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    I think the title for this review just about says it all but if you read this review i would say you do need to get this I see it priced at 99 cents and i am suprised by that as this is a wonderful story that i wouldnt mind paying alot to readBut than just a story there is something about this tale that sets it apart from most books i have read to date The character of Sugar is so well written and so involving that it seems like a real person has been created It is alot like getting to know someone from the start and as the story evolves you find you have things in common with her, share in the good times and the bad, the highs and lows and there are plenty of both The choice of first person in the story was very clever in that it draws you in and you become part of the tale.Ultimately the main character becomes so very likeable that you will miss her once the story ends.And im paraphrasing here God bless great authors

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    Katie Mettner is a master at character development I was instantly in love with each character as they were introduced, and in turn completely captivated with the story.I ve seen this book classified as a story about overcoming grief and adversity The fact that Sugar is an amputee who is also a dance instructor is widely known, but what I didn t realized until I was already deep into the story, is that it s also a brilliant romantic suspense You ll root for Sugar and for Van as they fight to be together even when the odds are against them It s an amazing roller coaster ride and you won t want to get off when the ride is over I can t wait for the follow up story, because I know this can t be the end of Sugar s story.

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    This book was WOW Sugar is one of the strongest and lovable characters I have read This book will have you crying one minute and laughing another Katie as written with such warmth that every character becomes real and you feel as you read that you are part of it all as well A book that as inspired me to see things differently and I just love it Thanks Katie for such a fantastic read.

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    This is one of those books that you can t put down until it s finished, and you re glad you bought a copy instead of borrowing it because you know you ll want to read it again and again Sugar s Dance is such a beautiful story about a woman, broken and shattered after losing her entire family and unable to put her life back together despite an enormous outpouring of support, until she meets a man who turns it all around because he falls instantly in love with her.I laughed, I cried, I related and most of all, I learned My Kindle s bookmarks feature got a workout with this novel because there were so many beautiful passages, I didn t want to forget them Sugar s Dance is a story that is unique in that you know the author is writing from a very personal place, and she does it so eloquently Her writing style is very touching, graceful and heart warming You will not finish this book without understanding her pain, triumph and why the difference between how the world sees you and how you see yourself is so important, especially in her case.Tula DuBois, or Sugar, is an amputee In a tragic car accident, she lost her leg and a whole lot For all intents and purposes, she essentially lost her life despite the fact that she was the only survivor The irony is never lost on her In the beginning of the story Sugar battles with herself as the anniversary of the tragedy approaches But this year marks the tenth year since the accident and this time she can t do it with the same support Her breaking point becomes evident as her pseudo family watches the nightmares, starvation and isolation take over her Until Van comes into the picture and shows her that she is worthy of all the beauty life has to offer her, including himself.I ll admit I m a bit of a softie with romantic mysteries, especially when they involve cops But this story is very unique compared to most that I ve read and written Bravo Katie Mettner You truly have a gift and bless you for sharing your story.It was so difficult to choose from all twenty two passages that I highlighted, but here are a few that I truly loved and will remember My grandpa always told me that you don t have to go to church to talk to God You can sit in the woods on an old tree stump and do the same thing you can do in a pew He told me it isn t about the physical place, it s about the relationship you have with Him I m still mad at Him and he knows that I can agree to be friends with Him, but I haven t figured out how to love Him again That is one of the most frank admittances of imperfection I have ever heard You are a surprise around every corner, Tula The fact that you still come out here and you still talk to Him and you still believe in that higher power is admirable considering what you have been through I m inclined to believe that He loves you for your honesty because I don t believe He gets that from a lot of his worshippers I think it s the perfect song in this case Maybe you should say those final things you never said to your parents Maybe you should say them out loud to the wind and the water Maybe that would allow you to come out here and see this as everything that it can be instead of everything that it was I want them to be proud of me and what I ve done with my life I want them to see that I didn t take my second chance and waste it I want them to see that I fought back and everything they taught me is in here I patted my chest You know it s my job to protect you from things that go bump in the night even if those things aren t in the same world I m in Okay, one last one They see you as a person, not you as the disability But it s obvious that when it comes to me all you see is the disability It s like you can trust that as a cop I m going to keep you safe from the bad guys, but as a man I m one of the bad guys I m so glad this story is a series

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    Family drama, a romance, and suspense thrown in Sugar s Dance is a sweet and uplifting story Sugar s life was shattered ten years ago on an icy bridge when a semi struck her family car, killing her parents and dance partner She struggles with survivor s guilt and grief Meanwhile, her friends were kidnapped by a dangerous drug kingpin and the police stake out Sugar s house Sugar has to find the key and the evidence to put the druglord away, but not before losing her heart to her bodyguard, a charming Irishman named Van.Van and Sugar share the same passion for ballroom dancing and music And little by little, Van gets Sugar to open up to her feelings and tear down the walls she put up Excitement builds with the cat and mouse game when Sugar singlehandedly brings down the drug boss Unfortunately, with the danger past, Van leaves to take care of paperwork and Sugar finds her heart breaking all over again Can she pull herself back into her shell and exist again Or will true love bring them back together Sugar is surrounded by family and people who love and care for her This story is about love, and how it triumphs over despair and grief A significant subplot deals with disability and organ donation Reading this book has made me think about organ donation and how by the death of one person, seven people can get off the transplant waiting lists and have a chance at life again.Three recipes are given at the end of the book as an added bonus A heartwarming story to be read in a cozy cabin in front of the fireplace.

