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Dance For Me (Fenbrook Academy, #1) txt Dance For Me (Fenbrook Academy, #1) , text ebook Dance For Me (Fenbrook Academy, #1) , adobe reader Dance For Me (Fenbrook Academy, #1) , chapter 2 Dance For Me (Fenbrook Academy, #1) , Dance For Me (Fenbrook Academy, #1) 843c27 Natasha Is One Of The Most Promising Ballet Dancers At The Prestigious Fenbrook Academy Of Performing Arts And She S Just Landed A Life Changing Audition But No One Knows The Guilt She Carriesor The Damage It Makes Her Inflict On Herself When She S AloneDarrell Is A Multi Millionaire Designer At But Past Traumas Have Pushed Him Into Isolation And The Intense Pressure Of His Work Has Brought Him To The Edge Of Burnout Seeking Inspiration, He Sees Natasha Dance And Hires Her As His MuseAs She Dances For Him, The Two Become Entwined In A Passionate But Troubled Relationship He Starts To See The Pain Inside Her And Helps Her Gradually Lower Her Defensesbut Darrell Has Demons Of His Own Can Two Broken People Save Each Other Or Will The Darkness They Re Hiding Consume Them Both This New Adult Romance Is Recommended For Due To Mature Themes, Sexual Situations And Language

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Want to contact me helenanewburyauthor gmail.comI m a New Adult Romance author living in London, currently working on my third book

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    Natasha lives to dance, it is her entire life, it defines who she is Dancing is the one thing that keeps her grounded and keeps her memories at bay Until she sees Darrel and he turns her entire world upside down Before Daniel the only thing that had the power to unravel her was remembering, but she s learnt to control the memories by doing something that no one would understand She wouldn t dare reveal herself to Darrel, if he new he d leave her, and she d lose the one person who s brought light to her darkness She s lived with guilt for so long that she cannot even imagine that there might be someone out there willing to help her, to absolve her.Darrel is a wealthy engineer, and when he sees Natasha dancing he is enthralled He propositions her, she must dance for him, he ll pay her But he soon realises that he wants so much than to just watch her dance He wants her to be a part of his life, he wants to share himself with her But for a their relationship to work, he has to be honest with her, but his secrets could break their tentative connection He isn t prepared to take the chance of her leaving him, but fate never gives us a choice.Darrel and Natasha, need to let go of their pasts in order to begin their future They have been living a life which as feeding off their pasts Until they let go, they can never heal or feel whole again Final Thoughts Although this book dealt with some heavy topics, I found it quite fun to read When reading about a subject such as self mutilation, I tend to feel a bit depressed, which wasn t the case with this book All in all a fun light read with some heavy topics but they didn t overwhelm me

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    An author requested book to review that I actually liked Be still my heart Bravo to Helena Newbury for putting out a really impressive debut novel Dance For Me was a wonderful addition to the YA genre This book falls into a similar category as The Sea of Tranquility in my mind Past horrors that are emotionally scarring Check Instant chemistry between two damaged individuals Check Angst up to wazoo Double check Despite the fact that this was an angst fest, it never became annoying or overbearing It was really captivating, actually I couldn t put it down all day today It doesn t take a genius to figure out the story of what happened with Natasha and Darell s personal lives However, the lack of surprise didn t really bother me I liked how the author handled each of the characters and made them really made sense Their personal demons felt real and devastating I also really dug the secondary characters are those the ones that are getting their story next The book as a whole really worked for me So any minor flaws Sure I thought the sex could have used a bit umph What can I say, I like my books pervy And the speed at which they progressed from like to love was far too rapid for my tastes I like romances that have a sloooow burn The fast move to love town rang a bit false However, this book was really well done and it was a great surprise for me Hopefully this book gets the hype that it deserves.

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    Items ticked off 18I or less have one thing to say about Dance For Me No, make that two Say what you will of this book s plausibility, but in regards to the romance, I m saying it s ridiculous This is the heroine after seeing him Not talking to him Not meeting him Literally seeing him from afar It had been two minutes and I felt like I hadn t seen him in months This is the stalker hero after seeing the heroine Two hours later, I had a program that would grab the photo of anyone on Facebook between 19 and 22 I d pegged her at 21, but I couldn t be sure who went to one of the long list of dance schools, academies and colleges I d drawn up It eliminated the men and then flashed up the photos one every second on my monitor I poured coffee and clicked Go The hell with the odds I was going to find her This is the heroine when she meets the stalker hero for the second time and he says another woman s name who happens to be her friend Hearing him say her name, I was suddenly jealous This is the stalker hero when he s met the heroine about two times and she mentions the word Harper Who was Harper A girl A guy Was it some guy s house I thought of her going to some open house college party with kegs of beer and chisel jawed actors, while I was stuck in Virginia I didn t want to go overboard on the texts, so I sat there and stewed for a while and then, while I should have been listening to some guy talk about jet thrust, I found on my phone and discovered under Life at Fenbrook that Harper s was a coffee shop, and that made me feel a little better This is on the second or first, don t remember date I love you He took my face between his hands and kissed me again and again I managed a delighted I love you too between kisses In conclusion, the romance sucked It takes the prize for quickest insta love, ever Anything you can come up with, this takes the prize Something plausible, who the fuck needs that They are in love after meeting three times The heroine claims to know this stalker hero after knowing him for less than a month The hero is obsessed to the extreme after seeing the heroine one fucking time No way Jos Not in this universe The second, and final, thing The hero in this story is the reason why restraining orders are necessary BookLikes Leafmarks

