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The Man I Love files The Man I Love, read online The Man I Love, free The Man I Love, free The Man I Love, The Man I Love e513a56fd A Watershed Moment Exists In Every Man S Life, Fish The Moment He Stops Being His Mother S Son And Starts Being His Lover S Man When He Transitions From Protected To Protector Erik Fish Fiskare Is Only A College Junior When A Gunman Walks Into The Campus Theater, Intent On Stopping The Show From The Lighting Booth, Fish Sees His Girlfriend, Marguerite Daisy Bianco, Get Caught In The Line Of Fire Everyone Runs Away From The Stage But Fish, In A Watershed Moment, Runs Toward ItSpanning Fifteen Years, The Man I Love Explores How A Single Act Of Violence Reverberates Through A Circle Of Friends At The Center Are Fish And Daisy, Two Soul Mates Who Always Brought Out The Best In Each Other Both Are Hailed As Heroes After The Shooting, Yet The Tragedy Starts To Bring Out The Worst In Them, Tearing The Circle ApartSoon, Fish Is Running Again Not Toward Daisy This Time, But As Far Away As Possible But Can You Really Leave The One You Were Born To Love And Is Leaving Always The End Of LovingYou Never Got Over Her, Fish You Just Left You May Think That S Closure, But It Isn T You May Think A Woman Like Daisy Comes Along Twice In A Lifetime, But She Doesn T Fearlessly Touching On Today S Social And Mental Health Issues, The Man I Love Follows Erik Fiskare S Journey Back To The Truth Of Himself And A Woman He Can T Forget With Its Gripping Story And An Unforgettable Cast Of Characters, This Epic Novel Of Love And Forgiveness Lingers Long After The Last Page Is Turned A New Kind Of Romance, Well Crafted And Intelligently Written Suanne Laqueur Deftly Explores What It Means To Be Vulnerable, Resilient And Human A Compelling, Heartfelt, Intense Read The Man I Love Raises Important And Tough Social Topics That Are Relevant And Timely An Intelligent, Perfectly Pitched Modern Romance NOT Your Typical Boy Meets Girl, But A Story Of First Love And How People Handle Extreme Situations The Man I Love Looks Love, Sex, Depression And PTSD In The Face And Calls Them By Name An Astounding Journey Of Forgiveness And Recovery Laqueur Combines The Dynamics Of A Circle Of Friends With A School Shooting The Result Is The Man I Love, A Gripping, Angsty Psychological Romance That Explores Second Chances At First Love Book Clubs Will Find Plenty To Discuss In This Coming Of Age Emotional Journey Of Forgiveness And Recovery The Characters Are Flawlessly Crafted And Deserving Of Love After Tragedy You Ll Be Thinking About Them Long After You Ve Finished From University To Adulthood, Through Love And Loss, Devotion And Betrayal, Estrangement And Forgiveness, The Fish Tales Series Will Bring You On An Emotional Journey Of Love And Truth

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    After reading An Exhaltation of Larks , I knew that I wanted to read every book written by Ms Suanne Laqueur Her writing is exquisite The stories and characters that she brings to life are raw and emotional, heartbreaking and inspiring I ve definitely gone a little fangirl where she is concerned The Man I Love tells the story of a close knit group of friends at Lancaster University In many ways it is a coming of age story, set against the backdrop of a terrible tragedy They were young and carefree until the unthinkable happens Then, this group of friends struggles to survive in the aftermath of a terrible attack.Each of them copes with the trauma in a different way As young, college students, they don t appreciate the need to seek out professional help All of them develop some destructive behaviors In the months and years that follow they fall into a downward spiral, nearly destroying themselves and their relationships with those that they love.No relationship undergoes strain that that of Erik Fish Fiskare and Daisy Bianco Erik was a theatre tech when he met Daisy, a lead ballerina at the school The two were head over heels in love They had the kind of relationship that others envieduntil that day Nothing was the same after that day.Aside from Erik and Daisy, there is a robust cast of characters that make this story memorable Will Kaeger, Erik s best friend roommate and Daisy s dance partner, also plays a pivotal role He is left to live with guilt and questions whether or not his actions were to blame for the events of that tragic day It was his brief love affair with another student, James, that seems to have been the motivator for James horrific actions on that day.Spanning over a decade, the long term effects of a single traumatic event are played out through these character for readers This story was absolutely beautiful, but also tragic and highly emotional These characters both broke my heart and inspired me The first book in a series, The Man I Love proves to be an addicting read I will definitely be reading the other books in this series immediately I highly recommend this book I am utterly captivated by this story and these flawed, very human characters.Check out of my reviews at www.bookaddicthaven.com

