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Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus summary Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus , series Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus , book Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus , pdf Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus , Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus 5048c60f71 In This Ebook Download Of Walking In The Dust Of Rabbi Jesus, Lois Tverberg Challenges Readers To Follow Their Rabbi Closely By Re Examining His Words In The Light Of Their Jewish Context Doing So Will Provide A Richer, Deeper Understanding Of His Ministry, Compelling Us To Live Differently, To Become Christ Like We Ll Begin To Understand Why His First Jewish Disciples Abandoned Everything To Follow Him, To Live Out His Commands Our Modern Society, With Its Individualism And Materialism, Is Very Different Than The Tight Knit, Family Oriented Setting Jesus Lived And Taught In What Wisdom Can We Glean From His Eastern, Biblical Attitude Toward Life How Can Knowing Jesus Within This Context Shed Light On His Teachings For Us Today In Walking In The Dust Of Rabbi Jesus We Ll Journey Back In Time To Eavesdrop On The Conversations That Arose Among The Rabbis Of Jesus Day, And Consider How Hearing Rabbi Jesus With The Ears Of A First Century Disciple Can Bring New Meaning To Our Faith And We Ll Listen To Jewish Thinkers Through The Ages, Discovering How Ideas That Germinated In Jesus Time Have Borne Fruit Over Time Doing So Will Yield Fresh, Practical Insights For Following Our Rabbi S Teachings From A Jewish Point Of View

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    There is a lot of fascinating information in this book it made me want to learn about Jewish culture and the Old Testament It is too easy to put Jesus into a 21 Century context and lose out what is being said However, it is difficult to avoid this without a good understanding of the culture in which he lived This is a book with so much information that it could bear multiple readings Tverberg does a great job of emphasizing the richness of the Jewish religious texts and I feel guilty of my superficial attempts at learning from the Old Testament I previously have found it difficult to understand and often repellent but never took the time to look further It is a mix of laziness and arrogance that it should be so easy to glean the wealth of scriptures through such a casual reading, one that is probably a result of the culture in which I live Tverberg s book provides a valuable first step in correcting this.

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    This book is amazing It opened my eyes to a new understanding of so many passages in the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments It changed many of my perceptions I promptly purchased the book that came before it, Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus, as well as the book that was published after it, Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus Highly recommended, especially to serious students of the Bible.

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    Title Walking in the Dust or Rabbi Jesus How the Jewish Words of Jesus Can Change your LifeAuthor Lois TverbergPages 240Year 2012Publisher ZondervanMy rating 4 out of 5 starsLois s books, in case you have never read one, are funny, inspiring and educating Lois helps those who love Jesus understand Him in the land and time He came to earth From there, the chasm between Western thought and understanding to Jewish life and thought begins to close One thing I observed is Western thought is separated into different segments whereas Jewish thought life is so woven together that one cannot see where Jewish life, thought, etc begins or ends The other observation is that there is deeper truth to discover about God, the Word, Israel and her people, which gives me a thrill learning and spending time with God.There are times I would burst out laughing at the way Lois describes a goof she made, or word picture to describe a truth Another observation fact is the deeper truths go when reading the book with a friend and discussing the material For me, it tends to remain better in my heart and mind in the process While Lois s education is impressive to say the least, she writes humbly, inspirationally, and very down to earth Please understand this is not an academic endeavor for her, but really seeking to understand the Rabbi Jesus in all His Jewishness.For those who seek to grow closer to the Master, here is just one of the books Lois offers to help guide them on a path she remains on to this day In other words, walking in the dust of Rabbi Jesus Come and walk along with us You will never regret it Shalom Note The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.

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    Amazedthis book has transformed the way I read the Bible Tverberg skillfully weaves her understanding of Jewish culture and context in with illustrations that anyone who grew up in the western hemisphere will understand She teaches and stretches the reader in each page of this book but also allows the reader to draw their own conclusions This is a book that will challenge and inspire both a new and veteran reader of the scriptures Tverberg s Rabbi Jesus series is one to keep on your bookshelf and refer to often.

