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In the Air (The City, #1) txt In the Air (The City, #1) , text ebook In the Air (The City, #1) , adobe reader In the Air (The City, #1) , chapter 2 In the Air (The City, #1) , In the Air (The City, #1) a6df4e It All Began On A New York City Sidewalk It Was So Surreal Juilliard, The Enormous Brick Building That Held My Dreams And The Possibilities Of My Future I Was Prepared For The Challenges Ahead What I Didn T Expect Was To Lose My Focus The Second I Met Him Living The Dance Was No Longer The Only Important Thing In My LifeThe City Opened My Eyes, But He Transformed MeTwo Dancers One Big City He Was Determined To Make A New Start She Was Ready To Make It In The Ballet World Neither Expected Love To Play A Part In Achieving Their Dreams They Also Didn T Expect It To Be So Destructive Samson And Natalia Took The Leap Anyway, Not Worrying About The Fall

About the Author: Crystal Serowka

I m proud to call myself a writer Sharing my work with the world is a blessing and it s one I ll never take for granted.I live for my words, not the possibility of becoming rich off of them.I love supportive people and have been blessed with meeting so many of them lately Remember to read the books you love, support the authors you love, and do without the negative people in your life.

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    What an amazing debut novel from Crystal Serowka I was blown away by her writingand I m not going to lie I was seriously intimidated by it Beautiful wording, beautiful descriptions, and a beautiful story.There are four POVs in this story and I swear, even though it sounds like a lot, it doesn t seem overloaded in the least and with each character we get a look into why they are the way they are No two characters had the same upbringing and all are dealing with theirs in their own way.Your heart will tug for each of them as their insecurities and defenses are revealed and you will fall in love with them all.Err, maybe not all of them I understand Aubrey, but I m still not her biggest fan But Kingsley, she s a bitch and she s the kind of friend you d want to stand beside you She may act like she doesn t care for you, but if she likes you, you know she s the one that will have your back first She ll protect her friends fiercely I absolutely adore her She s just her, doesn t care what anyone thinks and even though some of her actions may seem extreme to others, there is a lot to her that I feel we still have yet to see that has made her who she is and Lord I m hoping for a story for her and a certain tattoo d HOTTIE swoon Love Natalia and Samson, the chemistry between them is intense and literally jumps from your e reader And I have to say, while I LOVED NataliaSamson was my favorite character Not because he was gorgeous and sweet, but because of his faults and the way he bared his soul I could go into so much about these two, but I want you to read it and experience it all for yourselves.a MUST read.

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    I wrote this and I m proud of it Buy on

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    In The Air is the lovely, lyrical and intimate story of two young dancers at the prestigious Juilliard Academy It prob seems weird to start my review out by mentioning where they go to school, right But it s really not, because for both Natalia and Samson Juilliard represents something overwhelmingly significant, something that both of them have striven for for so long that it s really part of who they are now, this dream, this desire to achieve their dance goals, and to make their past something that is truly past, rather than something that traps and defines them by others expectations So anything that would be a distraction from their focus on the future is going to be trouble, for both of them And yet, from the moment they meet, in a wrong footed pas de duh, they are tangled up in each other s dreams and desires, to the point where their attraction and interaction becomes as much a part of their future as the grueling rehearsals and routines they struggle to perfect Another reason it s pretty appropriate to focus on the setting of the story is that author Crystal does an amazing job of placing you in the scene with her characters A dingy dorm room, a Greenwich village sidewalk, a cool cafe, a hot club each of these locales is vividly imagined and conveyed, I loved feeling like I was really there, in the scene, the sights and sounds so vividly described that I could close my eyes well, briefly, I mean, I was reading after all , and let myself be drawn into Natalia s world.Crystal s debut is delightful and intoxicating, I loved experiencing a world I was unfamiliar with, and emotions that while familiar overwhelming and awkward unexpected attraction, dangerous desires and inappropriate actions are freshly imagined and conveyed Do yourself a favor and abandon yourself to the collision of two intense souls whose dreams and desires draw strength from each other, even as the world seems to try to pull them apart Lots of cool side characters Kingsley o Kingsley, wherefor art thou cray cray and musical references make this an artistic and emotional experience that will leave you swoony and satisfied, while still thirsty for of Crystal s champagne prose Even the best fall down sometimesEven the stars refuse to shineOut of the back you fall in timeI somehow findYou and I collide Howie Day, Collide This songs reminds me of Natalia and Samson in lots of ways, see what you think

