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  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • The Jesus I Never Knew
  • Philip Yancey
  • English
  • 10 March 2019
  • 9780310204077

10 thoughts on “The Jesus I Never Knew

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    Every now and then, a book comes along that rightfully lays claim to the feat of changing your life And this one most certainly did More specifically, it changed my devotional life, such that my bible reading experience has been richer ever since.You see, I ve been reading the Bible since before I even learned to read properly So while I was very familiar with the facts of the gospel story by the time I d read this book in 1997, I d also grown into some very hardened preconceptions.An example when your first image of the Beatitudes the first part of Jesus Sermon on the Mount as recorded in Matthew 5 is through pop up book images and the narration of a primary school level Sunday School teacher, you tend not to have any sense of the provocative power behind Jesus words By painting the context of the listeners who first heard Jesus words, you begin to understand why Jesus was so dangerous the priests of his time felt he had to be killed.Yancey similarly re enlightens you in every chapter of this book, from his portrayal of Christmas as a daring invasion of enemy occupied territory Yancey quotes great Christian thinkers like Augustine, CS Lewis, and GK Chesterton a lot , to his portrayal of the second coming, to his chapter on the Church as the body of Christ, a reading of Yancey s book means picking up an idea of how action packed and full of resonance to modern life the Gospel books Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John really are.The benefits are greatest if you re already very familiar with the gospel story, though This is a good book for beginners, but nothing beats reading the original texts first so you can get your own first impressions If you haven t read the Gospel books through, do read through them before picking up this book In fact, read those books before, after and while going through your copy of The Jesus I Never Knew I started this review by saying this book changed my life That s true, but indirectly so It changed the way I see the story of the man they call Jesus, whom I acknowledge to be mankind s Messiah Yancey s work here is like the work of an art restoration artist, brilliantly scraping away the dust and grime of modern misconceptions to show the original masterpiece.I hope the result will make as big a difference in your life as it did mine RE de LeonAgoo, La Union5 50 PM January 2, 2011

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    It has taken me a long time to review this book because I had a hard time stomaching it I could only read so much before I had to put it down so I could calm down and because I wanted to let my thoughts and feelings settle a while, reconsider them, and be careful that what I am saying is truthful and not just an emotional reaction This review is rather long, but since it s serious and pointed, I thought it appropriate to give facts and not simply level accusations First I ll give some bullet points that highlight what I saw in the book, and then I ll summarize my thoughts.Highlights of the book Occasional tidbits of truth which makes it all the dangerous and difficult in trying to find the safe places to land while avoiding the hidden mines Confusing and discouraging for those seeking to know the real Jesus Celebrates doubt and questions as a virtue Rarely declares truth clearly Doesn t look to scripture for answers Degraded view of scripture Essentially making the Old Testament and the epistles of lower authority than the gospels Reliance on secular, even non believing sources for interpretation of the Bible rather than the Bible itself Significant amount of unsupported speculation, many times contradictory to scripture Extremely critical of other Christians Essentially a liberal form of legalism the rules are different, but there are still rules Criticizes moral standards of holiness Makes social activism and charity the required must dos of faith While claiming to look at Jesus as if in the first century, actually significantly interprets him by 20th century liberal theology Profoundly selfish even the title is based on how he knows Jesus What HE thinks God should be What HIS doubts and questions are Over emphasis on supposed free will, even higher than God s sovereignty Over reaction to his upbringing in a legalistic, fundamentalist background, which he admits Sets the groundwork for false belief Universalism Social gospel Equating love solely with charity Substandard view of scripture Misquoting and misinterpretation of scripture Summary Just to get to the point, I believe Yancey is a prime example of the false teachers that Peter and John warned the church about in their letters, and I would caution against consuming anything he writes Scripture indicates that false teachers are dangerous because they either ignorantly or knowingly pervert the gospel and grace in the guise of teaching it I realize that s direct, but that s my observation by evaluating his message based on scripture Related to this point is the church bashing that is increasingly popular among him and other progressive, so called evangelical authors the approach is something like, the way traditional churches have done X is all wrong, but now I ve found the key or the new revelation This approach turns the Bible into a Rubik s Cube to be solved rather than the complete, written, inerrant word of God that is interpreted to all believers through the Holy Spirit And it obfuscates and discourages us from knowing God better by knowing His word, which is knowable and understandable and truthful.I ve found this method is really just cover to justify rejecting unpopular Biblical truth Specific to this approach is an agenda against a subset of the church simply because it teaches holy living and is audacious enough to call sin what it is he expresses this philosophy implicitly and explicitly in his writings In this regard, his misuse of scripture is egregious he either selectively quotes out of context or completely ignores scripture that contradicts his points And using secular films as the basis for teaching the sermon on the mount in a college course Based on his popular book about grace, how he handles scripture in this book, and his overall spiritual philosophy, I don t believe Yancey has anything biblically sound to communicate I have read enough of his writing so that it s pretty clear to me that what he means by grace is not the Bible s definition, but being nice, tolerating anything except intolerance, denying the exclusivity of the gospel of Christ, failing to call people to repent of sin and believers to live holy lives, and bashing the evangelical church that sticks to the Bible I imagine, by his definition of grace, that I am not being gracious, but I d rather be true to God s word than a 20th 21st century reinterpretation of what the Bible says grace really is After reading this book, perhaps the title should be The Jesus I Still Don t Know, because what he presents is not the Son of God revealed in scripture, but rather a 20th century distortion His apparent God is not the God of the Bible, but a combination of fallen human reason, approval of others, intellectual questioning, and license rather than holiness That s a false gospel, one that makes people comfortable in their sin, promotes doubt about God s word, and ultimately leads to destruction Therefore, he s off my reading list, and I strongly caution my friends against his writings.