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    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 4.5 stars She had my heart I gave her my soul WOW WOW WOW I was blown away by this book It was a refreshingly unique story and the writing was exquisite Vivid, powerful, and enthralling The story was very slow building, and meticulously detailed, but every single detail mattered Everything was connected and had depth, but it didn t follow any rules Normally that would honestly be scary for me, but with the way that everything was portrayed, I felt like I understood where the characters were coming from Their highs and lows, flaws and strengths, mistakes and triumphs all felt believable The story felt real. It felt like I was living the story with them I loved it Ever come across a book that you feel you just have to read Where, from the moment you hear about it, it just calls to you Well, that s how I felt about this one I had other reading plans in place and three books lined up to try next, but then I stumbled across this one and it just completely took over my mind I couldn t stop thinking about it, wondering about it I had to read it And I m so incredibly glad I did.The story is about a Erik, a college freshman, who falls in love with a beautiful dancer named Daisy But when a disturbed friend brings a gun into the theater, six lives are lost and she is left seriously injured, her professional dreams shattered Traumatized by the experience, the lovers spiral into depression and drug use until a shocking act of betrayal destroys their relationship To survive, he must leave school and disconnect from all he loves He buries his heartbreak and puts the past behind Or so he believes As he moves into adulthood, he comes to grips with his role in the shooting, and slowly heals the most wounded parts of his soul But the unresolved grief for her continues to shape his dreams at night Once those dreams were haunted by blood and gunfire Now they are haunted by the refrain of a song and a single question is leaving always the end of loving Spanning fifteen years, The Man I Love explores themes of love and sexuality, trauma and its long lasting effects, the burden of unfinished business and the power of reconciliation Through his experience we reflect on what it means to be a man, a son and a leader A soul mate, a partner and a lover What it means to live the truth of who you are and what you feel What it means to fight for what you love That blurb just grabbed my attention I love stories that span several years especially ones that are over the space of than a decade and in this story, we follow the characters from about 18 19 years old up until their 30 s It s quite an incredible journey.But now THE WRITING Holy shit, guys THE WRITING The writing was absolutely breathtaking Elegant in it s simplicity Flawless Entrancing I m really serious here Every Single Sentence Was Beautiful It had this smooth flowing, addictive quality that drew me right into the story and begged me to turn the page But at the same time, it was the kind of book I wanted to take my time with This wasn t a book you could rush The story was very slow building but the writing itself almost begged you to slow down and just absorb it word by word And not only was it beautifully written, but it was clearly very well thought out with a lot of foreshadowing Words and phrasing from the beginning would be echoed back later in the story in ways that would make my heart skip a beat.While I do think it s possible that some readers will find it too slow building, I personally think it was perfect for this story In order to full deliver the emotional punch that I promise you comes later, it needed to build that connection from the ground up This story wasn t just about Erik and Daisy, it was about this incredible core group of friends the dynamics of which would forever be changed on the day of the fateful shooting But that love and that comraderie needed to be built it a way where you, as the reader, didn t only know about it, but also felt it It needed to be powerful And my God, was it ever.There are so many moments in this story that had a such deep and profound impact on my heart The dancing Them falling in love Re reading the quote in the hotel The tattoos We fucking own this I love us Human valium The Purple Heart The shaved head The alpha male The standing ovation The thousand yard stare The lint Gah I have this whole long list in my notes of these powerful moments I laughed, I cried, I was overjoyed, and devastated I felt the tragedy and I felt the triumph I felt everything The man I love all right, Daisy said I love you, Erik said, laughing He caught her hand, holding onto the connection a few precious seconds I love us, she said, and kissed him Us This really isn t a fairytale It s quite a realistic story with very flawed characters The author isn t afraid to tackle extremely difficult subjects But I really was impressed with the way everything was portrayed This is a book that ignores all the rules and makes it s own It s absolutely not a normal contemporary romance But for me, it delivered exactly what I craved a unique story with beautiful writing and a strong portrayal of the kind of love that doesn t let go even after the worst violence, the deepest betrayal, and the longest separation It s soul mate love The kind that never ends.There s actually a sentence in the story that, for me, resonated so deeply It s just a simple one, but it hit home so hard She says, I hated not knowing where you were When you re someone s soul mate, the hurt matters, but at the end of the day, you need that person in your life And if you don t have them, they never leave your heart, and that sentence says it all I hated not knowing where you were God sobs Do you miss her Yes What do you miss I cannot find the peace I had when I was with her When I was with her, my cells were happy I miss looking in her eyes and everything else just disappearing She was my soul mate and I miss her Now, I want to address the cheating that takes place in this story and why I was ok with it As many of you know, it s very rare for me to even consider reading anything with any kind of cheating It s a hard limit for me and it s rare for me to either forgive the characters for it, or even want to read about it When I read the line in the blurb saying until a shocking act of betrayal destroys their relationship , I immediately guessed cheating and became wary On one hand, I was incredibly drawn to the story On the other hand, that