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Jezebel pdf Jezebel , ebook Jezebel , epub Jezebel , doc Jezebel , e-pub Jezebel , Jezebel bdf2cc69199 New York, New York Celeste Newsome Is A Good Time Girl With Plenty Of Personal Demons The Beautiful Dancer Holds Them At Bay With Late Night Benders, Plenty Of Hooch And The Company Of The Opposite SexDetermined To Never Let Anyone Change Her Bad Girl Ways, And Risk Discovery Of Her Achilles Heel, Celeste Is Turned Inside Out When Shane Brennan Walks Into Her Life The Handsome Prizefighter Slowly Chips Away At The Hard Hearted Hannah S Defenses And Becomes The Only Man Capable Of Taming Her Wild HeartWarning Although This Is A Sweet Romance, The Chemistry Between A Notorious Dancer And A Handsome Prize Fighter Will Make Your Toes Curl Expect Plenty Of Drama And Secrets Before This Couple Can Find Their Happily Ever After

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    I felt Ms Brown did an exceptional job with recreating this particular period in time and it was really spot on almost read like a movie in how visual the overall writing was.For the first time in a long time, I found myself interested in both the hero and the heroine I definitely couldn t find fault with Celeste Give me a heroine who admits she s no good, eats men for breakfast and you ve got me hooked She wasn t perfect and she wasn t weak, well not for the hero anyway She was party girl but in a likable way because you know why she s so dependent on the bottle I liked the fact that Shane so unsettled her to the point that she completely lost her game and while she tried to find it he sneaked through the back door and completely befuddled her.Can I have a Shane please The strong bruiser type he s definitely not a push over He doesn t let Celeste get away with nothing and even walks away at one point Gotta give him props for that one No chasing or running after the heroine like a chicken with his head cut off Both the hero and heroine have issues that get worked out nicely by the end.

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    I reviewed this at MustReadBooksOrDie with my friend Shelley 3.5 rounding to 4 starsI also wasn t sure what to expect with a historical romance when we got this request It looked promising though, so we jumped in with both feet All in all, I really liked it It was fun and interesting to wrap my mind around another time and place, when people s ideals and beliefs were so different than they are now Throw in an interracial romance, and their struggles become even so since the setting for Jezebel is the 1930s New York While not the pinnacle of the civil rights movement, emotions were high and opinions immovable during the depression 1 The setting You said it perfectly with the tones of the book and realistic light shed on affluent businesses still being segregated, but it didn t become about that It was fact that Celeste lived with and accepted, and while she loved that Shane wanted to protect her, she opened his eyes to how things were for her He adapted and adjusted the best he could, but you could tell it still got to him 2 Celeste Celeste and her inner demons really gave Shane a run for his money on wooing her The story begins with her going back home for her estranged father s funeral Here she meets Shane and while she is attracted to him, she is also on edge because she has never had anyone to show her true love She has always dealt with her problems through alcohol use and men, and it was refreshing to see her really like Shane but still stick to how important it was to find herself and be confident without the help either 3 Shane Geez, Shane didn t just have one secret like several I was right in my thinking of one, but the other one at the end surprised me I didn t see that coming at all, but then again he said himself he didn t talk much He was forthcoming with his feelings for Celeste, but we aren t let in on a lot of his past I liked him a lot for always standing up for her, and for playing whatever game she threw at him, whether it be to impress an old acquaintance or follow him up for a party scene he wasn t used to They had their drama and miscommunications, but when he went all in, He Went All In His choices choose both of their fates for a while, but he doesn t stop fighting for what he wants, and I loved that I, too, enjoyed the pacing, and really enjoyed it as a first time in something I hadn t experienced before Not that I haven t read historical stories before but it was a first for a romance the others were mostly all young adult Propriety and morals were fun to read about in Jezebel as it isn t something we see much of any.

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    I enjoyed this book I love historical romances This one was set in the 1930s Depression Era Shane, the bruiser,was quite sexy and handsome.