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    I M EXCITED ABOUT THIS SOOOOOOO BLINKING EXCITED Sigh 3I m Beta Reading this right now and let me just say IT.IS.AMAZING Absolutely fanfreakingtastic This author has some incredible writing Get ready for an angsty love story dreams are made of I can t wait for you to read it

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    4 Dancing Stars In the Air was a story about two dancers both in their first year at Juilliard Although there are many characters, and is written from several pov s, the focus is on Natalia and Samson Both have the same dream To dance professionally Dancing defined who I was It was my own personal language, and between these walls, everyone was fluent Natalia s mother puts a lot of pressure on her As a former ballerina, and now a ballet teacher, she makes sure Natalia lives to dance Natalia s main support system and cheerleader, her father, has recently died of cancer Going to Juilliard is her dream, and she will do anything to succeed Samson s mother is the opposite of Natalia s She is very supportive of his dancing His father, however, is not All he wanted for his only child was to follow his footsteps and become a doctor Samson is following his dream as well His father is not the only one unhappy about this His long time girlfriend Aubrey gives him a lot of grief They have been best friends forever, but their relationship is spiraling down Natalia wasn t looking for a boyfriend, and Samson already has a girlfriend, but somehow they find each other They are partners in their dance class and although they have a rocky start, they find they can relate to one another They have something special But its complicated This was a nice, sweet and fun story A little drama and angst, but a good, light read One of my favorite movies growing up was Center Stage and this book reminded me of it a little D I m not falling for you, Natalia, I ve already fallen As much as I liked Natalia and Samson, Natalia s roommate stole the show for me I loved Kingsley and her slutty sarcastic self I am really excited that she and Wren are the stars of the next book I can t wait

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    I love a great debut novel I ve had In the Air on my to read list for months now and I was so excited to find out it was finally available for download It was a very quick, easy read and sometimes they can be my absolute favourites In the Air is about two students newly attending Julliard school.Samson s life hasn t always been about dance but once he realised he was a natural with such a wonderful talent, he put his life and soul in to his ballet Despite the constant criticism from his father Natalia on the other hand has had a life full of dance and ballet Her mother, formally a ballet herself, has been on her back her entire life Julliard is a welcome change in her life, finally she is able to live her life the way she chooses As I said before this was quick and easy The story certainly wasn t unique, but I enjoyed it all the same I really enjoyed both characters, there wasn t anything to dislike about them Samson though, had some very douchebag moments that made me want to strangle him I can usually make excuses, but not in this instance. view spoiler I hate cheating and the fact Samson had a girlfriend who he had been with for YEARS and didn t think twice about kissing Natalia made me mad Again, near the end he visited his ex girlfriend in a hotel room, minutes after breaking up with Natalia Not cool hide spoiler

