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Dream Chaser files Dream Chaser , read online Dream Chaser , free Dream Chaser , free Dream Chaser , Dream Chaser 2abc7d35b Willow Thomas Has A Bad Habit Of Running Away From Things That Scare Her And Most Recently, She Quit Her High School Cheerleading Squad After A Terrifying FallWith Time On Her Hands, She Auditions For A Musical Production Directed By A Broadway Choreographer Just As Things Are Looking Up, Willow Discovers She Will Be Performing Opposite Eli McAvoy, The Best Friend She Abandoned Three Years Before To Make Matters Worse, The Kids In The Musical Hate Her, Her Singing Sucks, And Her Dog Is SickEli Has Grown Up During Their Years Apart And Now Possesses Confidence And Good Looks, As Well As A Giant Chip On His Shoulder He Is In No Hurry To Play Nice With Willow, But Their Entwined Roles In The Musical Lead To Entwined Bodies In The Backseat Of His CarJust When Willow Finally Has Her Life Under Control, Another Surprise Is Delivered In The Form Of Her Greatest Challenge Yet Will She Run Or Finally Stand And Face Her Fears And Will Eli Be There To Help Or Turn His Back On Her For Good

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    You jump, I jump This book made me 1.Laugh like this 2.Felt nervous and literally had slight poundings in my chest AHH DON T FREAK OUT.3.EXCITED As if I m on Willow s foot.Yea I definitely looked like one of those guys above SRSLY.4.Smile like an idiot A lot.I m not saying that I looked exactly like that Maybe you could just pick out the way she smiles and imagined squidward doing it Yea That s like it 5.ANGRY I wanted to launch myself toward the faces of the cast especially Chloe and land my fist on her stupid face YES I was really pissed 6.SAD As in sad like a girl who found out that her celebrity crush cheated on her Or maybe a girl who just found out that her long time crush is a GAY Why o why And one thing TYSON was so damn hilarious I was grinning and forcing not to let out a laugh Because it was 1am and the whole neighborhood s asleep while I m reading the part of Eli taking off his shirt, and tyson commanding Willow to touch Eli s biceps HAHA Hilarious D It was really good It reminded me of a movie I happened to watch before, too bad I forgot the title I couldn t say , I just loved this, and I m willing to read it one for time if I feel like reading it again 5 stars baby

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    I absolutely loved Angie Stanton s book Rock and a Hard Place When I saw she had a new title out, I bought it the very first day This book is AMAZING I am having a hard time knowing where to start.I ll talk about Willow She felt so real to me She is one of the most driven young women I ve ever encountered in YA literature She has deep, amazing, intense passion for cheer and dance I don t know if Angie Stanton has personal experience with dance cheer, but the details were amazing The descriptions of Willow s feelings, apprehensions, excitement, plus her technical moves just made me feel like I went through every single grueling rehearsal and practice By the time the big show came, I felt like I had worked right along with her, and I enjoyed every second of the performance I was never into dance or cheer, and I have a new, deep respect for what the people who excel in those areas have to do, day after day, hour after hour Willow pushed herself so hard Nothing was ever good enough for her She was always stretching and attempting to learn , experience , achieve It was wonderful To balance all of Willow s crazy focus was her amazing family Her free spirited mom and dad were hilarious and warm, and did not even remotely fall into the hippy stereotype Their support of Willow s dreams and aspirations was blended with a perfect dash of pure silly humor I LOVED them And little sister Breezy made me giggle so many times in the book, as well Best friend Jilly was also an awesome supportereven though the girls wound up having a breakdown in their relationship, when Willow needs her, Jilly comes through and it was perfect Then there is Eli He and Willow have a love hate relationship because they had a past together that had a rocky ending He is just as focused and determined as Willow, and they just seem made for each other Sometimes he came off as harsh, but it was always exactly what Willow needed I love that his character felt so true and realyou could feel his frustrations and struggles, and the way he supported and loved Willow and backed up her dream was awesome Plus he was absolutely adorable I laughed HARD when these two focused, serious, straight laced kids had a backseat adventure at the local kissing overlook And then I stopped laughing and just enjoyed, because it was pure romance I feel like I know and love every single character in this book I feel like I worked with them and achieved right alongside them I hope Angie considers doing an older YA book I would LOVE to see them in NY, trying to make it together If you love dance cheer, if you love a strong, smart heroine, if you love a great romance, if you love a wonderful, touching family storythis book is for you And I was SO happy to read that Angie is continuing her Jamieson story line with Adam this spring She is an author I can ALWAYS rely on for a fantastic read