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    Finally A book in this genre with a full story Not only is it a full story, but the author did her research and is familiar with the time period I have a little knowledge of the depression era because my parents grew up in this era It was enjoyable to learn new things about that era though, I did have to Google a few slang words and circa idioms I enjoyed that as well Not that everyone would want to and it s really not necessary to understand the dialogue as it s clear from the context The first use of the phrase he was a egg and butter man and i knew it was the equivalent of a Sugar Daddy , but I looked it up anyway out of curiosity of how it originated While I know it was a scary and depressing time for most people, the author chooses to focus on characters in the entertainment industry of stage performers eg The Cotton Club I ve always been fascinated by that social environment.My only slight complaint is that the two characters are so hot for each other that other major plot points are overshadowed SPOILER Upon learning her deeply religious father s death has been ruled a suicide, something she knows he would never do, the heroine goes on without questioning this further Granted, that is probably what would happen in real life during that era because the police shut her down, but it s not really explored by way of the characters discussing it among themselves I understand, at first, other characters tried to keep the information from her, but that is the only part of the book that didn t ring true.I know she and her father were estranged, but she went club hopping on the very night of the funeral Even for a wild child that was estranged from her dad, I thought that a bit much I could have accepted it except, a few days later she was concerned with no reason to have changed her mind that club hopping now might be too soon that was a tad inconsistent.Also, the hero thought of her father as a great mentor and substitute father The heroine tells him one sentence of how they didn t get along and he disavowed the man We didn t get to hear why he thought her father was so great to accept him in the role of substitute father in the first place and with one sentence he decides the man was unworthy He may have been, but let s hear them hash it out.But maybe it s a good thing that her father is not focused on as it moves the story of the couple along without dwelling The father s death is the only part of the story I found not fleshed out enough since, later, the split between the hero heroine is caused by whether it was a suicide or not.It was important to me to see the way the hero got a taste of what living with racism is like when he tried to take the heroine to white s only hotels and restaurants I know a lot of people prefer stories that say these are just two PEOPLE, which they are but it tells me a lot about the white hero in these stories of how he deals with the world he has now chosen to live in That says how he will support and be there for his black woman when these issues do arise.All in all, after having read many of these IR romances, this one stands head and shoulders above the rest The editing and proofreading alone makes me think it has probably got a real publisher behind it.EDITED TO ADD The hero is HAWT

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    Despite the length, the book goes at a pretty fast clip All in all, a pretty great read that held my attention to the end.The author does a great job of recreating 1930s New York City And I loved the fact that her gangsters weren t stereotypical Italians but Jewish wiseguys with their hands in everything, particularly boxing All in all this was a great read and I ll definitely pick it up again between books.

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    Estava dif cil acabar este livro O in cio foi muito chato para mim, j percebi que a poca anos 30 40 n o a melhor para mim, principalmente se for com pugilistas Mas enfim, est acabado.

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    The idea of a story about an African American dancer with talent and an Irish American Prize fighter set in the 1930s was vastly intriguing to me particularly because of the time period and the setting there in New York The story really delves into the heart of what life was like for people who strayed from their place and their class Celeste is a Modern Woman running from herself and her past and Shane is a man who has big dreams and the guts to see them through The story is told from both their perspectives The voice of the story was perfect for the time While I wasn t fond of Celeste most of the time she was a woman of her time.Celeste Newsome is a talented hoofer as a dancer was called back then She d made it almost to the top and sabotaged herself because of her thing for booze and men She lives high and she lives big, but its all just a cover for the aching emptiness and feelings of never being good enough that her father instilled before she left home and his rules at fifteen But the past in the way of her father s death brings her back home to her old New York neighborhood, her cross dressing cousin Trudy and her old stomping grounds The past also introduces her to Sugar Shane Brennan a talented young light heavyweight boxer set to compete for a title match at the Gardens.Shane comes to pay his respects to a man who was like a father to him in so many ways when he runs up against the man s wild daughter Knowing what he knows, he should walk away, but he can t Celeste is like a magnet and he can t get enough of being around her even when she repeatedly tries to give him the brush off She tells him that she s bad news, but he doesn t care Meanwhile, the would be power and the power brokers in the city are immensely interested in him whether its to take a fall or to win his big match They don t care for his interest in a woman of color either, but Shane s tough and determined to see things through whether its his career or with Celeste.Celeste determines that for once she s going to work hard for her old abandoned dreams of being a star and she s going to do it with no booze or men propping her up She even comes face to face with the first man to break her heart Though Shane and her have their issues, he is a part of her new found strength and determination Opening up to Shane, scares her to death, but he won t let her brush him aside Just when things are going well for them, Shane s secrets come back to haunt them and they re enough to break things wide open.I really enjoyed this story with its tough yet vulnerable flawed characters, its rock and hard place situations and just the uniqueness of the love story Now this next part is going to make me sound confusing because while I really liked Celeste and Shane together and liked watching the characters grow, I didn t like Celeste many times Her life was difficult, but, from what I could see, it was difficult due to her own choices She tried to play it tough and unemotional as a result She toyed with people and used them Then she has a good thing going with Shane, but she s always ready to bail at the slightest thing In the end when his secret comes out, I am totally okay with the fact that she was angry and felt betrayed that he kept something from her, but her reaction again was extreme in my mind He only withheld information he didn t actually do the wrong deed, but she was acting like he did It was pretty hypocritical too since she didn t even care about the person to which Shane s secret related In the end, I guess it made for a bit tension and drama and made the reconciliation all the sweeter.The world of glitzy Harlem night life, dancing troupes, segregation bigotry, boxing and mobs was all well told It was there, but it didn t dominate the characters and their stories.Those who enjoy historical fiction and romance from the Depression era about characters with lots of grit and passion should give this story a try.