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    A very fresh look at Jesus that is, no sign of all the preconceptions we usually have Informative historical context, insightful commentary on our culture s interaction with the Jesus of the gospels and quite a humble writing style Yancey seems willing to let Jesus speak to himself, and thus to his readers So many efforts are made to reinvent Jesus, but Jesus cannot need not be reinvented we just need to make the effort to come to grips with him.

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    Once again I enjoyed Yancey s thorough journalistic style combined with his ability to clearly communicate his opinion However, I felt Yancey was talking above my knowledge on this one My understanding and awareness of Jesus including familiarity with Biblical history remains at an elementary level, so many of the events and passages Yancey refers to are not crystal clear to me In response to this I know that I need to read and study the Gospels soon Even though I found myself tripping over many of the events, the book did give me a thorough re introduction to Jesus and like the title indicates, I felt I was reading about the Jesus I Never Knew The best thing this book did for me I found in the last chapter in which Yancey breaks down what he has learned about Jesus in several categories or impressions Yancey points out that Jesus is a portrait of God, and that is what ultimately intellectually turns him on to Christianity Books of theology tend to define God by what he is not God is immortal, invisibile, infinite But what is God like, positively For the Christian, Jesus answers such all important questions Jesus was God s exact replica Also, Yancey asks himself a bold question and answers boldly, Why am I a Christian I sometimes ask myself, and to be perfectly honest the reasons reduce to two 1 the lack of good alternatives and 2 Jesus Brilliant, untamed, tender, creative, slippery, irreducible, paradoxically humble Jesus stands up to scrutiny He is who I want my God to be After reading this book I have a clearer idea about who I want my God to be.

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    I ve been reading Philip Yancey since I thought of him and Stephen Lawhead as my wise older brothers or youth leaders when they wrote for Campus Life magazine in the 1970s Yancey s work on prayer has been an occasional dip in and contemplate book in my nightstand, and I love his friendly style and devotional approach to the things he writes about He s solid on the fundamentals of the faith but openly curious beyond that.This title fulfilled all my hopes and I enjoyed a couple of months of bedtime reading exploring his thoughts and mine about Jesus Enjoy the extracts I ve highlighted below this review on Goodreads.

