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He Loves Me! The Relationship God Has Always Wanted with You files He Loves Me! The Relationship God Has Always Wanted with You, read online He Loves Me! The Relationship God Has Always Wanted with You, free He Loves Me! The Relationship God Has Always Wanted with You, free He Loves Me! The Relationship God Has Always Wanted with You, He Loves Me! The Relationship God Has Always Wanted with You fb2321736 He Loves Me Reveals How To Have The Relationship With God That He Has Always Wanted One To Have How By Showing What Happened At Calvary Between God The Father And Jesus The Son Guarantees The Reader S Place In God S Heart Free From Living In The Fear That They Can T Measure Up To His Expectations, Readers Discover That Nothing Fills Them With Greater Joy, Or Transforms Them Completely Than Discovering God S Tenderness And LoveFounder And President Of Bridge Builders, Jacobsen Ministers Througout The US And Abroad He Is Also A Contributing Editor For The Leadership Journal

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    He Loves Me Learning to Live in the Father s Affection by Wayne JacobsenI ve read many books on the love of God, but none explain it better than this book So many books on God s love turn the Lord into a cream puff god who winks at sin and skips merrily along while leaving us in our state One popular preacher put it, God just enjoys watching you be you What if you are not happy with who you are What if there are destructive behaviors and damaged emotions Is it truly love to sing Kum ba yah to someone as they slide down the road of destruction Perhaps the love of our heavenly Father causes him to care enough to guide us away from the things that harm us, and shows us the goodness of God s presence in our lives to make us complete Rather than watching me be me, maybe God s love desires to complete me And you He Loves Me is a book that explains the love of God better than any I ve read It addresses the problem of guilt in our lives and shows scripturally how that God s plan isn t for us to grovel in failure, but to recognize the truth that it s the love of God that leads us to repentance Most people approach spiritual matters as though God were an angry judge, waiting to strike us for our failures True service is not doing things out of guilt or fear, but the overflow of the heart The desire to serve is the natural product of a healthy relationship with God Every Christian should read this book I can t recommend it highly enough Eddie SnipesAuthor of I Called Him Dancer

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    I was almost put off this book by the foreword It s full of rather condescending remarks, telling me basically that the book will change my life When I m told that someone is confident about what I will say, or that peace is guaranteed to settle on my heart, I want to walk right away Thankfully I didn t Having read other books by Wayne Jacobsen, I was fairly sure I would find it interesting and possibly helpful And, indeed, I was gripped almost from the start He writes for people who are unsure that God really loves them While I don t think I ve ever had that doubt, I hadn t thought through all the implications I don t believe in performance driven religion yet I ve certainly been guilty of trying to jump through some of the hoops described in the book The book is written with personal anecdotes, plenty of pointers to Jesus, and a clear, friendly style Each chapter ends with brief questions that could be used in a home group situation, or for personal pondering.All in all, I thought this excellent It was thought provoking and well written I would recommend it to anyone I still think the foreword is dire, though.

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    This book is for those who wonder if there s a God, for people who believe there s a God but wonder how He feels about you, for the religious who have been working hard to stay in God s good graces, for those who can t imagine that God would bother caring about each individual, for those who wonder if God is waiting, lightning bolt in hand, for the next time we mess up, for those who have an empty hole inside and are aching to feel that someone loves them deeply, just as they are This book is for you And me Simple but not simplistic, written in a conversational style, Jacobsen explores everything that God says about us and shows, proof by proof, that God loves us deeply, unconditionally, passionately, constantly, intimately, no strings attached, and that our lives can be changed forever when we really believe it.

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    This book is a hug from Heaven Wayne Jacobsen offers a chapter by chapter reiteration and reassurance of one unalterable, inarguable fact God loves you That glorious truth is unconditional No need to ever again play He loves me He loves me not, based on life s circumstances and situations Leave your daisies to grow naturally in your garden Nothing you can do will make God love you less nothing you do will make Him love He just loves you You have been precious to Him since before the world was created He loved you when Adam was still a lump of clay He longed for your reciprocating affection eons prior to his first wail as an infant in Bethlehem You were His favored child even as He carried His own cross up that hill to Calvary He loves you Just as He did with Adam and Eve, God longs to be your Friend Your Father He yearns for that close, personal, intimate relationship that comes only when true, untarnished love is freely given and received between two individuals He won t demand it He s chosen not to force it, because let s face it true love doesn t happen via coercion Such unnatural affection would be a weak and unsatisfactory facsimile, not good enough for the Creator of Heaven and Earth In simple terms and straightforward fashion, the author paints an unforgettable portrait of a Father waiting with outstretched arms for His childHis cherished friend to accept his affection and return it, so they two can enjoy the fullness of a loving relationship Jacobsen builds his premise largely on that relationship what it is, how to achieve it, what it means to each participant Woven through the entire book is the one golden thread of simple truth God Loves You If you ever wondered about that if you ever needed assurance that He knows you who you are, why you are, and that you matter to Him if you ever just wished you could feel His arms around you, read this book Your hug is on the way.

