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The Hit List txt The Hit List , text ebook The Hit List , adobe reader The Hit List , chapter 2 The Hit List , The Hit List be8c52 The Los Angeles Conservatory For The Arts Is Supposed To Be A New Beginning For Sadie Bryant Moving Across The Country Is Exactly What She Needs To Escape The Gossip Surrounding Her Injury, The Devastating Betrayal Of Her Ex Partner, And To Rebuild Her Career As A Solo DancerWhen The School Announces That The Annual Fall Showcase, A Performance That Secures A Spot Studying In London, Will Now Require Each Dancer To Have A Partner, Sadie S Fresh Start Is A Nightmare Now She Has To Dance With Luke Morrison, The School Womanizer With A Big Ego Sadie Doesn T Know How To Trust Luke Enough To Dance With Him After Her Last Partner Left Her Broken, But Luke Is Determined To Change ThatThen, The Hit List Comes Out A Game Of Sexual Conquest Where Guys Get Points For All The Girls They Hook Up With And It Seems Like Every Guy At The School Is PlayingThe Girl Worth The Most Points Sadie

About the Author: Nikki Urang

Author of THE HIT LIST Spencer Hill Contemporary, 11 11 14.

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    Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestThere s nothing better than trash when you re in the mood for a hot, soapy mess THE HIT LIST served this function admirably, with a truly bizarre storyline that somehow worked I mean, I never would have thought about combining a story about a broken ballerina trying to redeem herself and a college sex game together, but maybe I m doing something wrong with my life.Sadie was once a promising ballerina on the cusp of a prestigious career Then her dance partner let her fall, and after a devastating injury and even devastating breach of trust, Sadie was left in the ashes of her rising phoenix ex partner She was so damaged that she left New York for L.A., to go to a performing arts college where she can lick her wounds.She is instantly attracted to this guy named Luke, but all of her friends especially this girl named Brielle say that he s bad news When he s assigned as her dance partner, Sadie absolutely feels that she cannot trust him she s afraid of falling in ways than one ho, ho, ho Worse still, Luke is one of those dudes who delights in mixed signals, and the whole book is a game of he loves me, he loves me not, up until the very end, when you finally figure out what s going on.What makes the whole he loves me, he loves me not aspect even devious is that Sadie s college is playing a sex game where a bunch of boys, called Hitters can sign up to hit that read hot women voted on by the school for points Urang saves this from being super extra wtf skeevy by having the people in charge of the game insist that all scores must be consensual It s still pretty skeevy though.Sadie is one of the chosen, because of course she is, and the blurb is a little misleading in this regard because it makes it sound like Sadie is the 1 choice She isn t At least, not for a while The game actually has little to do with the story, apart from stirring up all kinds of angst with Luke.I liked this book because it was trashy, and I was in the mood for trash It is very readable and those pages went by quickly The dance angle was interesting and I m apparently a sucker for these types of performing art tortured artist stories Sadie s story was sad and I did want to see her do well that s PART of what annoyed me so much about the ending The other thing that annoyed me about the ending was someone does something bad and faces no consequences for it WHAT Why If you like trashy new adult that is well written and engaging than the usual rich white people with self manufactured problems and way too much unprotected sex formula, THE HIT LIST is worth checking out Just keep in mind that it is very trashy and has a stupid ending.2.5 to 3 stars

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    Sadie loves to dance Dancing is actually the most important thing in her life and she wouldn t know what to do without it When her longtime dancing partner and ex boyfriend goes to a school without her, Sadie decides to move far away from home and to go to school there At that school, there is this list, the Hit List That s a list where some men get points for sleeping with women Some women are worth and Sadie is one of those women Sadie doesn t understand what s happening She just wants to focus on dancing and does not want to bothered by anyone.I didn t like this book. I really liked cover and I was curious about the meaning of the title I expected dancing and I got that, so that was good Luke saved the book a little , but Sadie was so frustrated I don t think I ever disliked a female main character this much She was so hot and cold There was a lot of running and trust issues Even after Sadie and Luke had an amazing dance together, Sadie still didn t trust Luke to dance with her at school and she kept pushing him away When she said she loved him, I didn t feel it Sadie is so lucky that Luke is a patient, sweet, trusting, genuine and loving man Luke is also so passionate and amazing at dancing, that s something he has in common with Sadie.

