen is telling her son that he needs a manicure and that Siegfried is responding by trying to hail a cab, or test current wind conditions Siegfried cheers up when the Queen presents him with a nifty looking crossbow as a birthday present Siegfried really loves his crossbow He runs around stage with it, showing it to everybody Stage Left, and Stage Right, and the Stage Left again, just in case anybody had their eyes closed Basically eating up some music Siegfried indicates to Ivor that he wants to go hunting RIGHT NOW, and Ivor indicates that night is falling and now not a great time for him Siegfried impulsively decides to go anyway, and Ivor reluctantly follows him End of Act I There are details to ACT 1 in Swan Lake I shared a tidbit Next is Act 11 details of Swan Lake with added sarcasm It was grating to me. however, others might enjoy it ME If I wanted to read the specific details of the dance Swan Lake then I d have reached for that book However FINALLY the CORE STORY moves forward things improved.a little The author gives us an inside look into the world of Ballet by taking us on a journey with two ballet dancers who are sisters with the prime focus being on sister, Kate Crane We learn early on that her sister Gwen had a mental breakdown Kate is the narrator for both she and her sister..making her an unreliable character We get a lot of hear say from Kate flashback commentary about her sister Gwen , but mostly Kate is interested in telling us about herself We do learn about the sisters individual accomplishments their breakdowns, injuries, we hear a LOT ABOUT KATE S SORE NECK VERY LITTLE ABOUT GWEN S MENTAL BREAKDOWN, their professional and personal lives friends within the dance world and friends who are not competition perfectionism and depression What we don t feel is the magic of the ballet The author might have been passionate about dancing herself at one point in her life but I m left wondering if her memories are shadowed by darkness I really don t know.However, I compared this book with another Ballet Storyinside world for dancers theme Astonish Me , by Maggie Shipstead Maggie Shipstead is a a skilled writer a gorgeous writer I enjoyed Astonish Me much better I didn t care much for the style of Meg Howrey s writing There was a smug tone throughout which I just didn t care for My FAVORITE BOOK ABOUT THE INSIDE WORLD OF BALLET a FANTASTIC book is DANCER , by Colum McCann This book 2.7 maybe.almost 3 stars.

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    Still one of my favorite books this one is very, very dear to me.

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    This novel manages to keep the glamorous mystique of professional ballet alive while still providing a backstage pass into an elite dancer s world Kate Crane has almost but not quite reached the peak of her life s dream She s an extremely talented soloist at a prestigious New York ballet company, but she s forever in the shadow of her younger, naturally gifted and technically perfect sister, Gwen In the wake of Gwen s nervous breakdown which we find out about as the novel moves forward, but it s not really a mystery , Kate takes over her role in A Midsummer Night s Dream and has to deal with the guilt of replacing her sister, as well as her internal struggle about whether or not she could have better protected Gwen from her mental issues It sounds fairly dire, but The Cranes Dance has almost a gossipy tone Kate makes witty observations about every facet of the ballet world, while also supplying some very helpful and frequently hilarious commentary on classic ballets For example, I ve heard about Swan Lake a million times and never really knew what it was about And how stupid am I to not realize that The Swan Princess one of my favourite animated movies as a child was based off of it Howrey manages to portray so well the way sisters can feel so much love but also so many other complex feelings jealousy, fear, admiration, frustration especially sisters who dance in the exact same ballet company, for Pete s sake It s especially impressive considering Gwen never really shows up in the present day narrative we meet her only in Kate s thoughts and recollections Probably the best book yet in my current roster of ballet fiction, which I ve been inexplicably obsessed with lately it s hard not to admire the exquisite care and self control that goes into a dancer s life a life so different from my own

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    The Cranes Dance follows Kate Crane, a soloist in a professional ballet company in New York, where she dances alongside her younger and talented sister Gwen But Gwen has recently suffered a nervous breakdown and returned home, and now alone for the first time, Kate feels unmoored and on the verge of some kind of collapse herself, even though her sister s absence could allow for advancement in Kate s own career I already forgot that I finished this book last night which I think speaks to how anticlimactic I found the ending, but otherwise, I just loved this I don t know the first second or third thing about ballet so I m afraid I can t comment on how accurate of a portrayal this was, but I m inclined to believe that former professional ballet dancer Meg Howrey knows her stuff The ballet scenes were electrifying to read at any rate.But the best thing about this book for me was its protagonist Kate I probably went into this expecting to be intrigued by Kate s sister Gwen, talented and tortured, who remains a sort of shadowy figure in the background throughout Kate s story, but it was actually Kate herself that was the heart and soul of this novel Her narration is snarky, hard edged, honest, and surprisingly vulnerable, and I found myself rationing my reading of this so I could spend time with her The pacing could have used a lot of work about 100 pages could have been cut easily and never at any point could I figure out how much time was passing between chapters but ultimately, for a character driven novel it got the job done, because I was so invested in this character and in Howrey s candid portrayal of mental illness and its many manifestations.