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    Examining the words of Rabbi Jesus in the light of their Jewish context will provide a richer, deeper understanding of Jesus ministry, compelling us to live differently, to become Christ like From the Zondervan Publishing Company Website.About the Author Lois Tverberg, PhD, has been writing and teaching about the Jewish background of Christianity for the past fifteen years With Ann Spangler she coauthored the bestseller, Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus She is also the author of Listening to the Language of the Bible Co founder of the En Gedi Resource Center, an educational ministry with a goal of deepening Christian understanding of the Bible in its cultural context, she now writes full time from her home in Holland, Michigan For , see her website Our Rabbi Jesus His Jewish Life and Teaching at ourrabbijesus.comMy Thoughts About the Book Reading the book Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus is like taking a literal journey back to the time of Christ and walking with him as he walked The esteemed scholar Lois Tverberg takes a close look at the Jewish context of some of the most significant words that Jesus spoke during his earthly ministry To fully understand the Words of Christ you must understand the time in which he entered the world, His Jewish World and what life was like back then Context is what is most important to properly understanding and then applying the words of Rabbi Jesus to our lives personally today.There are three sections to the book Hearing our Rabbi s Words with New Ears, Living out the Words of Rabbi Jesus, and Studying the Word of Rabbi Jesus And it is in the three sections of her book that author Tverberg reveals to us just who the real Jesus was and is and what His words really meant and still mean for us today.Our journey with the author and Jesus in his dust is no boring one to be sure, but rather, it is one that is highly informative, incredibly edifying and faith building, and fully impacting to our faith and life as the reader So, if you really want to understand some of the most significant words of our Lord and what they mean you will want to take a walk A walk in the dust of and with Rabbi Jesus And I can assure you it will be a walk you will truly find delight in as I did if you are a lover and disciple of Christ.Disclosure of Material Connection I received the book at no cost from the Zondervan Publishing Company for review purposes I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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    Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus by author Lois Tverberg is the sequel to Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus and it is a book that every serious student of the Bible needs to have on their shelf.There is so much valuable information in this book that opened my eyes to many strange things that Jesus talked about, that it is hard to pin point just one selection Tverberg, has done an incredible job of getting into the Jewish mind and interpreting Scripture as Jesus would Her knowledge of Jewish history, geography, language and their culture helps the reader to understand clearly many of the things Jesus said.The author has taken the time to give us the Hebrew meaning of many words from both the Old and New Testaments More importantly, she shows us the culture the mindset of the Jewish people Jesus was preaching to The author states As Christians, we long to think the thoughts of Christ But the stories he knew, the songs he sang, and the prophecies that shaped his earthly mission lie in the Old Testament, which we ve hardly cracked open Over the centuries, Jews have saturated their lives with these Scriptures In their minds, study is essential to loving God and living life as He intends It is so important for us not to disregard the Old Testament, for in it we will find the heart of God and His plan for us as it unfolded through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ If you buy a book this year for your collection, make it this one

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    This is the second book in the series that examines Jesus teachings within the Jewish context that he lived in It was fantastic There is so much to learn when you don t read the Bible as a 21st century American with no contextual background on what happened two millennia ago From examining the Shema to various parables, the author does a great job relating everything to the context it was taken from in the Tanakh I plan on getting the third book in the series as well.

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    I ate this up This is an excellent resource for any Christian that gives some invaluable glimmers of insight into the importance of the Jewish roots of the One who we put our faith in Tverberg inserted so many golden nuggets about the clarifying cultural and religious background of Jesus s words, all of which were immediately applicable She writes in a perfectly non judgmental, open hearted, and explaining with plain English way as it should be for people like me who did not grow up with a thorough knowledge of Jewish terminology, customs, etc., but value the truths and want to discover Tverberg laid some really fantastic foundations with what was shared here and also whet my appetite to learn I loved the clever, captivating quotes from rabbis and others throughout to supplement her thoughts, and found many gamechanger ideas in here that will continue to turn my thoughts for times to come Read this, friends

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    Excellent book Fascinating details to help one put the words of scripture into their original context It s amazing to see the difference this context has on the meaning of various scriptures

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    As in her previous book, Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus, author Lois Tverberg believes that understanding the culture of the ancient world is critical to interpreting and applying the Bible to our own lives For instance, while we may puzzle over phrases such as the kingdom of God has arrived, Jewish people would have understood that to proclaim the kingdom was in fact announcing the expected Messiah had arrived The title of the book refers to the fact that disciples of a rabbi were encouraged to walk so closely by him as they traveled the dusty roads of Israel that they literally walked in his dust And they not only walked with him, they lived with him as apprentices, observing and absorbing the fabric of his faith and life.Did you know that Jesus reply to the lawyer who inquired about the greatest commandment began with the first line of the Shema, passages of scripture that were repeated twice daily to remind the Jewish people of their commitment to God The entire Shema is included in the book s back matter And Jesus subsequent statement to love your neighbor comes straight from Leviticus.I found it fascinating to learn that Jews saw biblical commands as teaching rather than law, and were eager to study and learn Each chapter ends with questions to apply the teaching to your own life And the book concludes with extensive notes, a glossary, recommended resources, a scripture index and a general index.This book will be an important addition to your library because it equips you to read the Bible with fresh eyes, open to truths you previously overlooked Tverberg writes in an easy, understandable style She has been writing and teaching about the Jewish background of Christianity for 15 years and cofounded the En Gedi Resource Center, which seeks to deepen Christian understanding of the Bible in its cultural context Her website is ourrabbijesus.com.

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