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❰Ebook❯ ➨ On a Quest for Christ  Author Lisa Are Wulf – Livre-game-of-thrones.co chapter 1 On a Quest for Christ , meaning On a Quest for Christ , genre On a Quest for Christ , book cover On a Quest for Christ , flies On a Quest for Christ , On a Quest for Christ b3021b0b55cc6 Understanding Your Personal Journey Opens A Door To New Spiritual Growth On A Quest For Christ, A Day Devotional, Will Help You Trace Your Steps From The First Whispers Of Faith To Resting In God S Arms Gentle Questions Guide The Telling Of Your Story While Prayers And Comforting Scripture Enrich Your Reflections The Christ Quest Time Map Helps You See The Path Ahead As You Look Back On Your Journey Find Christ At Critical Points In Your Life Increase Your Own Spiritual Self Awareness Experience Healing And HopeLisa Are Wulf Is A Fresh Voice With A Pure And Transparent Heart On A Quest For Christ Invites You Into Her Own Journey With Personal Vignettes To Guide You In Tracing Your Spiritual Path Let Her Lead You To Places Along The Way Where Christ Was At Work In Your Life As She Says, Your Spiritual Story Is Significant Who You Are Makes A Difference The Impact Of Your Life Is Incalculable

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    Lisa Are Wulf s On a Quest for Christ Tracing the Footsteps of Your Spiritual Journey is a thought provoking 30 day devotional for Christians interested in documenting the key events in their lives, including their decision for Christ Lisa shares snippets of her story in each of the devotionals, encouraging readers to uncover their own sacred journey in a workbook style format Readers can reflect on how different life events have influenced them, taking notes along the way Each devotional closes with a Give it to God prayer and an opportunity for the reader to write a prayer to God, unique to their own life At the end of the 30 day devotional, readers are empowered and encouraged to create their very own Christ Quest Time Map, highlighting milestones for important events or achievements, breakthroughs or significant insight, God moments or spiritual encounters, and times of uncertainty or struggle I felt Lisa s loving, calm, and soothing voice as I read the devotionals Documenting our life stories can be intimidating, but Lisa gently and prayerfully leads readers on the journey She tells stories I related to as would many others Her carefully crafted prayers show her sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit and the delicacy of each person s sacred journey On a Quest for Christ is a great tool to help readers leave a legacy of their faith journey to children and grandchildren It is also a great resource for taking inventory of a person s life, as is required in many 12 step recovery group programs On a Quest for Christ can be used by a single reader, one to one mentoring, or in a small group format I highly recommend Lisa Are Wulf s On a Quest for Christ Tracing the Footsteps of Your Spiritual Journey for any believer.

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    As usual, the subtitle is very telling tracing the footsteps of your spiritual journey That s what this book is really about It s about looking back from the very beginning to when you first heard Him calling you, through your actual conversion and into your Christian walk.It s set up as a 30 day devotional and included are glimpses of the author s life which I appreciated the authenticity of , questions to ask yourself don t skip over these , a scripture to meditate on and a sample prayer I most liked the passages to meditate on and the sample prayers.Since I ve been a Christian for decades and can barely remember what it was like to not be one, I did not relate to almost the first half of the book, which were about getting to salvation.It was well worth the wait to get to the second half of the book I related to that part very well.Throughout the book it will get you to see that you are not alone Not only does God not leave us and you will see that He was there than you thought He was if you answer all the questions, but with the personal stories from the author she makes you feel that you are not the only one to go through whatever thing it is.One particular group or kind of Christian does not stand out to me as to who would most benefit from this book except possibly someone who, like the author, came to Christ later in life It seems to me that most Christians would find some benefit from this book, but the caution is that you must actually do the work, that is, answer the questions, and do the meditations and prayers.Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from the author herself I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commision s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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    Usually when I request a book like this I do so cautiously because sometimes they just aren t Biblically sound but this book was quite sound While it is good for mature Christians it is really a good starting place for those who are seeking or are baby Christians and need a place to start in seeing what they believe There are 30 chapters as well as an Opening Thoughts and Closing Thoughts however don t let the number of chapters scare you, as it s supposed to be a 30 day devotional to walk you through your spiritual journey as a Christian Each chapter takes less than 5 minutes to read, and includes a bit of background information on Lisa, which I really appreciated and made the devotional a bit indentifiable After the chapter is read you ll work on Your Story where Lisa asks you some questions and lets you answer them, such as, In what ways did you question the Christian faith , Describe a pivotal turning point in your life , and so that you can explore your past, present and even future as you chose to walk with the Lord As I said I did find it Biblically sound however, I do disagree with the author on two points the first being found on page 20, God is patient He will wait as long as it takes for us to turn and run back into his loving arms there are many instances in the Bible when people had the chance to turn to God, repent and live their lives for Him however God also hardens their hearts because He just can t get through to them The second disagreement was Chapter 6 which was on Judging, which seems to be a biggie right now in Christian circles we shouldn t judge or we should judge Judging doesn t mean we re putting the person down of course there is that kind of judging as well and the Christian needs to be very careful about not crossing that line However, God calls certain behaviors wrong, stealing, murder, adultery, lying, etc so God has already judged that behavior and we too must do the same Judging someone s hem length or hair style is wrong but judging that lying is bad and a sin isn t we must love the person, even Jesus loved His enemies but He didn t molly coddle their sinful natures If I misunderstood Lisa s meaning this chapter I sincerely apologize Overall, I will be walking myself back through this devotional and go through each chapter answering the questions and giving thought to the Scripture references and praying the scripted prayers and creating my own there are spaces for this, too While I disagreed with those two points I found the rest of the book being a wealth of help and great for all Christians no matter where you are on the walk and whether or not you come from a Christian background If you d like to trace your journey as a Christian and are busy like me grab Lisa s book and start your tracking.