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    1.5 stars Would not recommend unless you want to drown yourself with aspirins and then hit yourself repeatedly with a bat for being sadistic enough to read this mind numbingly whiny and P R E D I C T A B L E book.The only reason why this book gets 1 and a 1 2 stars is because of the love interest, Luke because he s not a douchebag unlike EVERYBODY ELSE IN THE GOD DAMN BOOK and Adam who s also surprisingly not an asshole, but too bad he was barely in the novel Right off the bat, I could tell Luke was a nice guy despite the few weird, out of character moments in the beginning which I think was the author s attempt at having some steamy moments between the two characters It wasn t steamy It was weird And I thought it was borderline abusive intrusive and I was kind of worried that Luke was one of those love interests that s either a bad boy dick one minute and then golden boy sweetheart the next But he proved to not be that bad He was decent and actually pretty nice He then became swoon worthy when you realize that he s a pretty swell dude who was trying to do whatever it took to help Sadie learn to trust and deal with her abandonment issues.Everyone else is annoying The MC is annoying The roommate is annoying.Too much whining and jadedness and honestly, I think the person behind the hit list deserves a harsher punishment than what actually happened That person got away scotch free after practically sabotaging one person which had a hefty consequence that affected a LOT of people besides the MC over something stupid petty Bull Shit I am so pissed Perhaps the MC s jadedness and bitterness rubbed off on me but the person behind the current hit list SHOULD have been punished.And to be honest, the MC s reaction response to the person behind the current hit list hit man was so unrealistic If I was her and I found out who was behind the dumb list that brought me drama, paranoia, and sabotaged not only my schooling education but others as well over something stupid petty view spoiler that happened a year ago hide spoiler

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    I received an advanced copy from the publisher, via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review All quotes taken from a pre published copy may be altered or omitted from the final version 4.5 Stars Opening Lines I never should ve agreed to do that stupid article I shove the magazine back onto the shelf and pull another magazine over the top to partially cover it Not that it will do any good The bright red letters of the Jete in Jete Magazine are recognizable to half the students here It s probably the most popular magazine at out little campus book store Even hidden, my naive happiness taunts me from the glossy page

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    The Hit Listby Nikki Urang Basically, it s boy loves girl, girl hates boy I can handle that, I say, glaring at him Hating you is my specialty I think you missed the part about forgiveness at the end, Luke says I didn t miss it I ignored it 3 stars because this book was about broken ballet dancers and.25 because the ending that annoyed the heck out of me I could ve given this a higher rating if it weren t of the ending, it ruined the whole book.I wanted to love this book so badly, it s a pity I didn t.I grew up being obsessed with ballet literally obsessed but never got to be one because I was told by some dance teachers that I didn t have the perfect physique to be a ballerina.The plot Classic emotionally broken girl Sadie who has trust issues meets the hottest guy in college Luke with whom every girl wants to be with who happens to be a womanizer and fireworks it s attraction hate at first sight, set in a world filled with dance floors Thus, being a new student in college and the only sopho in the dance class, they have to partner up to compete in a dance tryout and with that the judges get to decide who ll have the chance to attend to one of the most amazing ballet school in London for a whole semester And guess who was assigned to be Sadie s partner for the next few months LUKE The characters Sadie is one whiny main character with an irritating, immature and stubborn personality I get it She experienced a horrible injury because her former ballet partner couldn t catch her, then she started having trust issues with everyone I m not blaming her for having trust issues because when someone dear to you lets you down, it s hard to rebuild that trust again.She hardly ever speaks up for herself instead, she relies on her surroundings to do all the talking for her Even when guys are borderline sexually harassing her, she either A Says NOTHING or B Waits around for someone else to protect her Like, what This isn t the 19th century, nobody wants a girl who s a damsel in distress in 21st century, otherwise everyone will take advantage of it Sadie s mother on the other hand doesn t give a single damn about her daughter Luke I actually liked Luke very much, he made Sadie trust people again.Things that annoyed me besides the ending So many story lines needed to happen Sadie s mom, Luke s parents, Brielle s issues, the hit list wrap up, Adam s relationship Don t worry, none of the mentioned are really explored and given actual closure or explanation The book needed to focus on characters, I wanted to see of Adam who is Brielle s GBF, Brielle and her intentions and what is she the way she is, Luke s parents and Sadie s mother Nobody noticed how this new senior assistant Brandon harasses the students, and nobody even reported him to the principal s office because of his behaviour The relationship friendship or whatever was taking place between Sadie and Adam was weird, odd and strange, one time they were angry at each other the exact next minute they were coming back to each other, they were behaving like a married couple with hormones, angst, and less understanding and trust.Spoiler section view spoiler Brielle didn t deserve to win, she was the one who put Sadie s name in that retched blog about guys getting sexual with girls just to earn stupid points and she knew it would affect her but she did it anyway, also she was the one who continued that blog altough Luke was the one who created it Honestly, what was the author thinking making the mean girl win hide spoiler