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    There, I finished it I m sorry for the low rating dear author, I always feel bad knowing that someone put effort into writing the story and I end up not liking it.I picked it up because I really wanted to read about ballet and I was intrigued with the fact that the guy made weapons, I haven t read anything like that before Unfortunately it didn t work for me I take self harming very seriously and I think people should talk and read about it, I always say that we fear the unknown I wanted to put that out there so it s clear that that s not the reason I didn t like the book but it didn t make me connect with the characters because of it either I didn t like them in general Let s start at the beginning How they met and how she started dancing for him Ridiculous It was supposed to be mysterious and romantic I imagine but it ended up being inappropriate, unrealistic and dumb Random stranger asks you to dance for him in his underground garage and you say yes because hell, he is hot and rich and I need the money Why not And I hate instalove Loathe it Honestly, this book was a mess It wasn t the worst one out there, far from it but I couldn t bring myself to give it stars because I really didn t enjoy it.

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    A copy of this book was given in exchange for a honest reviewNatasha is a ballet student dealing with a traumatic past in the best way she knows how Darrel is an design engineer who crashes her audition blindly looking for inspiration to study the movement of dancers for his latest project Their eyes meet and so begins this epic story.All I can say is Wow at this point I have a soft spot for books that feature dancers that s what caught me eye when seeing the review request in one of my groups Lately I ve been volunteering to review a lot of books, but not really being that impressed Dance For Me has broken my slump Anyone looking for a read in the new adult genre should definitely give this book a chance I can not believe this is Helena Newbury s first book The main character have interesting best friends that exhibit steamy chemistry that really intrigued me I think this is going to be a series so can t wait for the next installment.

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    Reviewed the Boxed Set for the author, but bought this book previously, therefore adding review here 4 Ballerina StarsNatasha has had a horrible guilt weighing on her for the past five years The only way she can get through the day is by self harming She knows she should stop, but its the only thing that grounds her Clarissa, her friend and roommate, is the only one who knows what she does to herself Natasha is now attending the Fenbrook Academy, a Performing Arts College, where she and Clarissa are both studying Ballet Needing money to help pay her portion of the rent, Natasha goes to an audition for a commercial At the same time Darrell Carner, an engineer of sorts, is looking for inspiration While scouring the internet, he stumbles across a ballet performance Needing to see something in person, he barrels into Natasha s audition and is instantly mesmerized by her No other dancer will do So even though she s turned him down and he doesn t know her name, by a matter of deduction and internet searches, he finds her and messages her on Facebook He s being used by the company who contracts him for his work Never allowing him to heal from his pain.Natasha s friends encourage her to do it, not only for the money but the adventure Which opens both she and Darrell up to the possibility that their lives, as they ve both lived them, aren t working for them any But they both have secrets they aren t willing to share Will those secrets tear them apart or, once they are exposed, make them stronger I wasn t sure what to expect from this series when I discovered the author was looking for reviews I was pleasantly surprised The characters have real life issues that the reader can understand aren t easy to discuss with anyone, let alone someone you think you have the potential to fall in love with We as human beings are always so worried about what others think of us and our choices So much so that bringing out your baggage to someone who you truly care for, can be daunting This was a very new adult story, but when it got to the sexual component, it was sizzling There were hilarious moments and very sad moments As soon as the story went back in time to tell Natasha s story, I was crushed for her and couldn t imagine how someone might feel that would have this happen to them The same with Darrell Their stories are both so tragic on their own But they needed to find each other because they would have either gone crazy or hurt themselves beyond repair if they hadn t Interspersing the story with lighter moments was needed and extremely well done.