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    My ReviewOn a Quest for Christ is a 3o chapter power packed self exam I like the one word chapter descriptions They are very to the point Anyone facing difficult times in their journey with the Lord can flip to the right page very quickly.The short stories of her life, and the space provided for folks to share their own journey, work together to become one of the most important resources you will find on the market today I have found every chapter to be a self examination guide The chapters are short, to the point and very practical The test or self check at the end of each chapter will be an eye opener for Christians everywhere I would personally highly recommend this book regardless of where you are in your journey They are fairly priced and would make a great gift for any Birthday, Holiday or friend day Understanding your personal journey opens a door to new spiritual growth On a Quest for Christ, a 30 day devotional, will help you trace your steps from the first whispers of faith to resting in God s arms Gentle questions guide the telling of your story while prayers and comforting scripture enrich your reflections The Christ Quest Time Map helps you see the path ahead as you look back on your journey Experience healing and hope as you deepen your spiritual self awareness and find Christ at critical points in your life.Lisa Are Wulf is a fresh voice with a pure and transparent heart On a Quest for Christ invites you into her own journey with personal vignettes to guide you in tracing your spiritual path Let her lead you to places along the way where Christ was at work in your life As she says, Your spiritual story is significant Who you are makes a difference The impact of your life is incalculable About LisaAs a ministry leader and Fuller Seminary graduate, Lisa Ar Wulf has a gift for creative communication that touches hearts and transforms lives.A mid life convert to Christ, Lisa s articles have appeared in dozens of Christian publications She has spoken to women s groups and churches across the country.Before entering the ministry, Lisa served eight years on the Colorado Springs City Council She is also a retired CPA, a former radio talk show host, an accounting professor, and was a violinist.She and her husband, Calvin, have four children and are happy empty nesters They currently reside in Colorado.

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    On a Quest for Christ tracing the footsteps of your spiritual journey, is a works which does just as it states traces footsteps of one s personal journey This is than simply a book The author has presented this self help book in story form then developed it into a personal history and self evaluation documentation The author gives examples and thoughts, then makes it very easy for the reader to develop his her own story and experiences At the end of each chapter, there are specific thought questions with a space to write in one s own answers The author then assists the reader in discovering if these answers has helped bring him her closer to God or perhaps created a greater distance from Him The Story begins at birth, suggesting what possibilities can occur simply through the birth process then allows the reader to ponder this and draw his her own conclusions The author continues on the path of life , pinpointing steps of experiences, emotions, and actions which can affect us in various ways enhancing or impeding development and progress This book can be used as a guide but I strongly recommend it to be used individually as a personal workbook journal The questions are simple and to the point There are many questions which totally stimulates the cognitive recollections and possibly increase memory capacity The book ends, leaving one with a profound feeling of accomplishment, plus, a realization of the ongoing hills and valleys that are just LIFE Whether or not the reader uses this as a measurement as to his her relationship with God, is immaterial It is an ideal means of journal keeping and self evaluation A book that posterity would cherish if the blanks were filled in I was so impressed with the format and content and uniqueness of this book, I simply had to review it giving a Five Stars rating for this book This book was generously given me in exchange for an honest review of which I have done.