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    It took me several months to finish this book, not because it was hard to read or boring, but because after reading the first few chapters I realized I needed to slow down and really digest each page so that I could really get the message that God was trying to share with me through Wayne.I bought this book brand new, and it looks like it s been through several people s hands. as worn as it is from traveling with me over the months it took to read it So, why is it that a book about God s love, or the Father s affection is only digestible in small pieces for a girl who has grown up in church her whole life and has followed Jesus since she was a little girl Well, If you re are like me, then here are the reasons why it might take some time to read this book you feel guilty when you don t have a daily quiet time, or prayer time when something good happens in your life, you think God is pleased with you and is blessing you, and when something bad is happening you think God might be angry with you you consciously or subconsciously are trying to earn God s affection by doing the right things Notice I didn t say earning Salvation I said earning God s affection trying to understand God s wrath in relation to God s love is difficult for you you think that the test of how much you love God is how well you keep his commandments.This book took these things I thought felt and either clarified, demystified, or revolutionized them for me It s a book I will be thinking on a long time.

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    The Holy Bible, this book and The Ragamuffin Gospel are the books that helped me veer away from my very legalistic leaning of following Jesus I actually had to TEACH myself again that Jesus loves me There were many things in my life and teachings from churches that were making me believe that love from God was based on how I behaved I did not believe that when I came to Christ 25 years ago how could it be that I was leaning toward believing it now Because we are easily deceived But God the Author and Perfecter of our Faith is NOT I feel this book was put in my path by the Father as Wayne likes to refer to Him and I am also using this endearing title lately myself I would recommend this book to ANY person wanting to know God better.

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    This book has had a profound influence on my thinking about the love of God For anyone like me that has been told all their life that God loves you and that God is love , it may seem extraordinary to think that now, in mid life, I am just beginning to get a handle on what that means It is what I thought it means, but so much Wayne Jacobsen s book has been instrumental in helping me realise this.And it is not a book of theology or theory it is practical in its impact, hence the subtitle, Learning to live in the Father s affection That is why I have been taking my time over this book for the last six months or so not just reading the book through from cover to cover, but reading, reflecting and re reading It s got to the point where I feel it is a little odd to put it away on a shelf it may have to stay in the bedside cabinet for ready reference.It really got a hold of me from the chapter called The Tyranny of the Favour Line which I could so readily identify with The author identifies the favour line as the invisible line that tells us whether or not we ve met enough of someone s expectations to merit approval p.45 That is the basis on which I have so often relied to work out whether or not God was happy with me The tyranny of the favour line is unrelenting, never allowing us to be certain of how God feels about us p.47 So many of us still live with some kind of belief that we need to or even can earn God s approval and love The bad news is we can t The good news is he loves us already.If this sounds interesting to you, perhaps you should read the book for yourself, but I ll leave you with one quote as encouragement concerning the love of God He loves you completely and will love you every day of your life on this planet and into the age to come p.131

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    Excellent in Every WayWayne Jacobsen came to my attention through his relationship with William P Young, the author of The Shack Wayne has been writing for some time and has had impact in different circles through different ministry roles and previously through an editorial relationship with Leadership magazine.I m sorry it has taken this long for him to come to my attention Through the influence of The Shack and another book that Wayne co wrote, So You Don t Want to Go to Church Any , Wayne has had a profound influence in my thinking and views toward God and the Church More importantly, in this book, Wayne does an excellent job of demonstrating the roots of those previous works in Scripture and practical theology in terms of the person of God and how He wants to relate to us.Christianity is rife with lip service as to the importance of Grace in underlying the foundation of a personal walk with God In practice however, many Churches and Christians of all ilks and persuasions quickly move past that lip service into forms of legalism and phariseeism that make it clear that if Grace is the foundation of the beginning of a walk with Christ, it certainly has little to do with what comes after Guilt, shame, manipulation and coercion quickly raise their heads and become the motivator for far too many of us.William Young, the author of The Shack recommends this book on the back cover as the best book he can suggest for those who have read The Shack to help everything begin to make sense I can recommend no better than that myself.This is a deeply freeing book to read, to grasp but importantly to begin to live the concepts present.I highly recommend it and will return to it myself many times.5 stars.Bart Breen

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    At the time I read this book, I didn t have much hope in a personal god It gave that hope to me at the time It s been a couple of years since I read it Sometime soon I want to take another look at in light of what I ve learned since Amended comment 11 09 Looking back now I see that this book gave me something flat and hard to stand on when I needed it At least my perception was that it was flat and hard It could be considered a grace book in Christianity today So many Christians are looking for a gentler, kinder God Being unhappy with the judgmental, condemning God makes room for something new This gentler, kinder god will work for awhile But the questions keep coming and even this type god doesn t answer them.

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    This is just an excellent book Jacobsen outlines how the Lord loves each of us and His desire is for us to enjoy an intimate, hand in hand, walk together What is especially good about this book is that Jacobsen doesn t give you pat answers or preach some recipe theology but points the reader to God Simply ask Him to show you the depth of His love for you and a revelation of what the Cross of Jesus accomplished And this The quest here is not to get God to act toward you, but for you to begin to recognise how He already is Broken down into 4 sections all containing approximately 6 shortish chapters, Jacobsen encourages us to recognise that we are God s beloved and once we come to truly believe this in both our heart and mind, His love can and will transform us to lead the lives He created us to live and that bring Him glory.This is the relationship I want and the life I want to live.Written in a very conversational style with plenty of good explorations of Bible passages, this is an enjoyable and inspiring book to read that will help you to better understand the depth of God s love for you and increase your thirst for of Him.

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