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    I read this last Friday, but left the reviewing till later, because I was torn as to how to go about doing this When I first read the blurb, I was extremely excited There are barely any books out there focusing on the showbiz in which both the male and female protagonists are stars Another plus was the fact that the subject matter concerned dancing I am a huge fan of contemporary modern dance, and as ballet has strong ties with that genre, I was uber hyped So, lets get down and dirty, shall we The Good The characters backstories Making a career out of dancing is extremely difficult, and is often met with much resistance on the part of parents who wish to see their children succeed academically, as opposed to artistically Dancing in particular presents situations on opposite ends of the parental approval spectrum On one side you have parents that are thrilled in their child s artistic ability On the other, you have the artistically inclined child become the family s dirty little secret This is often true if the child in question is a male dancer Billy Elliot is a classic, and it highlights much of the stigma male dancers face in today s society Crystal too, sheds light upon this growing problem As someone who is a staunch supporter of the arts, I love that Crystal centered much of her plot upon Samson s struggle with familial approval There needs to be people speaking out against the stereotyping happening out there, and I respect that Crystal used her book to diminish some of the cruelty in today s society Natalia too faced pressure from her parents, though it was opposite to what Samson had to go through Many of us know all to well what happens when familial expectations get out of hand Natalia has to deal with a shrewish mother, and while that may seem like a small problem in the long haul, it should be remembered that mothers have the greatest capacity to heal, as well as to hurt Crystal created some great backstories for her characters, and I greatly enjoyed this The alternating viewpoints I m a huge fan of this particular device, and the fact that Crystal used it greatly pleased me With contemporary fiction, there s only so many ways you can write a plot Changing up the viewpoints gives the novel a better rounded feeling Instead of sticking to the safer, two person model, Crystal sticks in two points of view, which was a refreshing change Though we predominantly get to see the story through Natalia and Samson s eyes, it was nice to see things with Kingsley s blunt manner, as well as with Aubrey s delusional glasses The secondary characters Also known as Kingsley People may disagree with me, but I found Kingsley to be the best part in the book She was up front and totally unapologetic for who she was It did my inner feminist much good to see her embrace her promiscuity for what it was As I was ranting the other day, there seems to be this double standard out there, where if a female embraces her sexuality and sows some wild oats, it s deemed a black mark on her record, while it is completely okay for a man to stick it everywhere and anywhere I loved that Crystal made Kingsley so completely badass She was a great influence for Natalia, though I wish Natalia would ve taken a few pages out of Kingsley s book I really hope Crystal writes us a second book featuring Kingsley as the protagonist Sign me up for that one The Bad The pacing This book moved way too fast I would ve liked to see development of the relationship between Natalia and Samson It felt like one moment, Natalia s snarking at Sam, and the next, they re rolling around in bed having sexy times I would also have liked to read about their interactions in their dance class After all, they were dance partners, doing sexy ballet dance moves The overall effect of the consummation would have been greater, if the sexual tension between the two was expanded upon It also felt like the conflict was dimmed to quickly I would ve liked some angst, preferably involving a jealous Samson The writing style There were no pressing grammatical errors, but the way the book was written seemed really shallow I prefer things with nice descriptions, so I can get a feel for the world in which the characters live It also hampered with my ability to truly connect with the characters, in that I didn t necessarily feel what they were feeling Empathy plays a huge factor in how enjoyable a book is, and unfortunately, I had none for Samson and Natalia This was a pity, as the characters themselves had great potential It is the lack of emotional connection with the protagonists was what really broke this story for me The plot itself had great potential, however, the follow through fell just short This much is understandable, as this is Crystal s debut I am definitely looking forward to reading of her work, and seeing her grow as an author While it may not be the strongest debut out there, this book was enjoyable at times Do I recommend it It all depends on what you like, and I have a feeling that many of the indie readers out there will enjoy this greatly My verdict 3 stars, but that s just me The hardass has spoken people, the hardass has spoken I was provided this ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review For awesomeness, check me out OrchitaBook reviewer bloggerAll Aboard the Book BlogBlog Address Page Profile

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    As a beta reader for Crystal s debut, I got the privilege or reading it before it is released Let me tell you guys, this is a book to grab Ms Serowka writes a beautiful book on romance, struggles, and finding one another through determination.Samson and Natalia share al love for dance They re both extremely competitive and want nothing than to succeed at their craft The one thing they weren t looking for was love, but it found them Natalia s roommate Kingsley adds a lot of humor as well There were times she drove me nuts and other times I was laughing at what she d say or do Overall, the whole book is very entertaining and I found myself thinking about it when I wasn t reading, which is a sign to me of how good it is.When it s released, grab it It s worth the read.