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    On a Quest for Christ tracing the footsteps of your spiritual journey is a simple yet comforting journal book It opens with the refreshing statement of what a quest is a journey towards a worthy goal, the seeking of a noble end For each of us, that quest means a different journey one that may be easy or hard, laden with guilt, burdens, fear or maybe one filled with hope and wonder or anywhere in between With a pencil in hand and an open mind and heart, this devotional sure gives you a beautiful opportunity to find where you are at This book is divided into 30 mini chapters which are short and do able Each chapter contains 5 great components 1 Relevant scripture2 Opening thoughts, 3 Lisa Are Wulf s personal shared words4 Your Story a reflective journaling area with questions to inspire thought5 Closing prayerLisa Are Wulf s devotional book is pure delight It s a light and refreshing read I enjoyed going outside the box and applying the questions to my own walk of faith As we walk in the journey of faith, we always hope that we are moving forward and with each step, gain knowledge and life experience And guess what Jesus is right there all along to help you do just that Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book product to review I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC Regulations I am part of The CWA Review Crew.

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    I found this book to be a delight to read I felt a close connection with the author as she traces the footsteps of her spiritual journey Many of us have experienced the same difficulties on our own spiritual journey She gives helpful Scripture, meditation thoughts, and prayers to guide us on our journey.I especially enjoyed the two closing chapters In chapter 28 she writes Up to this point, your memory and imagination have been sparked by similarities to the events in my life But each of us travels a different path Your story has twists and turns which are uniquely personal and profoundly shape your spiritual life It s time for your one of a kind story to emerge In chapter 30 she writes God isn t finished with us yet Not even close He has brought us this far, and there is still a long way to go We may think our days haven t counted for much up to this point Perhaps we ve seen than our fair share of heartache and despair Or maybe we feel positive and optimistic about our lives and we re looking ahead with anticipation to see where God will lead us Either way, it s time to move forward.I hope you find the book to be a source of information and inspiration on your own spiritual journey.Jack R East Jr.

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    I am impressed with the meaningful devotions and inspiring questions this book presents I have shelves and shelves of non fiction spiritual books, and most of them, to be honest, are somewhat disappointing Either they don t draw me in and keep my interest, or fail to inspire me to truly change or grow On a Quest for Christ does all of these things I can t tell you how powerful this little book is The short stories are easy to read and relate to Each story is followed by words of encouragement, reflection, and prayer, as well as thought provoking questions with space provided to record your answers and thoughts These sections help to put things into perspective for your particular outlook, experience, or quest.Overall, this book encourages us on our spiritual journey More often than not we come upon bumps in the road that slow us down or change our direction, and these meaningful devotions keep us moving forward.Whether in a group setting or alone, this is a wonderful way to worship and promote spiritual growth This is my kind of devotional succinct, meaningful, and powerful Author Lisa Ar WulfPublisher Spiritual Formation HousePages 168Opening Line first devotion Every day of your life, whether you know it or not, you are on an epic journey.I received a complimentary copy of this book from The CWA Review Crew and was under no obligation to post a positive review Opinions expressed are completely my own cwareviewcrew

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    On a Quest for Christ is a wonderful tool for Bible study and self examination Anyone facing hardships or times which leave them needing encouragement should have a copy of this book.The short stories of her life, and the space provided for us to share our own journey, is one of the highlights of Lisa s book.The short, to the point chapter titles was a blessing to me I like the chapter Striving I tend to wrestle with things until I wear myself out I found this chapter to be very helpful, and self illuminating.Each chapter is short but packed with great insight Lisa is concise and to the point The test or self check at the end of each chapter is a plus in this book and would be a great way to direct Bible study in personal directions.I would personally highly needing recommend this book It would make a great gift for any Birthday, Holiday or church Bible study group.

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    On a Quest for Christ is a wonderful devotional Containing 30 daily readings, the book speaks to the heart, mind, soul, and spirit Lisa Wulf writes from her own heart about her own spiritual journey, and I found myself crossing paths with her along the way of my own journey.I especially identified with her personal story in Chapter 4 When I was a child, the message rang loud and clear, When you have accomplished enough, then we will love you My eyes moistened as I likened my own story to her words Her story in Chapter 17 further spoke to me As I moved closer to God, parts of my life didn t click any Change was on the horizon, but I felt resistant I especially cherished my pre believer independence All I can add to that sentiment is, PREACH IT, SISTER Mrs Wulf s writings are challenging, inspiring, and though provoking She presents a simple format that helps you recognize both the simplicity and grand complexity of the Mighty God we serve.I found this inspiring set of devotions to be equally appropriate and insightful for both the male and female reader As a plus, the volume also includes opportunities to address questions and create a journal of our own personal journey God has gifted Lisa A Wulf with a tremendous, insightful, and inspired talent to reach those who are hurting, searching, or simply looking to draw closer to our God.I highly recommend this devotional to anyone, regardless of their spiritual condition Lisa, you truly bless us with this excellent effort God Bless you.This review can be found on .com, Goodreads.com, and my own blog JonReviewsBooks.wordpress.com.I received this book at no cost as an ARC from the author in exchange for a fair, honest, and timely review I have no professional or personal ties with the author or publisher And, I have no financial incentive based on my review.

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