put me right off So I went straight to the source and messaged the author privately about it At the end of the day, no one wants someone who might hate their story to read it, so I trusted that she d give me the most honest answer she could And it was her answer that convinced me to give the book a shot.Aestas Ok brutally honest question for you cheating is usually a hard limit for me But there have occasionally been very rare exceptions to my rules Do you think honestly that there s a chance this could still be something I d like even taking the way I feel about cheating into consideration She took 4 minutes before answering, clearly thinking about it And then said this Suanne author I think it could, yes Because the tragedy of the storyline lies not only in Daisy s decision however impaired but also Erik s choice in how to deal with it And it s his evolution to turn around and face the issue which drives the story It s not formulaic or clich d.It was an honest answer and in the end she was right My issue with cheating lies in the fact that I feel it completely undermines the characters love for each other The thing that made me open to the idea of being understanding in this case was the severe trauma they had gone through with the school shooting I understand that PTSD changes people, and I understand that being young and trying to deal with it without professional help can lead a person down destructive paths For me, it was a question of trusting that in the book the author would not only explain the situation in a way that made me understand the characters, but also that she would handle the consequent healing however long that process took in a realistic manner And I have to say that she was absolutely right It wasn t formulaic or clich d It felt very real And as such, it allowed me to love this story even the most painful parts.For those of you who want details view spoiler Just because I know some of you will want to know exactly what kind of cheating it is Basically, after the shooting, they all really spiral downward They re all scarred, but Daisy s scars are not only physical and emotional, but they ve also shattered her life dreams Without any councelling or help to deal with the aftermaths and the PTSD, they all begin dabbling in drugs Daisy was high when she slept with another guy Erik walked in on them After everything they d shared and the depth of their connection, it was a betrayal he couldn t handle And he left For years It s explained in great detail why did that and you see his journey through denial, healing, therapy, etc and he works through this And in the end, you see Daisy s side of the story too I actually highlighted the whole page in that scene though because it was SO WELL WRITTEN It s a difficult topic and one that I know many of you like me don t usually want to read about but honestly, I feel like I loved this book even with his part of it, not in spite of it hide spoiler

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    4.75 STARS My poor soulWow Just Wow I need to find my words I ve officially lost my words.This book is told from the 3rd person but it is all from Erik, our hero.Erik is a guarded person who just like everyone else wants to be loved and adored although it was never too show how to accomplish that After his father leaving without a word when he was 8 years old, Erik built an invisible wall around his heart He was open to letting those walls down one day when he came across the right person He believed that when the right girl came along he would know.Luckily for him, he would met this girl as a freshman in college.Along came Daisy.Erik met Daisy at his university theater where his worked on the production crew Daisy is a very talented and beautiful ballerina Erik is immediately drawn to her and her to him It was truly love at first sight, if believe in that sort of thing I don t normally believe but Daisy and Erik changed my mind.Daisy was Erik s safe place, a place where there was no judgement, only understanding She was his shoulder to lean on and someone to share his pain with.He was able to open up and talk about his dad leaving That is, she said slowly, such a violent thing For a parent to disappear Emotionally violent It just stops a story dead in the middle Like you turn the page and there are no pages What do you do with the story He shrugged one shoulder It becomes a different story She nodded Your story They were perfect for each other, maybe even made for one another.And along came James, a new guy who transferred from another school who entered the ballet program James never seemed quite right you know Something was just off with him Not to mention he was in love with Erik s best friend and roommate, Will Overtime it became apparent to James that Will could not love him in return and things started falling apart.And then shit hit the fan It s crazy how one day everything in fine, life is beautiful and the next day your entire wold changes view spoiler Daisy and Eric experienced this all to well when James, who they were once friends with shoots up their university theater during a dress rehearsal for an upcoming concert .She could be dead And that pulled Erik out from under the console because if Daisy were dead, his life was over as well He didn t go out of the booth to stop James He went out to see if he was going to die today. OMG, this just wrecked me I mean completely wrecked me My feelings To Erik his life meant nothing without Daisy and the thought of facing the world without her was impossible Luckily, Erik had a coin that James gave to him one day stating it was the best of him This is yours, Erik said This is the best of you and you gave it to me I had it in my pocket I didn t forget James licked his lips, staring down into Erik s hand The best of me is on the stage, Erik said, tilting his head And I m going there She needs my best and I need to be in her pocket Do you understand hide spoiler