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    If you don t play the game of life, you ll never win If you turn your back on every challenge that comes along, you ll be missing out on some awesome stuff Willow, is a tenacious teenage girl who excels in everything she puts her mind into She lead her school s cheerleading squad and is known as the most death defying flyer on the squad She is willing to try anything for them But after a really bad fall and only a quick save by one of her catchers saved her from breaking her neck, she turns her back on the cheerleading squad and her fear of falling starts to surface in Physically, she s fine, but mentally, she knows she can never get back in the air Her bestfriend and other team member is not about to let her walk away from the squad and she knows she needs an air tight reason not to come back to the sqaud That s why not only a day later, she auditions and lands the lead for a big musical production entitled bDream Chaser, and the male lead is played by Eli, her one old bestfriend.Just when Willow finally has her life under control, another surprise is delivered in the form of her greatest challenge yet Will she run or finally stand and face her fears And will Eli be there to help or turn his back on her for good I m not really much for dancing but this story definitely fills me with it The description of exhaustion and the pain and determination were clearly described in here Love, Passion and Humor fills the pages of this novel.Willow is one good character to hear She is good at everything she does but her problem is that she isn t good at sticking with things she runs when she is scared But I m not saying that she is a quitter all through out, the story just mention two things she quit at which is Cheer and Dancing For the cheer she definitely has a valid reason for it, but as for the dance it was a weak reason though But in all, I could say the Willow is extremely persistent and determined to succeed in everything She is definitely not a quitter.Eli, on the other hand, is a very good support character for Willow He has been there since Willow started dancing and He is one great evidence on how Willow try to runwaway from things when she is scared But as they meet again, despite their awkwardness at their frist rehearsals, he still did his best to give Willow support and strengthen her trust with people around her.The relationship between these two was really really sweet and very realistic They may have some hot scences particularly on Messerschmidt Road, which I think is pretty hilarious but not anything too crazy I just love their easy ways with each other.The other characters are oh so wow I never really had the chance to refrain myself from loving them all I loved seeing how dynamic they are Willow s family is one awesome one You could clearly see how much they love each other and they have an easy camaraderie and they openly laugh, love and rely to one another.This one is definitely about finding your passion in life, the consequences on running away from things and ultimately sticking around even at rocky times In all, it was a pretty charming novel that definitely sweeps me off my feet and makes me dance and sing.

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    Now this was really cute Typical chick lit but in a good way Nice plot though everything comes a little too easy to Willow , cute romance and loveable side characters I LOVED Willows parents Scenes with them always made me smile Overall an easy and cute read I m definitely going to check out Angie s other book Rock and a Hard Place, too Oh, and one thing I don t think the blurb on here is very favorable It kind of gives the wrong impression about a few things and gives too much away.

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    Love this One of my favorite new contemps Great job Angie It was exactly what I needed to get me out of my funk.