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    You shouldn t ask for forgiveness Because of you ask someone to forgive you, and they do, then that s twice that you ve taken something from them First the betrayal, then the absolution. I did not want this book to end

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    Took a while to get into this I almost gave up after the first chapter, which was or less a massive info dump about some random ballet, it was like reading a text book It did start to get engrossing after a few chapters, mostly the focus on the odd relationship between Kate the MC and her sister, Gwen.Kate was quite the irritating character, but in a gripping kind of way, particularly when her sanity started to crumble She was too obsessive and in her own head, it was too much The parallels between Kate and Gwen was interesting albeit a touch cliche where Gwen was going insane and Kate had to be the sane, responsible one. And then Gwen was getting better, and Kate was becoming and unstable and disturbed.Gwen was a fascinating character in a totally horrible, manipulative, bitchy, sly kind of way She knew what she was putting Kate through but didn t care She put all her problems on Kate and made her feel like crap about herself pretty much all the time I don t know why Kate put up with all her rubbish, she would have been better all round from self, work to relationships if Gwen hadn t dragged her down with her issues.Enjoyed the ballet talk apart from the first chapter , I had nothing but the most superficial insight into ballet so it was all quite unique and peculiar to me Most interesting was the distinctive atmosphere and world of ballet and the competitive claustrophobic nature of it.One thing that was beyond irritating was Kate banging on about her bloody neck and how much it hurt, it was even irritating because she did nothing about it apart from take drugs and ignore medical advice.

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    What fresh hell is this Although I laughed out loud in several places, and loved every second of this book I m just going to say, that the thought of ever being in the same ballet company as my sister brought the shivers to my spine My sister may very well read this, so I should say, this has nothing to do with her, in any way, since the thought of having to compete in any way with anyone I love in the complicated way sisters sometimes love each other would give me the crazies.And that brings us to the concept of unreliable narrator for which this book is the poster child.Many people on goodreads have disliked the opening chapter, but I loved it I always feel like that when I am watching the market festival party scene in any ballet, which let me just say here, is never the shortest act in any ballet.I believe I ll be tracking down Meg Howrey books now.

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    It definitely relied on ALL CAPS a bit too much, which demonstrated a lack of confidence in the writing and the writer s ability to express intense emotion However, The Cranes Dance is an interesting character study that I could relate to in a lot of ways, and found it compulsively readable I also enjoyed the not so low key shade thrown at Black Swan.

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    A very human novel, both witty and sad, about the intensity of being devoted to an art, and the insidious devastation wrought by mental illness The Cranes, two sisters, are ballet dancers Kate, the narrator, is successful and accomplished, yet permanently in the shadow of the phenomenally talented but volatile Gwen Her chatty, conversational narrative follows the events of one season, shortly after Kate has split with her boyfriend and Gwen has had a breakdown The story is almost like a transcript of a spoken diary, and reading Kate s account is like having a long conversation with a good friend funny, sarcastic, never pausing for breath, and full of unexpected laugh out loud moments, which are often just everyday observations related in a particularly amusing manner Although I wasn t sure where the story was going or even whether I should care, I was riveted from the beginning simply because Kate was instantly so real to me There are some moments of awkwardness when the book tries to delve into serious issues, and at times I felt the author was taking a rather lazy approach to writing about mental illness making the narrative nonsensical rather than actually instigating any real discussion about what s actually wrong with the characters That aside, I was captivated by this book and absolutely raced through it When you step back from the narrative, you realise it actually has a lot to say, but it says it all in such an engaging manner that you don t even realise you ve been told, or learnt, anything until you reach the very end It also swerves away from obvious, easy conclusions view spoiler there s no happy ending romantically, and Kate doesn t inherit all of her benefactor s money, despite what you might expect hide spoiler

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