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    5 Flawless Stars Dancers live in light as fish live in water Jean RosenthalEvery once in a while you come across a book that speaks to your soul and it irrevocably changes you The Man I Love is one of those reads From the first word on the first page, I was swept into another world A world not much different from our own A world where a boy and girl fall in love A world where violence sweeps in and infects all of the goodness that exists between two souls A world where they have to fight like hell to find themselves again and hopefully make their way back to each other.Erik is a Theatre Tech minor at Lancaster University The show was on the stage, true, but a second show was going on backstage, in front of the stage, even over the stage And without those shows, there was no show He is learning how to hang lights, set up cue sheets, design and build sets, and just figuring out who he is When the dance department sets up camp in the theatre to rehearse their annual showcase performance, Erik meets a very special dancer that will become his entire world And though it wasn t anything close to true love, or even false love, the encounter seemed to fix the coordinates for Erik s place in the universe Daisy is a young Dance major She is beautiful and kind and exudes joy with every breath that she takes Erik and Daisy meet and become fast friends The dancers and theatre majors mingle and a close knit group is formed Daisy and Erik begin to experience young love that in turn develops into an intense romance We all know what can happen when two artists come together It is passionate, romantic, endearing, sweet, loving, and a little painful at times I was born to be near you I want to know you in the dark I want you to look at me with your hands I want to kiss you until I die As the young students grow and develop their craft together, things seem to be perfect They are young and experiencing everything new But when tragedy strikes the campus, everything is torn apart However hard Daisy and Erik work to fight through the pain, eventually things fall apart The friends that had once spent their hours studying, rehearsing, building, laughing, and partying are now living shattered lives All of a sudden things cannot be made right At least, not at that moment in time When Daisy makes a mistake, Erik leaves her in order to escape the pain I can t hate you I could never hate you But now I can never love you Erik I can never love her And I can never love anyone else This is my life now Everything is ruined ErikThe next ten years of his life are spent with hurting, healing, loving, and just dealing with the trauma he experienced the best way that he can It was a difficult journey to behold There were times that I wanted to climb through my kindle and give Erik a good shake or hug or both However painful his journey was, it was meant to be in order for him to find peace At some point, you just gotta start living the truth of who you are and what you feel The Man I Love is not your typical romance read Although the love affair between Daisy and Erik is tender and very sexy, the book focuses on the repercussions and aftermath of a violent act To put it frankly, this book is not for the faint of heart I cried I cried the big bad ugly cry However devastated I felt for the characters, I was also present to experience their joy I smiled with them in the tender moments and cried with them through the pain Every single character in this book experiences a transformation Ms Laquer s writing is rich with detail Every moment is described thoroughly The color of the text, the depth of the emotions, the physical pain that is felt in your gut, are all elements that remain present throughout the read The book is written in Erik s POV as the story focuses on his journey My heart hurt for him and yet my mind was constantly wondering, what is happening with Daisy Luckily, the author has already released Give Me Your Answer True which is Daisy s story Leaving isn t always the end of loving Love doesn t give a shit about geography It s not a thing you can abandon at will As an artist, I want to applaud the author for thoroughly and completely immersing me back in time to the life of a studying artist Every single description from hanging stage lights, experiencing a production from rehearsal to technical rehearsal to performance, and the easy comradire that is felt within a young artist institution was explored and felt to my core Ms Laqueur is an exquisite storyteller You can bury your pain or avoid it You can tattoo over it But you won t be free of it until you feel it Overall, The Man I Love is by far the most intense book that I have ever read The emotions that it evoked were raw, real, violent, heartbreaking, and beautiful Erik and Daisy share a unique story combined with intense joy and intense pain What makes this story especially precious is that it is real Violence of this nature can happen, it has happened, and it will happen again The question we all beg to know is can love be enough to heal us and carry us through the most unthinkable atrocities After the terror strikes, can we truly move forward I simply cannot express my gratitude to this author for addressing such serious and relevant issues and presenting them through the love story of these beautiful characters Daisy and Erik are two characters that I will never forget If you are looking for a deep read with a lot of heart, look no further The Man I Love is the book for you I don t know where I stop and you begin ARC generously offered by the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you Ms Laqueur for sharing your work with me.