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    CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING AND DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFAngie Stanton is an asset to young adult literature She is an extremely talented author who has a knack for writing entertaining and engaging novels I have read two novels by her so far, Rock and a Hard Place and Dream Chaser, and I loved both of them Angie Stanton s novels flow so well Her writing style is fluid, entertaining and mesmerizing At this point, I think she could write a book about purple ants, and I would enjoy it Please don t I am just saying Dream Chaser was another riveting young adult romance by Angie Stanton Willow, the main character, is a tenacious character who excels at everything she puts her mind to Her problem is that she isn t good at sticking with things she runs when she is scared In her youth she was one of the best, if not the best, competitive dancers in the state Her freshman year, she quit dance and became the best cheerleader and flyer those are the people that get tossed in the air on her squad But after a really bad fall, she turns her back on the cheerleading squad and her fear of falling Not only 24 hours later, she auditions and lands the lead for a big musical production, and the male lead is played by Eli, the reason she ran away from dance all those years ago Passion, love and humor fill the pages of this novel.Yes, this story focuses on a girl who is interested in dance and cheerleading However, that isn t the necessarily what this story is about In my opinion, this novel is about finding your passion in life, the cost of running away when you re scared, and ultimately, sticking around and facing the music when things get tough.The characters in this novel are WOW amazing You won t be able to stop yourself from falling in love with Willow, Eli, Tyson, and Willow s wacky family basically every character in the novel Her parents and younger sister, Breezy, put a smile on my face You could see how much they loved one another I must admit, I was a little envious of Willow s relationship with her parents They have such an easy camaraderie They openly love, laugh, and rely on one another Her parents are also very lenient with her and have a lot of trust in her The relationship between Eli and Willow was really, really sweet and also very realistic Surprisingly, they had a few steamy moments, too It wasn t anything too crazy, but it was still unexpected.I was a competitive dancer until my freshman year of high school I practiced three or four days a week and had competitions almost every other weekend My freshman year, I was forced to choose between dance and cheerleading I picked cheerleading My junior year we were the Grand National Champs at a major competition Sound familiar Fortunately, there aren t any really bad falls in my past Unfortunately, there isn t an Eli in my story Regardless, I could really relate to Willow because we share some of the same passions My connection with dance and cheerleading only increased my love for this novel I think anyone could read and enjoy this novel, whether you are a dancer, a cheerleader, a basketball player, or don t play any sports at all I gave Dream Chaser by Angie Stanton 4 STARS This young adult romance novel will sweep you off your feet It s a charming novel that s quick and easy to read I strongly recommend this novel to young adults XOXOREADING, EATING AND DREAMING

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    Dream Chaser is all the things a great YA chick lit should be I loved every minute I read of it and can t wait to read by Angie Stanton.

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    This book is about a girl who, in the past, quit competitive dance, because she was afraid of essentially a boy liking her Where the book starts, the girl has now been in competitive cheer for the last three years ever since she quit dance She is her squad s fearless flier, willing to be thrown really high up in the air and do all sorts of crazy twists and turns In the very first pages of the book, however, she tries a really dangerous stunt and crashes into the mat Her doctor says she is lucky to be alive For obvious reasons, she is now afraid of being thrown up in the air or falling This new fear from cheering leads her back to the dance she thought she had left behind forever.So the book is essentially about conquering fears, not letting them define you and make decisions for you There is also a romance plot The main character s parents are really supportive, loving, and understanding, but I think they are a little lax in taking dating seriously when their daughter does start dating, but perhaps I think making out is serious than these fictional parents do.There was random mild swearing throughout the novel and three F words completely out of the blue, by characters who didn t usually swear or who had never spoken before It was annoying, and, in my opinion, unnecessary.There is no sex, but there is making out One couple has to perform a stage kiss in the drama play, and it is quite awkward for them, so their director actually suggests they go make out to work out the kinks before opening night.There is one scene of teenage drinking, which I think sends mixed messages The alcohol gives the teenagers courage to try something they weren t brave enough to do, so some readers might view that as a positive message It does also show them not being able to drive home although they might have tried it if their car battery weren t dead , having horrible headaches, and feeling awful the next day And one of them got in trouble with their parents But still teenage drinking is really serious, and I did not feel like the author treated it seriously enough.There is one character whom everyone wonders whether or not he is gay The teenage girl says she doesn t care whether he is not she just wants to know whether he is available And I agree that it shouldn t matter if someone is gay in determining whether you are going to be his or her friend or not, or kind to someone, but it kept popping up.So this book wasn t amazing or awful Just a book right in the middle.I read a digital copy from , and I was surprised by the amount of mistakes that editors should have caught Dad My voice broke a little I hadn t realized how much I needed to see him a weight lifted from my injured shoulder.He approached the bed and patted my leg That small contact brought my anxiety down a couple notches He fixed me one of his meditative Buddha gazes Dad believes he can solve just about anything with a calming look, a deep breath and a cup of tea This time I welcomed it The main character is talking to her mother in this conversation What a narc I told him not to tell It s a dumb class and should have been an easy A Haven t you learned by now that your father and I don t do secrets She held out a chunk of cookie dough I swiped it up with my finger and ate it So what s going on with you and the rest of the squad I don t know nothing really If you say so I d hate to see you quit for the wrong reasons Jilly was right about the stunts No one else had the nerve to even try some of them Rick and Kyle have amazing power when they toss Most of the girls are afraid of being teamed with them The guys strength gave me time to complete all the twists and flips Most of the girls were too chicken to try I chewed at my lip with a combination of guilt and worry about how I d make sure Jilly didn t twist my arm and get me back to cheer This was one of the things that bugged me about the book The cheerleading squad gave the main character such a rough time about quitting the squad and being afraid to fly, because the reason they needed her so much was that they were all afraid to try what she used to do It seemed a bit hypocritical for them to be so mad at her for not doing something she was afraid of when they were too afraid to do it, too. Let them gossip That s half the fun of cheer, talking about everyone else who wasn t lucky enough to be one of us.I mean them If this was what the saying meant about a taste of your own medicine, I didn t like it Having people gossip about me to my face, let alone behind my back, sucked Hey Willow, what are you doing home so early Dad asked I m not doing cheer any Remember He must be the only person who didn t care one way or the other That s right You feeling okay about that He paused with the paint long enough to give me one of his obligatory concerned dad looks I really like how involved the parents are in the main character s life I just don t understand why all of their thoughtful conversations don t extend into her dating life. Miss Ginny nodded Tyson, you will see She is a fabulous dancer I have no doubt, he said In all these years, you have never steered me wrong No, that s not entirely true There were a couple of costumes you forced me to wear that had no place on a young impressionable boy Ha, you were never a boy You were always a man struggling to break out into the world Suddenly, I recognized him as the boy in many of the old photos in Miss Ginny s office One of the costumes made him look like a life size pi ata The music ended, leaving me in the closing pose Adrenalin pumped through me I d forgotten what a high I got from dance and how the energy and emotion fulfilled me My eyes watered and threatened to embarrass me Cheer was regimented and precise, not an artistic release My body buzzed with the passion I d locked away The old fashioned wall phone rang That sentence made me feel old I wonder when house phones won t exist any, and children will grow up without having seen one, like my childhood without the phones with turn dials instead of push buttons. This is the mother talking to her daughter Back to the point Whatever decision you make is okay Running away from your fears will be painful, and you will probably end up hurting some people, but something new will evolve from it The world isn t static Energy is always moving and changing You and your decisions are just part of that energy As you decide what to do, be true to your authentic self.

