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Peace of Soul txt Peace of Soul, text ebook Peace of Soul, adobe reader Peace of Soul, chapter 2 Peace of Soul, Peace of Soul 1749d0 Bishop Sheen Asks Readers To Stop Blaming Their Subconscious For Their Ills And Examine Instead Their Conscience, To Turn Away From The Psychoanalyst And Turn To God He Shows Readers That Peace Of Soul Cannot Come From Humankind, But Must Come Through Divine Help

About the Author: Fulton J. Sheen

Fulton John Sheen, born Peter John Sheen was an American archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church known for his preaching and especially his work on television and radio His cause for canonization for sainthood was officially opened in 2002, and so he is now referred to as a Servant of God.

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    My text book 100 Christian Books That Changed the Century tells me the author of 37 was the most successful TV preacher of the 1950s , though this book was a best seller even before the TV show Bishop Fulton Sheen apparently was popular with both Protestants and Catholics for the 50s that was quite something.His theology and mine don t agree, however For example, on page 184 he says, An almost forgotten truth, even among some practising Christians, is that it is never the physical world, but only the spirit of the world that is evil I d be interested to actually talk to Sheen to find out what he bases that on it certainly doesn t come from any reading of the Bible that I have done It continues to baffle me that anyone should understand the world, which God saw was good , as having evil in it Yes, humans have the capacity for evil, but that was the way we have always been with sentience and the ability to make self centred choices came everything else that is human nature But the world itself is neither good nor evil, and likewise its spirit.

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    I am tempted to compare Fulton J Sheen to Gearge Bernard Shaw, the author of Major Barbra In the book, Shaw stipulates a number of ideologies which he supports He delves into an array of topics including socialism, economic empowerment, confession, salvation army and religion as a whole Mr Sheen also touches on these topics He investigates them in detail Also he looks at how man has transformed his behavior around such ideologies He explores the reality of religion and compares them with secular justifications of the human behavior The difference between good and evil is studied The world s indulgence of evil is considered in great detail He believes that man should judge his behavior through the mirror of the bible God in His wisdom has recorded a guideline to determine our actions In contrast, secular education and philosophers also offer alternatives to which our behavior can be judged Our environment, sexuality, the unconscious mind are some of the factors that determine our actions and destiny Fulton Sheen disagrees with the propounders of these philosophies especially Freud who argues that our actions are majorly determined by our sexuality He gets his philosophy from the greek tragedy Oedipus He kills his father in order to marry his mother The converse is known as the electra complex where the reverse happens with the daughter killing her mother to marry her father He also analyses phycoanalysis and the religious equivalent of confession thtouhh the examination of ones soul He believes that the theory of psychoanalysis should not be limited to the examination of ones unconscious mind but to the examination of the conscious mind Our actions are to be judged in light of God s word Absolute freedom means absolute tyranny as stated by Dostoevsky and should be discouraged All in all, it is clear from Sheen s writings that every man is responsible for his or her actions.

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    I wanted to like this book than I did I m certain that much of it was above my head Some chapters I liked pretty well, but most of the book seemed to drag and drag Some parts I really disliked I find myself unable to recommend this book, though I fear my disliking it says about me than Peace of Soul.

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    Fulton Sheen has the gift of words He was able to explain many things related to finding peace within our souls.My takeaway is to truly depend on God s great mercy Yes, we are sinners We cannot save ourselves, so how do we fulfill our mission of helping others By first recognizing where we have fallen and what grace we need to ask from our Lord This first step alone takes so much courage This is a courage I lack How to find this courage Remember that God loves you There is no prerequisite to earning His grace His grace is freely given but it is our choice to accept it or not Many times we want the object of salvation but not the process of sanctification The journey will be difficult and may not make sense to the limited human mind during the time of trial But when the suffering has passed and the heart is enlightened, the mind will realise how God uses our experiences to shape us.A great book for Catholics who desire sanctification and to understand its process Also recommended to any Christian with the same desire just that I am unsure if this book is able to speak in the language of the other Christian theologies.

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    Timeless Wisdom on Finding Serenity and Joy is a perfect subtitle for this insightful tome The Venerable Archbishop asks us to stop blaming our subconscious for all our ills and to examine instead our conscience, to turn away from the psychoanalyst and turn to God As the New York Times Book Review stated Peace of Soul shows that inner conflicts can be resolved only through their redemption by God Contents Frustrations , The Philosophy of Anxiety , The Origin of Conflicts and Their Redemption , Is God Hard to Find , Morbidity and the Denial of Guilt , Examination of Conscience , Psychoanalysis and Confession , Sex and Love of God , Repression and Self expression , Remorse and Pardon , Fear of Death , The Psychology of Conversion , The Theology of Conversion , The Effects of Conversion

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    An incredible deep dive into the philosophy and rhetoric behind the eyes of the twentieth century There are so many parallels to be made to the twenty first century that it loses none of its relevancy Very thought provoking on the subject of conversion and what it constitutes as well Probably the most useful part to me.

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    I really liked reading Fulton Sheen s reflections on the purpose of life This helped spiritually center me at a rough time in my life, and I would recommend this to anyone who is vaguely interested in a Catholic perspective on meaning purpose.

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    This book was first published in 1949, so some of the references are dated.The premise of this book is that atheistic modern psychoanalysis is flawed, as it does not lead to peace of soul it denies personal responsibility, guilt, God, and the role of faith The only thing that will bring peace is conversion Fulton Sheen elaborates on the malady, and proposes what it takes to achieve conversion.This isn t really a book of apologetics It seeks to approach Catholicism from a psychological point of view People are looking for psychological wholeness, but the only way they will find it is through Christ Fulton Sheen explains HOW Catholic ideas lead to peace how the human person needs to admit their weakness, their guilt and their need for a higher power how they need to reach out to God for forgiveness, and for a higher purpose The writing here is very anthropological and philosophy driven So you won t get a lot of arguments as to WHY the Church is true, but rather, an appeal to common experience and generalization as to how man is, and what he needs to alleviate his existential frustration.The book has a lot of good insights, especially to the person who s only testing the waters of faith To him, much of what Sheen writes will be absolutely revolutionary For the well read Catholic, there are still quite a few nuggets of wisdom, but they are interspersed between a lot of things they already know, as well as a lot of dated references to Communism and Freudianism Having to slog through some of those passages especially those on Freudianism was quite the pain and nobody believes in it any and those passages tended to be less relevant His comments on Communism were penetrating, but still somewhat dated With this book, you have to put up with reading a lot of description of life 60 70 years ago to get to the good stuff Luckily the prose is excellent Sheen has a wonderful talent of communicating theological and psychological truths through every day references and some of those references were pretty dated, too Not many people listen to a staticky radio any So this is why I m giving the book a 3 5 It s not a book I would go out and buy for anyone, but if someone happens to read it, it would be to their benefit, although maybe a little long Perhaps in a hundred years, those dated references will be mere historical curiosities and people won t mind them so much.

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    The only reason I gave this four stars was because Fulton J Sheen tends to ramble Otherwise I enjoyed this book, I was taught new ways of thinking the things I have heard all my life, and I have learned new.

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    I think I could read this book one hundred times and still gain some new insight after each read into life, Catholicism, and morality It s a tough read, and a book that deserves deep study rather than a quick run through I recommend it, but prepare to be challenged.

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