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Hope Is On The Horizon txt Hope Is On The Horizon , text ebook Hope Is On The Horizon , adobe reader Hope Is On The Horizon , chapter 2 Hope Is On The Horizon , Hope Is On The Horizon 183492 Differently Would We Live If We Knew That Every Aspect Of Our Lives Was Part Of A Beautiful And Purposeful Design By Our Heavenly Father Our Lives Would Be Much Fulfilling If We Fully Understood That The Temptations And Hardships That Come Into Our Lives Are Permitted By God To Help Us Grow Closer To Him Author Jacob Kodesh Unveils The Biblical Reason Why God Permits Christians To Go Through Tough Situations In Their Lives Relationship Issues, Finding A Job, And Finances Are Areas That We All Have Struggles In From Time To Time Why Is That While We Are Going Through Those Tough And Uncomfortable Situations We Pray, But God Doesn T Seem To Be Listening We Trust Him, But It Appears He S Letting Us Down We Believe His Word, But His Promises Are Coming Up Seemingly Empty For Us All Our Lives We Ve Been Taught And Prepared For The Times When God Is Speaking To Us And Blessing Us, But We Aren T As Prepared For The Times God Seems Silent In The Midst Of Our Need It S In These Times Of Desperation And Temptation When Our Faith Is Tried Hope Is On The Horizon, God Has Not And Will Never Leave You Nor Forsake You Especially In Times Of Crisis In Your Life This Book Discusses In Depth God S Divine Purpose For Trials In The Life Of The Believer And What We Must Do In Order To Be Blessed Once We Come Out Of The Tough Situation

About the Author: Jacob Kodesh

Jacob Kodesh is an author, father, husband, and most of all a Christian Jacob has a calling upon his life to teach Believers about God in a way that unveils the mystery and revelation knowledge surrounding many popular topics Jacob began ministering at the age of 22 in college and led a nationwide campaign across several universities that encouraged many college students to rededicate their

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    Let me just say that I admire those who are brave enough to publish their religious beliefs, often shaped by personal experiences Kodesh s book has depth, maturity, and insightbut I have a few disagreements with its theology For starters, the book is predicated on the assumption that God does not give us than what we can handle I strongly disagree with this notion I think Scripture has plenty of examples of God s people facing than what they can handle, which often results in a series of catastrophic or otherwise poor decisions I think the point of being given than what we can handle is so we don t handle problems on our ownthis is the purpose of the church community, and ultimately, trusting God himself to see us through There were also some passages that seemed to suggest a works based reward system, which I also disagree with God choosing to bless us is not dependent on our behavior Again, there are several examples in Scripture of people who screwed up, but were blessed richly anyway King David, Sarah, and Jonah, just to name a fewStill, Kodesh is to be commended for his desire to strengthen other Christians with his writing, which is clear and easy to follow There is sure to be something that any Christian who has ever struggled read all Christians can gain from this book, without necessarily having to agree with all of Kodesh s convictions.

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