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    Read this and other reviews at my blog.After a fall in cheerleading practice that almost takes her life, Willow does what she does best when things get to heavy, she runs She quits cheerleading instead of trying to deal with the problem When it becomes known that she has extra time on her hands, people start pushing her back into dance and theater when they talk her into auditioning for a musical that is to be held in her town When things start looking up, she finds out that she will be performing opposite of her former best friend Eli, whom she had run from three years before Eli hasn t forgiven her from running from him, making things between them very tense To make matters worse, her singing is horrible, the other kids in the musical can t stand her, and her dog is dying Just when things start to look better, a new challenge faces her, and she must decide if she will run like she usually does and let everyone down, or if she will face it.This book was better than I thought it would be, and yet disappointing at the same time Typically, these types of stories you can predict view spoiler I had expected, after reading about them being entwined in the backseat of his car, that the challenge would be a pregnancy hide spoiler

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    3 stars.Summary After a serious fall, Willow quits cheerleading, much to the annoyance of her teammates She takes up dance instead, performing in a play where she has the lead female role, playing across from her ex best friend, Eli To me, the story just felt a bit weak in places I didn t believe in any of the characters and found myself than a few times tuning out, reading on autopilot without actually taking the words in Still, it wasn t the worst story ever I enjoyed the characterisation of her fun family and Tyson, the director of the play The main girl, Willow, I was a bit unsure about She seemed to be bordering on being a Mary Sue She hadn t danced for three years and then immediately received the main role Huh But, then again, I also found her strangely likeable.Then there was the love interest, Eli, who, toward the end, turned into a complete jerk When Willow was terrified of doing the fall and for good reason instead of comforting her and supporting her like her parents and about everyone else did he just yelled at her He yelled at her and said she was ruining everyone s life And then when she tried her best and still couldn t do it at dress rehearsals cause she was probably still suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, for god s sake he got pissed and yelled at her again WHAT Is this the guy character that I m supposed to be swooning over I wanted to punch him Talking about him her friend even said, Heck, good looks trump asshole Er, what I seriously hope she was joking because what sort of a message is that to send out At least he had the decency to pull it together in the end and apologise, though after that I still kind of hated him So yes It was okay but some plot points and characters could have been developed An easy read but I don t think I ll be rushing to recommend it.

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