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    I fell for you the moment I saw you standing in front of Julliard in your polka dot shirt and combat boots You looked so lost I knew you weren t a part of the group I was looking for, it just gave me an excuse to not look like I was coming onto you When I looked into your eyes that very first time, I knew what I had been missing out of my entire life I m not falling for you, Natalia, I ve already fallen I absolutely LOVED this book LOVED For so many reasons One would be that I am a former dancer You name it, I danced it ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary, even dabbled in a bit of gymnastics sadly, I was too paranoid of my head hitting the floor when I was starting off doing cartwheels I even danced all four years of high school Dance has always been a part of me I love it to this day My favorite impressionist painter is Degas because almost all his paintings sculptures are of ballet dancers Go take a look at my tumblr and you will see how much I love ballet you ll also see how much I love NYC Ahh, those slimmer, younger, limber years of dance and youth sigh Anyways, enough about going back in time to memory lane Let s move along to the book.I won t give you the low down on the book Again, you read the blurb and you pretty much know what it s about boy meets girl, boy and girl have crazy chemistry together, boy and girl go through a roller coaster ride of emotions The chemistry I shared with Natalie amazed me Every time she was around, I felt the need to better myself When my lips touched hers, every part of my body burned from the effect, I d never felt that kind of heat in my life Samson the boy and Natalia the girl are FANTASTIC together I loved their banter I loved visualizing them together dancing In my eyes, the were not only a beautiful couple aesthetically but a beautiful dancing couple in their body moves, their passion, their love for ballet I see the way she looks at you She gets serious bedroom eyes They were also two of the most broken souls Samson and Natalia clung to each other not only through their adoration to ballet but also because they have broken hearts when it comes to parents and past lives Samson although coming from a very affluent family, was missing the love of his father that he yearned for but never got In his father s eyes, he was a failure On the other hand, Natalia s father was her everything Where her mother was a ball buster, her father showed her with praise and love They were both missing that something that they finally found in each other I laughed softly Natalia looked at me, and I felt she was seeing everything I d hidden from the world She saw all of my broken pieces, but refused to turn away In that second, I realized she was exactly what I d been missing in my life Even the supporting cast was wonderful Kingsley, Natalia s roommate at Julliard s, was all kinds of bitchy wonderfulness I always, for some crazy reason, always flock to the bitchy character I wonder what that says about me Hmmmm But you see, I attach myself to the sassy bitch not the selfish and irritating ones Yeah, I am looking at you Aubrey Kingsley is one of those chicks that gives you shit for wearing a tacky outfit and will rag on you all damn night But holy hell, she will take off her earrings the minute someone so much as picks on you That girl has your back and will brawl and snuff anyone who gives her friends the evil eye True New York style I hope the author brings her back in her upcoming books because she and Wren Samson s best friend were fabulous together Kingsley and Natalia made a wonderful sassy set of sisters You re a feisty one Has anyone ever told you that, Natalia I could go on and on on how much this book meant to me How my love for ballet and the city of New York are passions of mine as well Natalia and I have those two things in common That and we are both caffeine addicts Even the little tid bits of how Samson thought that holding hands was a big deal in a relationship Such little things like that really tugged at my heart I am a SUCKER for hand holding I think it s so intimate Favorite quotes moments Brown eyes girl What did you just say Your eyes made me think about the song Did I say something to upset you No It s just that my dad always used to sing that song to me It was our song I m sure your father is proud of you You re my life, Natalia I want to be with you forever I thought you could never know the outcome of a relationship How can you say you want to be with me forever I ve never cared about the outcome of anything until now You re my everything I contacted the author of this book and pretty much told her that I couldn t wait to read her book So happy that she published it earlier then the original date I dashed to and clicked away I was going to wait to read it later on that night but I just couldn t help myself I couldn t put it down from that moment on I started it at the gym at around lunch hour I wanted to keep reading it even after I was done with the gym I was so into it that I wanted to read it while I was driving However, I don t think the other drivers would have appreciated it if I swerved into their lane So, I got home and needed to take a shower Unfortunately, I couldn t bring my Kindle in the shower with me See, getting sizzled wasn t at the top of my list of things to do that day I still needed to finish the book Bottom line GREAT book

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    If we hadn t agreed to take things slow, I would kiss you senseless right now, in the middle of this sidewalk, hoping everyone would stop and stare In the Air was a absolute treat to read I enjoyed every pirouette, pli , and tondue When I saw that this book was about two ballet dancers at Juilliard in New York, I knew I had to read it And look at the book cover It s absolutely gorgeous.Having just lost her father to cancer, Natalia is still a little numb when she begins her freshman year at Julliard Her mother isn t exactly the most loving, supportive person in fact she s quite the ice queen Mommy Dearest is concerned with the number of practice hours Natalia has logged than her daughter s well being.Of course, her freshman experience wouldn t be complete without a random potluck roommate Enter Kingsley At first, Kingsley came across as a rude, crazy bitch I thought Kingsley was going to make Natalia s life a living hell Boy was I wrong She ended up being one of my favorite characters Kingsley is one of those people you don t want to cross who you want to be your best friend because she ll have your back And guess what, errybody The second installment of the In the Air series is going to Kingsley and Wren s book yes yes yes dance Kingsley Those stares you were giving each other were hotter than the last porno I watched Natalia meets Samson outside of school, and they don t exactly hit it off Okay, Natalia hates him Samson is everything she doesn t want preppy clothes, cocky attitude, and he calls her doll As luck would have it, they are paired as partners in dance class, and Natalia is less than thrilled.

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