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    The bonus girls are worth points if a Hitter is able to get them into bed The first Hitter there gets to claim the points After someone claims points, the girl will lose her bonus status and become like every other girl in the game. Welcome to the game Sorry, welcome to the story I mean When Sadie moves across the country to attend a new school, The Conservatory, she s introduced to the game Before going into the details of the game, we ll stay with Sadie for a moment She moves across the country after she suffered an injury after a mistake her dance partner, and then boyfriend, make that left her without a scholarship Meanwhile, her then boyfriend got a scholarship, and Sadie can t help feeling betrayed, left behind, and she wonders if what they had was real At her new school, she meets Brielle, her new roommate who, like Sadie, has an absentee mother She also meets Adam, Brielle s friend Also, of course, Sadie meets Luke, campus heartthrob who flirts with everything that moves.Now, back to the game It s a campus game where the male students who join in are looking to score Literally They get point when they sleep with a girl, and some girls they vote on which are worth extra points These girls names are official on a blog that hosts the game The guys sign up and some of the rules are consent is a must, no alcohol can be used by the Hitter the participant to alter a girl s state of consciousnesses but if she does it to herself, you re good to go, you must prove you had sex pictures, underwear, video, etc. Have fun.Yeah, have fun I ll discuss the game in depth later in the review, because for a large part of the story it is merely a backdrop, something going on outside of Sadie s world So we ll start with Sadie She has trust issues like, well, the typical New Adult heroine that she is Her ex boyfriend dance partner accidentally dropped her during a dance, which left her injured and Sadie lost her shot at a scholarship Due to this, she s unable to trust people and her dancing is affected when she s unable to partner with someone else She s also iffy about partnering with someone who isn t gay, or she isn t in a relationship too, because screw professionalism, right In the beginning, it s easy to sympathize with Sadie Her mother is absent and offers no motherly support, and after Sadie s boyfriend left her, it s not hard to understand where she s coming from Yes, in the beginning, this is all fine and good, but at some point even before 80% of the characters have called Sadie out on it you lose interest, and what initially was sympathize for Sadie turns into frustration and the need to tell her to grow up She hangs onto her anger, feels like she s entitled to something better, and acts much like a baby.Then Sadie meets Luke, local heartthrob and it s not quite as much insta love as usual NA, but there s definitive some insta something alike there Luke, whom she is later forced to dance with, is a flirt Sadie is unable to trust him when partnered, and instead she decides to practice with Adam who she is able to dance with because, you know, he s gay Anyhow, despite what it may sound like, I did like how Luke and Sadie s relationship developed, at times Kinda Maybe Okay, maybe not really It s mostly due to Luke s whiplash personality One second he s cold, then hot, then cold Sadie calls him out on it good for her but throughout the story there s never a reason revealed why Luke acts the way he does He has some trust issues himself, and he, too, is iffy about relationships, but that doesn t suffice to rationale or explain his actions I also lost respect for him at the end of the book, when certain reveals are made I also dislike how Sadie dealt with the revelations, but most how they were portrayed in general.Now there will be some mentions about the game, but mostly it s how Sadie reacts to it Sadie is one of the bonus girls, those that are worth point if you sleep with them Her name is official on the blog, and she s aware of it She s aware of the rules and stakes Here s the thing several times she wonders why no one is stepping up and stopping the game, why no one takes it up with the school She sees girls and talks to some of them and wonder why they let themselves be used by the game Even when things gets out of hand and a girl is sexually harassed, she doesn t do anything Actually, she acts as if the game is no big deal, not really The girls know about it, she thinks, so what s the harm Not her exact words, but it s how it sounds Yet, when some girls take advantage of the game uses it to sleep with boys , Sadie somehow looks down on these women, asking them if they don t know they re being used for points I ll discuss this in a short while.For the game, I m not undecided It s a horrible thing The rules says that all parties must consent, but it s quiet clear that consent, to some people, is easy to go around or overlook Especially on college campuses Then turning women into something men can receive points for, if that s not dehumanizing, I don t know what is Given the nature of the game, this will certainly seduce some guys that feel entitled to women s bodies to joining in It s a perfect setup for boosting the notion that women are for men, and men can use them however they want.Moving on to the rule that says no alcohol is allowed to change the woman s state of consciousness, but it s okay if she does it to herself First of all, this rule would be incredibly easy to go around So you as male participant is not allowed to give the women drinks, but there s no saying your best friend can give them to her Also, it s good to remember that if the woman is drunk and unable to make sound decisions, then that can be considered rape What the rule basically says is that it not okay if you give her alcohol and sleep with her, but if she drinks herself drunk, it s her fault for having sex with you even if she doesn t want to That sounds like victim blaming Oh, wait, that s exactly what victim blaming is Then there s the rule about proof Proof could be underwear, pictures, and videos Let s begin with the fact that sharing a picture of video of this nature against the other person s knowing, that s a crime While it may only be shared by the hitter and the person hosting the game is still sharing that picture or video Once again this encourages the notion that women are for men, and men are allowed to do what they wish when it comes to women The problem isn t that the game is in the story, it s the way it s treated Characters might point out that they are hurt by it, but there s no discussing how sexist and degrading the game is in itself There s no one pointing out what the game says about women, femininity, and society s view of women This is the issue When it s revealed who s behind the game and its origin, there are still no discussion about this, just how it was started from a misguided point of view, of confusion and frustration, but not about the obvious lack of respect for women the inventor of the game had and might possibly still have This book had a good concept It had a story that could ve, if done well, evoke strong feelings, exposing dark parts of society s view on women, men, and sex, but it failed greatly Instead it avoids going deep or opening up questions that most people might not want to ask themselves in favor for some hesitant romance, girl on girl hate, and Sadie s trust issues.