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    I ve just finished THE JESUS I NEVER KNEW by Philip Yancey I do not read many religious books I cannot really answer why that is I did read SEEKING ALLAH, FINDING JESUS recently, and I enjoyed that In that book I read that the author after extensive research and receiving visions, became a Christian I found it interesting that he told of how Muslims around the world are receiving visions of Jesus.THE JESUS I NEVER KNEW educated me about a lot that is in the New Testament But of course, I am left with questions than answers Jesus appearance is discussed and I found it is absolutely frustrating that He is not described at all in the Gospels Perhaps there is a reason for that a Divine reason perhaps I found it interesting how Yancey shows how Jesus was not really forceful, not on the surface at least His power lay in His quiet confidence He tells how the Sermon on the Mount and the words spoken by Jesus are impossible to live by He set the bar very high From it, I found that Jesus was perhaps setting us goals to live by, proving He was the Greatest Negotiator of all These goals are out of our reach They were targets to aim for and we shouldn t feel bad when we fail, Yancey says I learned from THE JESUS I NEVER KNEW that Russian writers Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy, were both devout Christians They were credited apparently with keeping Christianity alive throughout Communist rule in the Soviet Bloc, though it was underground Probably the government never read such books.Yancey shows a new way of looking at Jesus and understanding Him It made me want to carefully go through the Gospels and read them thoroughly There are disbelievers, naturally I look at things like this The story of Jesus life is a magnificent one Even if you don t believe it happened But then, who would have allowed himself to be flayed raw, then nailed to a cross just to make an impression that wasn t true And would his disciples, knowing he was a fraud and or a madman also allow themselves to be tortured and killed in gruesome ways when all they had to do was to deny him yet again It s a worthwhile read, and yes, it makes you think.

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    Throughout my time reading this book, I was overjoyed to finally see a Christian author talk about Christ For too often I found Christian authors talk about God, but make him whatever they want him to be The Jesus of the Gospels, however, proves very hard to limit or fit into our agendas And he s very different from the Jesus people see from hypocritical Christians.Jesus is amazing.However, as much as I enjoyed this book and was about to give it 5 stars, one chapter startled me and left me very disappointed The chapter was on the Ascension and what Jesus left behind Instead of following the Gospel narrative as the author had done so throughout the book, he instead opted to leave out a vital part of the Christian Faith, and frankly, a part of God the Holy Spirit.You see, Jesus reveals the trinity, so if one focuses on Jesus, he cannot neglect the Father nor the Holy Spirit But Yancey does just that, and partially quotes Jesus as saying, it will be better when I leave, without then revealing the coming of the Advocate and Comforter.This failure to mention the Holy Spirit then leads Yancey into a speculative mess about the church s dualistic history being both great and bad and the individual Christian s often sinful life Yancey blissfully concludes that only God knows what pleases God, when clearly Jesus teaches us what is right and wrong and says a good tree can t bear bad fruit This is not to say that Christians must be utterly perfect right away, but it is to say that we should strive to be like Christ every day And, coming full circle, we can only become like Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit, which I think would help Yancey s approach to life after the Ascension.He used Peter and his denial of knowing Jesus as an example to build his case about God using messed up people for his church and kingdom, but once , one must look at the difference the Holy Spirit made once it descended and entered into Peter Was he perfect afterward No, but he was definitely far better than he used to be Likewise as Christians, we are not sinners saved by grace who still live in sin Jesus didn t save us from death he saved us from sin which leads to death So therefore, once we are saved, we are sinners no , but saints who embody God himself and as we love him and obey his commands This is the Gospel brought to life by Jesus himself, and for the most part, I highly enjoyed this book If anything, I hope the book stirs people to discover who Jesus really is through the Gospels and encounter a love so great they drop everything to pursue him.