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    I was warned, dammit.I was so not ready for this journey that took me up, brought me down, then crushed my feeble heart only to glue it back inside out Erik Fish, I love you Will, I love you Daisy, I love you I love you all So, damn much You have a special place in my heart, you you loveable trio you Erik, I forgive you for being so damn obtuse Daisy, I forgive you, for breaking my and Fish s heart Will, well Will, I was so hopeful that you would kiss my boy Fish and I forgive you for not attempting to even go there Suanne Lacqueur, But, I forgive you Gaaahhhhh Give me a minute, I ll be back with a full review.

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    Title The Man I LoveSeries The Fish Tales 1Author Suanne LaqueurRelease date June 16, 2014Cliffhanger YesHEA view spoiler HFN hide spoiler

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    Wow I am a little speechless after experiencing this story And I say experience instead of read purposely Because this isn t a story you sit down and just read No, no This is a book that consumes you, that works its way into your mind and makes you feel every single thing the characters feel This is not just a story This is a tale A saga A lifelong journey This is fucking incredible This is not fiction It can t be The story and characters felt SO damn real, so complex, that I felt like I was living everything right alongside them Never have I read something that I enjoyed so much, but at the same time didn t want to read I know that may not make much sense But this story hit me so hard that at times I was too emotional and quite honestly scared to pick it back up and see what would happen next I was born to be near you I want to know you in the dark I want you to look at me with your hands I want to kiss you until I die Is it long Yes But it spans 15 years.Is it slow No To me it was not Everything the author wrote served a purpose and her writing is incredibly smart, poetic, and multilayered It may seem slow at first, but once that bomb drops brace yourselves.Is it heartbreaking Yes YES YES YES I am stressing this now This is not your average, mushy, lovey dovey romance This is REAL This is about the sometimes romantic, sometimes gritty and devastating journey of two people who meet, fall in love, and after tragedy strikes fuck up, and all the moments in between.Do I recommend it YES YES YES Leaving isn t always the end of loving Love doesn t give a shit about geography It s not a thing you can abandon at will I sat on writing this review for a little bit because really I didn t know what to say And in that time I think I came to appreciate the author and her writing even As an avid reader, I can t tell you how much I appreciate and LOVE stories like this Stories that are outside of the box Stories that aren t afraid to break the rules and rip your freaking heart out.Suanne if you are reading this BRAVO Your storytelling ability is incredible Your unique writing is addictive And this book needs to be experienced by EVERYONE.READ The Man I Love now Find Me On Instagram FB Page FB Blog Blog

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    Some seek the limelight, and some hold the light in place Well My Gracious Sakes This is just the first sentence of the first chapter, and from word one I was fishy, fishy hooked and completely wrapped up in this captivating, gorgeously written masterpiece Desiring to be totally engaged and immersed in every conversation, every raw emotion, and in every scene these hauntingly esquisite characters were involved, I found myself morphing into the proverbial fly on the wall So, please indulge me as I try to convey what is was like to be on this incredible journey as the said fly IF a fly could cry, I shed a puddle of tears IF a fly could laugh, heads turned to see it was me giggling IF a fly could breathe, I gasped for air IF a fly had a heart, mine beat erratically IF a fly could scream, I rendered those nearby temporarily deaf IF a fly could feel, my wings were wrapped tightly around my body wracked in pain IF a fly could smile, I looked like the Chesire Cat BUT hallelujah, a fly CAN fly, and I am flapping my wings so vigorously, zipping round and round in complete joy for having had the opportunity to experience the beauty of this absolute work of art I am about ready to pass out from dizziness The storyline focuses on two main characters, Daisy Bianco, a ballet dancer, and Erik Fiskare, a behind the scenes stagehand Both are freshmen enrolled in the same college Erik, dealing with abandonment issues since his father walked out of his life at age eight, always