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    Gorgeous emotional development, sharp pacing, and OMG the sexual tension Nikki writes about dance like a dancer, and Luke and Sadie s dance scenes are hot, sweet, and packed with conflict This is one I ll be reading again.

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    I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Spencer Hill Contemporary and NetGalley This was an okay contemporary dance story, but it didn t hold my interest well.Sadie was a girl who had issues, and you couldn t really blame her considering what she d been through I did think she was maybe less introverted than I would have possibly been in the same situation though.The storyline in this consisted of Sadie s day to day activity during dance classes etc with Gossip Girl type online updates to the Hit List game I thought that Sadie took it quite well that her name was on the list really, and I did sort of see where she was coming from when she was bothered that her name was taken off the list While I personally wouldn t want people thinking that I had slept with someone when I hadn t, I also wouldn t have wanted to see my name put back on the list At least with your name crossed off you could be certain that potential suitors weren t just in it for the points The ending to this was okay, and there was a little bit of a surprise over who was running the hit list The romance was a little predictable though, and I didn t really enjoy it.Overall okay contemporary dance story, but didn t hold my attention well.6 out of 10

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    DNF 30%I was really excited about this one but I just cannot force myself to continue reading 1 Sadie is jaded and it s really annoying She constantly blames Patrick for her injury and while I haven t gotten far enough to find out what really happened, I m over her whining and constant blame game.2 The Hit List Blog I tried to suspend reality but there is no way a school would allow this to go on 3 The insta feelings between Sadie and Luke She talks to him for 5 seconds and yet acts all heartbroken when he acts like a jerk I m not sure if it s because I just read three 5star books this past week but I m just not feeling this one.

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    DNF at 5%Nope As far as I can see this is a book that romanticises rape.Did I even read this right This game states that all parties must give consent, but that if a girl is drunk then she s fair game Wow Charming Fair game.What the hell is it about the transition from YA to NA literature YA literature is all about consent during sex, but then as soon as the characters turn nineteen, it s like, Yeah, if a guy fancies you so much he literally can t stop himself from banging you it s really romantic WTF

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