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    This book is a must read I have attended church my entire life and this book completely changed the way I view Jesus, in a good way It made me realize how much amazing Jesus is It took me a long time to finish the book because I kept going back and re reading the chapters because it was just that good I highly recommend this book.

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    a few weeks ago, i had a dream that profoundly impacted my book reading without going into details, i was left with a desire to read about Jesus, a desire to know Jesus better i had this book on my bookshelf already i picked it up at a thrift store for a dollar, since i ll buy pretty much any book that looks half decent at a thrift store i hadnt read anything about Phillip Yancey i knew very little about him, other than his name is huge in the Christian book market so i picked up the book at first, i wasnt impressed for the first chapter or two, i thought it was a decent book he has an obvious journalism background, and that really shapes his writing style he interjects various quotes withing his chapters to broaden his points he talked about the history behind Jesus really, at first, i thought he needed to change this title to The Jesus I Kinda Already Knew Pretty Much but then everything started changing gears i thought this book was going to be of a biographical story of how one man is changed by an encounter with Christ as opposed to his idea of who Jesus was and is and, at first, i was disappointed to find that he s just reporting his research of who Jesus is from an objective point of view if there is one but, i dont know when or where it happened in the book, precisely, but it morphed into what i first expected, while still retaining his objective reporting as he started to research this Jesus, his life changed and as i read his book on his findings, so did mine Yancey does a great job at going through Jesus life chronologically, his message, grace, the crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, the kingdom of God, and the difference Jesus makes the book really sucked me in, as his chapters take on a different life than i thought they would, given the titles and sections of time in the chapters this is a fantastic book there really is a certain anointing so to speak that leaps from the pages of his writing maybe it has nothing to do with the author, but the subject matter when i read about Jesus, it is hard to not be changed reading this book, certain things about Jesus that we highlight almost apart from the person of Jesus jumped out in their clarity things like grace and faith these are things we teach about as ideas and not something in connection to Jesus but when i read this book, i saw these things flowing out of the person of Jesus nature i could probably go on and on, but in summary, this book is amazing.

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    I really enjoy Philip Yancey s writing There was nothing here that was particularly revealing or new information about Jesus, but the author seems to have a way of writing that gets your mind engaged and thinking about the topic in different ways I d definitely recommend this one.

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The Jesus I Never Knewcharacters The Jesus I Never Knew, audiobook The Jesus I Never Knew, files book The Jesus I Never Knew, today The Jesus I Never Knew, The Jesus I Never Knew ebef0 What Happens When A Respected Christian Journalist Decides To Put His Preconceptions Aside And Take A Long Look At The Jesus Described In The Gospels How Does The Jesus Of The New Testament Compare To The New, Rediscovered Jesus Or Even The Jesus We Think We Know So Well Best Selling Author Phillip Yancey Says, The Jesus I Got To Know In Writing This Book Is Very Different From The Jesus I Learned About In Sunday School In Some Ways He Is Comforting In Some Ways Terrifying Yancey Offers A New And Different Perspective On The Life Of Christ And His Work His Teaching, His Miracles, His Death And Resurrection And Ultimately, Who He Was And Why He Came Relating The Gospel Events To The World We Live In Today, The Jesus I Never Knew Gives A Moving And Refreshing Portrait Of The Central Figure Of History With A Willingness To Tackle Difficult Questions, Yancey Looks At The Radical Words Of This Itinerant Jewish Carpenter And Asks Whether We Are Taking Him Seriously Enough In Our Own Day And Age The Jesus I Never Knew Uncovers A Jesus Who Is Brilliant, Creative, Challenging, Fearless, Compassionate, Unpredictable, And Ultimately Satisfying According To Yancey, No One Who Meets Jesus Ever Stays The Same In The End I Found The Process Of Writing This Book To Be A Great Act Of Faith Strengthening Jesus Has Rocked My Own Preconceptions And Has Made Me Ask Hard Questions About Why Those Of Us Who Bear His Name Don T Do A Better Job Of Following Him