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    There are not enough stars to signify how much I loved this book I know I came late to the party but I am so happy that I found this awesome series and this very talented author.The words of Sugar s Dance flow across the page not dissimilar to the way a dancer floats across the floor while performing a graceful Viennese waltz But it s not just the story that captured my heart, but also the characters I think I have a pretty good imagination and I tend to immerse myself in a book and its characters when I m reading a book Sometimes it is difficult but, in this case, it wasn t Many times I was on the verge of drowning and I will admit I had tears in my eyes a few times, some sad and some happy.But Sugar s Dance also contained an element of suspense that kept me turning the pages, occasionally gasping, and kept me awake at night because I wanted to know how this story played out to the end My favourite quote in the book and there were so many is You don t choose a family, God gives them to you Flesh and blood doesn t make a family..None of use blood, but I would do anything for any one of you, so that makes you my family It couldn t have come at a better time in my life.On another note, I had no idea there were that many different types of coffee and I was very thankful for the glossary of Irish slang terms.I gave Sugar s Dance 5 gleaming green stars.Written by Karen from A Thousand Lives Book Blog

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    Thank God for SugarThis is such a wonderfully engaging tale that draws you in from the first page as we are introduced to Tule Sugar Dubois She is a driven young woman who to the people of her local community seems to have it all A beautiful lakeside lodge, a successful dance instructor and wedding co ordinator but inside she is falling apart The carefully constructed facade she displays to the world is crumbling around as the tenth anniversary of a personal tragedy draws ever closer Nightmares so powerful haunt her nights until she cannot sleep and her anger at God makes her question her faith and the nature of forgiveness.When it seems she has reached breaking point the story really lifts off and pulls you aboard a real roller coaster of a ride From meeting the first man she thinks she can trust in a decade to finding her life and those she loves at risk from a powerful drug baron and ruthless killer the story never lets up.Without giving anything away I found this to be a wonderfully written story that leaves you a lighter heart, a smile on your face and a hankering for coffee, burgers and onion rings God bless SugarI rated this 5 5 and cannot recommend it highly enough.

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    This is a very well written, character driven story from beginning to end The author has a real talent of bring characters and scenery to life within the pages of a book As you read, you feel as if you actually know the characters and can picture the town as if it s a place you ve been to in the past and would like to return to again.The main characters seem to be written in a way that no matter who you are, you will find something in them that relates to you It may be a love of dance, music, songs, coffee, charity, hometown pride, pizza I m with the coffee and pizza myself , true love, or any number of other things but you will, no matter what, find something.This is a great book with a compelling storyline written in a beautiful flowing style that should be read by all The author is a natural with writing and you should expect great things from her now and in the future Do yourself a favor and read this book and keep an eye out for from this amazing writer.

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    Overall, I liked Sugar s dance It was an emotional read, for Sugar is trying to come to terms with the grief caused by an accident ten years ago which robbed her of family and caused her other trauma At the same time her brother, who is a cop, involves her in police business and that brings her problems of its own Enter Van.I liked the writing style, which gave a good voice to Sugar as the narrator, and I felt I knew her well I liked the setting the shore area of Lake Superior in winter which was vividly described The author built the suspense well, and had me turning the pages at a great rate However, I am not a fan of graphic sex scenes, which is why I gave this book four and not five stars, as I did skip those pages That said, Sugar s dance was an enjoyable read, and I will be looking at the author s work again.

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    Sugar s Dance is an incredible work of art in book form Author Katie Mettner did such a great job with her characters and not just her hero heroine, Tula Sugar Dubois and Donovan Van Walsh that by the time I finished the book I felt like I knew them all personally I was privy to their thoughts, desires, flaws, sense of humor, values, and strengths The mystery and danger surrounding Sugar s lodge was revealed a little at a time, keeping me glued to the story to find out what was lurking around the next corner Loved the setting Ms Mettner s love for Lake Superior and the surrounding area came through in her writing, as did her passion for the life saving gift of organ donation MAMBOS Miracles Are Made By Organ Sharing I loved this story from beginning to end and will definitely read this author again.

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Sugars Dance download Sugars Dance , read online Sugars Dance , kindle ebook Sugars Dance , Sugars Dance 399e4668b895 At The Tender Age Of Seventeen Tula Sugar Dubois Had It All, An Up And Coming Ballroom Dance Career, And A Family She Loved Deeply In The Blink Of An Eye She Lost It All On A Cold, Snowy Minnesota Bridge Now, Ten Years Later, Sugar Has Rebuilt Her Life, But Still Hides Her Heart Behind The Log Walls Of Her Lodge On Lake Superior Drug Task Force Agent Donovan Walsh Follows His Most Sought After Drug Lord To Duluth, Minnesota His Plan Is Simple Protect The Key Witness To McElevain S Destruction And Track Down The Proof He Needs To Put Him Away For Life He Just Wasn T Planning For His Witness To Be The Most Beautiful, And Most Difficult, Woman In All Of DuluthSugar Finds Herself Drawn To Her New Bodyguard, But Can T Risk Her Heart For A Romance Destined To Break It When An Attempt Is Made On Her Life She Trusts Van To Lead Her Through A Dangerous Rumba Of Deceit, Kidnapping, And Murder, But When The Last Notes Fade Away Sugar Has One Decision Left To Make Will Van Heal Her Heart Or Break It