guarded his heart with the girls he dated throughout high school, figuring he will just get hurt in the end But, he also deeply feels somewhere out there is a girl who will never leave him, always love him, and when she comes along he will simply know Busily working on the stage set for an upcoming college fall dance concert, Erik stops to watch as the dancers arrive inside the theater and then spots Daisy walking down the aisle He is unable to move, finds his mouth watering and his body is heating with pulsating blood When Daisy smiles at him, he simply knows and his heart says well, here she is And this beautiful, yet devastating, love story begins with the most amazing and tragically flawed cast of supporting characters Part way through reading, I took a few minutes to listen to Ella Fitzgerald s rendition of The Man I Love, wrecking me even further, but it brought everything together to make perfect fishy, fishy sense This one will remain with me forever.A friend thank you, Robin recommended this author and book to me, and so I am paying it forward and recommending it to everyone I possibly can You totally rock, Ms Laqueur, and I cannot wait to devour your other novels I received a copy of this book, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review

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    Erik went back to his work, and a pleasant interlude passed where he was busy and Daisy was reading, yet the space they shared was companionable The silence between them shimmered warm and inviting, like a campfire He settled into it contentedly A cat on the hearth I like your necklace, she said This Can I see He put his pencil down, reached behind his neck and unclasped it He put it in a coiled heap in her waiting palm She stretched it carefully across her long fingers It was a gold chain with squared, faceted links The squares gave it a unique, masculine silhouette, heavy but streamlined Off the chain hung three small charms Erik watched as Daisy examined each one a boat, a fish and a saint s medal, which was also square Who is this Birgitta She s the patron saint of Sweden Her fingers, with their unpolished oval nails, played with the charms which, like the chain, were old gold, weathered They had a dull, wise brightness Many fingers had rubbed, contem plated and worried over them This is beautiful, Daisy said Actually it s handsome I don t want to say macho, but it s strong looking I like the weight of it, he said It s solid Is it old He reached and turned the medal over, to show her the engraving on the back B.K.E.F 1865 Bjorn Kennet Erik Fiskare My great great grandfather Wow This is like your history right here I m told the boat and the fish are even older but nobody knows really See Here Erik turned the boat over and showed her Fiskare engraved into its bottom Fiskare means fisherman in Swedish She studied the necklace again, holding it up So this has come down through the generations He nodded She wasn t the first girl to ask him about his father s side of the family But other girls questions always felt like birds pecking at him, wearing him down or tearing him open Daisy s curiosity was soft on his skin She was a beautiful china cup on a table, quietly asking to be filled And little by little, Erik was tipping over and pouring out Do you remember your father wearing this Sure All the time If I was sitting on his lap I d like, you know, play with it I had a little story in my head, this is the pretty lady and this is her boat and she goes sailing in the boat and catches this beautiful fish She held the chain back out to him and he took it, their fingertips touching When did he give it to you You said you were eight when he left He fastened the chain behind his neck again The story I know, he said, is my mom saw him one time after he left To sign divorce papers He glanced down Daisy had put her hand out, palm up on the table between them And sometime during the meeting he put his hand on hers he gave this to her To give to me And she didn t for a long time, she kept it put away I was too young His other hand joined the first, holding Daisy s, rolling it between his palms, running his fingertips along the edges of her nails Then when I was about sixteen, she gave it to me Did you want it I hadn t seen it in years so at first it was like, Oh wow, I remember this, the lady and the boat But then I had to be sixteen about it, you know, prove he was no big deal to me I told her I didn t want it, I didn t want anything of his Screw him All that shit Under the table their ankles had cozied up together It felt intimate and close there in the booth, holding her hands and feet, telling her secret things.