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    Can t give this anything then 2 1 2 stars because of its editing issues The editing issues were not little things like her constantly transposing words in sentences but in one section at the end of a paragraph we were in a kitchen during the afternoon and by the next paragraph we were back in the library from a few nights before Now obviously she d pulled the scene to take things in a different direction but then didn t take the time to rewrite the parts of the scene she wanted reuse The story itself wasn t bad Two people who d made some questionable choices in their lives but decide to clean up their act and put the past behind them I thought Ms Brown staid close if not on the money to the time period she was writing in and the little extras she threw in made the story entertaining I did like the way Ms Brown let you know that our H H weren t going to have an easy time of it but at the same time she didn t brow beat you with it or make it over the top On the other hand I did tire of heroine repeating the same lines to herself over and over again There were to many good characters in this novel with plenty to say to not have to repeat the same thing over and over using the exact same phraseology.All that being said, its a good read, engaging, funny, a tiny bit sad I read the whole thing in one sitting because I couldn t put it down Ms Brown s got talent she just needs and editor.

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    I wanted to love it, but the drama at the end wouldn t let me It was just one element too much.

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    Jezebel Koko BrownJezebel by Koko Brown is painted with a broad brush of a historical multi culture romance Ms Koko does a fantastic job of blending the times of the 1930 s aligned with the social and religious philosophies of that era The flow and rhythm of Ms Brown s writing style has the vibration of realism that always relish The setting, language and energy was so appropriate for the late1930 s to early 1940 s Ms Brown incorporates historical time period, story elements, conflicts so that the narrative possesses the feel of an old fashioned gangster showgirl black and white movie I related to the characters especially Celeste Newsome and Tookie Whitfield personas Both women are strong, determined and focused Tookie and I share several characteristics stature, determination and take no prisoners attitude.Celeste and I share that flirty girl personality darkened by the constant murmuring noise bouncing on the inner ear from the constant dronings of domination, moralistic parenting and societal morales.The precocious nature of Jezebel intrigued me and I found myself wrapped up in the storyline, rising action with an Irish bruiser sexy African American woman antics who refuse to worry about how others view her Celeste was blessed with beauty, courage and boldness The interracial energy was apparent however there is almost 70 years difference in time and space the common thread of racial disparity exists and can not be swept under the rug Trudy and Celeste are true companions and I related to their banter and protectiveness of each other.Shane and Celeste are quite a team to be clapped for throughout the narrative Their no harm, no foul attitude kept the story bouncing and pouching around the ring stage of heartaches on a variety of basis Shane being a boxer and Celeste a dancer on any stage This odd couple have a hypnotic vibe and I loved the tick for tack of their chemistry Shane and Celeste carnality painted colorful images from reading the synopsis and hooked me as a must read I am glad I did Jezebel holds many messages of boldness that can often be a cover for self doubt and a damaged inner child.I highly recommend this historical, multicultural read Jezebel holds many surprising occurrences that will take the reader by storm as it did me.

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