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    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review I.NEEDED.THE.SECOND.BOOK.NOW.PLEASE This was so beautifully written, it was distracting I found myself time, and time again putting this book down to google videos of the moves Helena HAS to have been a dancer Either that or this is one of, if not, the BEST researched novel I have ever, EVER, had the pleasure of reading For those that know me I read a book a night, this gem took me three, yes you read right, THREE days to finish as I found myself re reading the dance scenes over and over and over again, then watching on you tube I had so many emotions during this journey, and they started at just 3% I was just.CAPTIVATED Can two broken people save each other Or will the darkness they re hiding consume them both The story of Natasha and Darrell is filled with so much it could almost be too much, but somehow it just works They are so incredibly broken They think they deserve the lives they have If that s even what you call it They don t live They exist Then they meet..Both hiding horrendous pasts almost destroys their future Guilt ridden and copping in different ways, leads them to a chance meeting I loved everything about this novel The character development was a dream to read The POV changes smooth The angst The emotion The love The hate EVERYTHING was beautiful, especially the ugly Im never going to be a normal person now I d escaped, with Darrell for a wonderful handful of days, I d stepped outside of my fate and lived another life And now I was being plunged back into it and that made my very soul howl in pain I turned to him The rain made it impossible to see tears, but I could see how red his eyes were The hot wave of shame as he saw my scars up close He moved forward and kissed them Is this man the reason your pas de chat looks like a pas de herd of goddamn buffalo I would highly recommend this book Thank you Helena for allowing me to read for you.

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    Dance For Me was a lot darker, but also a lot better than I had anticipated It opens up with Natasha cutting She feels like her world is off balance, and it s the one thing that steadies her She s very careful about it though alcohol wipes, fresh blades each time, bandages, and high up enough on her thigh that no one can see She s on her way to her biggest dance audition, and she s feeling confident now that she s calm But then, Darrell comes barging into the audition and throws her off She doesn t get the part, but Darrell makes her an offer that s hard to refuse.I actually loved Dance For Me once Darrell was introduced He s a mad scientist Well, he s an engineer who gets so focused on his work that he looses track of time He spends time in his underground workshop than in his plush mansion It s his latest project that brings him to Natasha He can t get it to do what he wants, but then he sees a woman dancing on TV and is enrapture by her movements So Darrell tracks down the soonest ballet audition to find a muse I loved how he looked at dance scientifically His problems involves aerodynamics, so watching how a ballerina moves in the air makes total sense.I also really liked how Natasha didn t just show up at his place He could be a total psycho I mean, he s offering to her 500 an hour to dance for him Luckily, she has friends who look him up, and decide he seems legit But even still, one of them goes with her just in case That is smart Of course, Darrell isn t a serial killer, so Natasha was fine But he does have his own demons which drive him into throwing himself into his work He does realize that what he s doing is wrong, but at that point, he couldn t help it.Yes, this is one of those stories about damaged people coming together and fixing each other, and I adored it Dance For Me is definitely one of the better ones I believed Natasha and Darrell fully Things have happened to them, and they can t let go They re coping in ways that they think are helping, even though they know they aren t really helping It was kind of heartbreaking, but I loved watching them come together and give the other what they really needed.Read of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads Reviews.

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    3 Disturbing Yet Understandable Stars I love ballet and the dedication it takes to accomplish it There is a beauty in all the control with the parallel feeling of freedom when the dancer performs gravity defying jumps and spins This story has two characters wracked with guilt and need Both are tortured with nightmares and driven in their own ways that they end up connecting and finding each other is a miracle.We meet the dancer and are introduced to her way of coping She has systems, rituals and ways to block out her demons The engineer is working on his project and is stuck he cannot seem to find the answer to his problem and turns to the TV for distraction There he discovers a dancer soaring through the air and is captivated He researches everything on dance and finally feels he must see it livewhile it is actually happening.There is an audition taking place our gal is there in the middle of her performance and he barges in disrupting her concentration, She starts over with his eyes on her they are connected and both will never be the same.This covers serious issues guilt for loved ones how we can feel responsible It also touches on the need for grieving and how important it is t work through it This book may be difficult as there are a lot of plot points which may have triggers for some They were handled with care yet they were there This is a part of a series in the new adult genre.

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    I was provided with this book from the author to give and honest review First off I must say I really enjoyed the book, though at times I found Natasha far too forgiving, I know I wouldn t be quite as understanding if I was her The plot of the story was well conceived with ballet dancer Natasha struggling with her own personal demons from her past when she is suddenly staring in to the crystal blue eyes of millionaire inventor Darrell Carner following an interruption in her audition Darrell has thrown himself into his work following a tragedy in his past, struggling with his latest invention he found inspiration in ballet, after seeing Natasha dance he knows that she is his muse and he wants to pay her to dance for him to give him the inspiration that he needs I really enjoyed the dual perspective of the story and although at times I wanted to give Natasha a good shake I enjoyed the intensity of their relationship and how they opened up to each other Although they had very different coping mechanisms for their past tragedies, there was this unspoken understanding between them and you are jus willing them to sort themselves out so they could be what each other was looking for I would highly recommend this book for anyone that enjoys new adult romance novels.

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