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    5 STARS Some seek the limelight and some hold the light in place Suanne Laqueur being the latest This book will stay for a long time with me And it definitely deserves the first place on my shelves I have set you in my presence forever I uphold you You re in my skin And I m not leaving It s for experiences like these that I m grateful for the romance book community One day I stumbled upon a friend s review of The Man I Love by Suanne Laqueur and I knew this book could possibly be a game changer for all the romance books that would follow on my TBR The review that draw me in was by Jennifer Beach from Back Off My Books It took me some time to actually decide to start the book, you could say I was dreading the feelings I most likely knew were waiting for me I also told myself that I was indeed an emotional reader but not a cryer, so I should be safe from the unraveling emotions I could witness from my reader friends.Let me stop right here, I WAS WRONG This book made me a flat out a liar A crying liar.The Man I Love is without a doubt the best and the most beautiful book I ve had the pleasure to read in a long time.The writing is exquisite, the similes of pure beauty and you want to highlight each sentence and put it on a pedestal Author Suanne Laqueur is a fantastic storyteller As poetic and light the writing was, the feelings and matters at stakes here were raw and brutal You ll be knocked out by the intensity of all the feels this story has for you.You ll care for these characters like you would your best friends or family.Suanne Laqueur did such an astonishing job with character development, you cannot NOT feel connected to every character.Even the ones you re supposed to hate You ll love.The story of Erik and Daisy I should say The story of Erik, Daisy, Will, Lucky, David, Opie, Melanie, Kees, Francine, Joe and many others was a pure delight to read.Every word Every detail Every joy Every sorrow Every hope.You ll feel it all, and you ll want That is such a violent thing For a parent to disappear Emotionally violent It just stops a story dead in the middle Like you turn the page and there are no pages What do you do with the story It becomes a different story Your story I laughed so hard at the easy banter between the characters, I fell in love right along with them, I fell hard for Erik, but kept room for Will and John Opie David had his moments, he was mostly an asshole but I actually loved him too.I don t know how to explain the connection I felt with all the characters, everyone of them You ll feel it too Thanks to the author astute and sharp writing It s in the little details, you know Word after word she made me part of this group and I think I truly bonded with fictional characters This is pure magic writing here The she gave, the he wanted He had never wanted so much.He wanted all of her Her thoughts, her words, her silences and her stillness He wanted her skin, her smell, her taste and her noises He loved to make her come, could not get enough of the sound she made when he was bringing her around Or rather, it was the absence of sound This was a fascinating love story, spanning out over 15 years time, a young love exploration, a revelation in love and contentement, a riveting downfall to perdition, and a second chance at love One of the best I ve ever read If not the best I can t even think past or prior this book.Now, you know how I roll, I don t like to give too much about the plot, especially when I loved a book I prefer to talk about what I felt, my experience with the story, sort of Enough is said in the blurb and I don t want to spoil it all.A lot is happening in The Man I Love and I could not possibly try to tell this tale without butchering it It won t do the book justice by just enumerating the play by play Poised on the lip of his own desire, he pushed further into her as he slowly wound the line tighter Listening for it, feeling it, waiting for her edge to touch his It was almost there Just right there I believe the best way to enjoy this book is to follow your guts and dive in as blind as you can This was a true emotional rollercoaster and by reading reviews you could be afraid of all the feels So my advice would be don t read too much of them, just listen to your book friends and try this book If you are like me and read The Man I Love but cannot say goodbye to its characters, hurry up and grab book 2, Give Me Your Answer True, which tells Daisy side of the story and And no, it doesn t remotely feel like you are experiencing the same book again You ll learn a lot of things, you ll end up loving them all a little and it ll leave you dying to get your hands on book 3, Here to Stay, which should release this January 2016 Staring into her eyes without speaking was making love Being buried in the heat of her frustration was making love Wether her kiss crashed into his mouth, or just brushed it like a passing dream, he could taste her love And nothing could top it Nothing could surpass it For all the reasons mentioned above, The Man I Love sits now 1 of my 2015 s favorites.I ll end this with a open question Why is this author not OUT THERE Let me explain, I read a lot of books I m consuming them I read okay books Good books Great books.But then I find this GEM, this little place of haven, and I m wondering why isn t this book on everyone s shelves I know, I know, different strokes and all that But really, this book deserves to be shared, to be read, to be experienced, and I would be eve so grateful if you could share about your own experience reading or simply keeping recommending to your entourage And if you are still undecided about it, I ll just ask you to take a leap of faith and try it Just like I did It s not too late And I m ready if you are August 2016 Update Erik Fiskare was featured in my Wonder Hero section today More reviews and book talk at You can find me here too

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