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  • Hardcover
  • 166 pages
  • Living the Cross Centered Life: Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing
  • C.J. Mahaney
  • English
  • 07 November 2019
  • 9781590525784

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    Reminding ourselves of the gospel is the most important daily habit we can establish If the gospel is the most vital news in the world, and if salvation by grace is the defining truth of our existence, we should create ways to immerse ourselves in these truths every day No days off allowed I picked up this book recognising the author of the forward, Albert Mohler I ve also read books by Joshua Harris recently and C.J Mahaney is mentioned frequently as a mentor senior pastor I agree with the main principle in this book which is summed up in the subtitle Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing However, I don t think we should do this to the exclusion of everything else in the Bible I enjoyed his section on The Passion of the Christ movie The author points out that it is a starting point for some useful conversations However, images by themselves cannot depict the Gospel message in its entirety and will not, therefore, result in conversions He quotes Scripture as a reminder that it is preaching the Gospel that converts and that follow up to any movie like this is critical if we want to see real change in people s hearts I felt a bit underwhelmed by this book in general, although there were some useful sections, but was reminded not to rely on my feelings by this very true statement We can learn to focus outward and upward, regardless of how we feel, because the gospel and its events remain completely unaffected by whatever is agitating our emotions The gospel is objective fact When I read books that were written a decade or ago, I often research the authors and ministries to see how they are doing now In this case, I kind of wished I hadn t It appears that Joshua Harris has left the umbrella of C.J Mahaney s ministry and he C.J had also left his original church network There was an alleged cover up of serious sexual abuse within the church network which was unresolved due to the statute of limitations in the US It s difficult to review a book objectively knowing these things.There are better books on living the Christian life, most notably by Jerry Bridges C.J Mahaney also recommends Bridges books so

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    If you haven t read Living the Cross Centered Life, it needs to be the next book you read Arguably the most helpful book I ve ever read C.J clearly reveals the glory and power of the cross, and it has helped transform the way I view the gospel We never move on from the cross, only into a profound understanding of the cross.

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    I haven t been a fan of gospel tracts for years I remember the old Chick Tracts that were little cartoon presentations of the gospel but they were offensive than helpful to my memory I ll never forget one that was against Christian rock music The band was called Green Hell or something like that and in the end we found out that their manager was Satan One of the band members turned out to be gay and their manager gave them AIDS as a wedding gift The gospel was clear in that track insert sarcasm font here.Summary presentations of the gospel are tough to come by, but I would like to recommend The Cross Centered Life by CJ Mahaney It is a small book with a clear presentation of what the gospel is and even better, what it is not For example, in understanding the gospel, he asks these questionsIn the last week, what was your primary occupation in life What was your spiritual focus Was it on that spot where God most reveals His personal love for you the cross Or was it on your own circumstances, your own condition, your own concerns Was your preoccupation with your personal pursuit of Godliness Growth in Godliness must be pursued, but never apart from joyful gratitude for the cross.Good stuff In those questions, CJ does a good job of giving us parameters for keeping the gospel first and foremost, but the book also functions well as an introduction to the faith For folks who are curious about Christianity, this book would do a much better job than just presenting the ticket to heaven routine Also, Satan is not anybody s band manager in this book either.

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    One purpose of this book is to restate the obvious yet often neglected truth of the gospel of the cross of Jesus Christ and bring it before you again_vividly and compellingly_so that you deeply grasp the crucial importance of never taking it for granted.

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    This is a book that after three times already reading it I d read it again and again

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    Living the Cross Centered Life Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing is a gem This short book is packed with gospel truth We must never get tired of the gospel or graduate from the gospel This is one I ll be coming back to often Highly recommended Mahaney recommends these five steps in order to keep the gospel the main thing in our lives 1 Memorize the Gospel 2 Pray the Gospel 3 Sing the Gospel 4 Review How the Gospel Has Changed You 5 Study the GospelThese are just a few of my favorite quotes from the book The gospel is history s only essential message We never move on from the cross, only into a profound understanding of the cross The gospel cannot be preached and heard enough, for it cannot be grasped well enough Only those who are aware of God s wrath are amazed at God s grace Most of your unhappiness in life is due to the fact that you are listening to yourself instead of talking to yourself A cross centered life is made up of cross centered days Reminding ourselves of the gospel is the most important daily habit we can establish

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    This book belongs on that list that you read regularly once a year or so It serves as a simple reminder of the affect of the Truth of what Christ has done for me and drives home the fact that the Gospel is not just for the unsaved quite the contrary actually.

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    Just wow.I ll admit, I initially chose to read this book because I just needed something light and short to supplement my circumlocutory endeavours.But while the book is quite short it is anything but light It s not that Mahaney s writing is overly demanding or academical on the contrary he is very evidently gifted with conciseness and clarity Rather, it is the way he uses his clarity to explain and exhort the book s central message that our lives should be centred around the cross that make this book so good, so inspiring, challenging, and so personally applicable.At a glance, Living the Cross Centred Life is such an innocuous title Someone who has been a Christian for some time might be tempted to think of the gospel as elementary, basic But, no, it is anything but.Mahaney builds off of 1 Cor 15 1,3 proposing that the gospel, that Christ died for our sins, is of first importance He goes on to show how without the centrality of the gospel all other theology loses its flavour, it s power But even poignant than the theological truths that Mahaney outlines are the personal implications Without a daily focus of centrality of the cross all Christians fall victim to various distractions Mahaney deals primarily with three subjectivism basing view of God on emotions , legalism basing relationship with God on works , and condemnation focused on our sin than God s grace Using expertly selected verses, quotes, and anecdotes Mahaney shows how these distractions can creep into our lives, but not without advice for prevention In the second last chapter he gives five practical habits to maintain a cross centred view day to day By the end, though it is a quick and easy read, it feels weirdly comprehensive, like the wisdom of a 1000 page treatise was just dropped on you.Love it Five stars Every Christian should read it Heck, everyone should read it.

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    Wish I would have read this years ago It s work buying extra copies and giving away.

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    If I could give this stars, I would It is that good It will pierce your heart and you will see much of the cross than ever before It is about the gospel it is about the cross In Chapter 1, Mahaney clearly tells you what moves you away from the cross Subjectivism, which is we base truth on our feelings instead of the word of God Legalism which i when our obedience and service is not centered to the cross, we can become legalistic Mahaney was very helpful in this area to me So many people cry legalism and I think this is a good section of the book for them to digest as well When we are centered on ourselves, we become legalistic The cross breaks all that down The last was condemnation Our condemnation becomes our baggage All we do is spin our wheels It is basically how we relate to God The cross reveals so much truth, however, we need to be diligent in searching for that truth It is the same for everyone The same truth

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