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    Oh boy I slogged through than half this book and finally decided to call it quits I wanted to like this, I mean I m a huge fan of anything Arthur, but this book seemed to go from one gory battle to another with not much else inbetween There was quite a bit of the young Arthur story, of which some passages were very slow It was only at the point where I stopped reading that Excalibur finally came into the picture I didn t know what to expect from this book, but upon reading what I did, I realized I wanted of the story about Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Lancelot, Morgana, and the knights at Camelot, and all the mystical stuff associated with these people and events, not all the battling that was presented here.

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    Beautifully written, at times poetic Epic story of Arthur s Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table Amazing story.

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    Otherwise known as the Pendragon family chronicles.

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    I can t rate this novel three stars because I absolutely loved the first part of it, so at the end I simply rated it four stars even if I am not sure it would deserve all of them I ll start talking about how much I loved in this novel The first part, which was actually the majority of the book, is dedicated to Arthur s childhood and the time before he became king I ve never read a novel that takes so long about describing Arthur, his dreams and his character before he gets the crown a part from Sword in the Stone I loved it till the point where he marries Guinevere, because after that everything is told and narrated differently, from the details and care the authors used before to a rest of the novel which jumps from event to event without focusing any on Arthur or even on a single character view spoiler Arthur is arrogant, hopeful and does so much growing up, learning to become the kind of dreamer I love so much in novels about him There s also a lot of Sir Kay, character that even in novels about Arthur s growth into a man, is sometimes forgotten Arthur s meeting with Lancelot is a fun moment, interesting and original and so is the way Arthur meets Guinevere For a moment the focus of the narration moves to Guinevere and Lancelot and a part of me wanted it there for the rest of the novel too, as I ve never read a novel where Guinevere loves Lancelot but decides to marry Arthur anyway because of politics and the marriage between them is never becoming love Other little things I loved, just quickly before getting to the no no parts Morgause as Mordred s mother but not as the villain, Morgana is Nimue and tricks Merlin to his death, little Galahad and little Mordred together on the Grail quest, where the Grail is Britain itself, Lancelot s story with Elaine, Galahad as the little dreamer, the one who took the real events and turning them into legends.Now, for the parts that left me bitter I already talked about how the second part of the novel jumps from event to happening, and the story is very quick This also implies that characters do things that are not well explained Arthur gets extremely jealous of Guinevere and Lancelot, but the last time we saw him in his introspections he knew he was marrying a woman in love with another and never showed jealousy, Mordred is evil without reasons, he is presented by Morgana as the one who will destroy Arthur and probably the rest of the court treated him differently, knowing of this, but Mordred never met Morgana Mordred is raised in Cam by Arthur After Arthur gets him from Morgana, Arthur raises him even if at first he immediately knows but with no explanation that Mordred will be his end We don t see Mordred s young years, but when we meet him at 13 years old, he is cruel, tortures animals and hates everyone, while Arthur has raised him and is always worried about him and justifies every one of his cruelties And of course, there s the classic effeminate Mordred who looked like a woman , which makes him lovely attractive to me but which is one hundred percent in the queer stereotypical villain trope.But the thing that irritated my was how useless women are killed away Or sometimes just disappear Morgause appears to be tricked by Morgana and sleeps with Arthur She gets Mordred and dies because she didn t want to live any Morgana is presented as this great villain but as soon as she brings Mordred to Arthur, to let Arthur grow him and then be killed by him, she is killed off by Gareth, who beheads her, Elaine leaves enough to get Lancelot s baby and sends him to Lancelot before killing herself because Lancelot never loved her as Guinevere Young Elainn, Galahad s friend, disappear after finding the Grail with him and Mordred.At the end I was a bit disappointed by how quickly just 100 pages over 500 were dedicated to the final events, from the accusation of Guinevere and the death of Arthur It seemed strange for a book that started as something focused on Arthur But I generally liked it and liked the feeling of realistic story in it hide spoiler

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    Excalibur 1980 by Gil Kane and John Jakes is a bit of an odd bird It lacks the fantastical grandeur of John Boorman s 1981 film of the same name minus the exclamation point though it seems Boorman wasn t completely unaware of this version of the Arthurian legend There are a few scenes Arthur Mordred s impaled embrace in death, Morgana s imprisonment of Merlin , which find echoes in that film It also lacks the brilliance of Marion Zimmer Bradley s revisionist The Mists of Avalon The characterizations are not half bad especially Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere but this version of the Arthurian legend is sorely in need of a credible antagonist to drive the story forward Morgana is introduced early as this antagonist but then disappears for two thirds of the book Once she returns, her main power lies in the fact that everyone has forgotten about her She then almost immediately disappears when quickly killed off after engineering the twisted birth of Modred via her sister, Morgause, by her half brother, Arthur In between, generic Saxons serve as the antagonists before Modred does so during the last one fifth of the book The result is a very leisurely pace for a story that desperately wants to move forward The chronology is also strange, which has the effect of transforming the tragedy of the three main characters into an unfortunate, lingering series of misunderstandings which only endures because Lancelot Guinevere do not speak up about their truth feelings despite given ample opportunities to do so by Arthur Merlin is nothing than a scheming politico with a few magic tricks as the fantasy elements of the story are almost completely eliminated the exception being matters surrounding the sword of power, Excalibur Gil Kane s book isn t a bad read but there are better versions Besides, it s always fun to read absurdist metaphors for human genitalia in historical romances she felt his sword against her such as Excalibur 2 1 2 stars.

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    The novel paced like an attempt to cram the whole of Arthur s reign into the span of the story, only to realize about 75% of the way into the story that the writers needed to wrap it all up Although there were some poignant scenes, particularly the graphic depiction of the violent struggles in combat, the overall story development was weak.Romantic interactions were incredibly stilted, like scenes from pot boiler mini series, which must have been the work of the co author, John Jakes Although not bad enough to force me to put the novel down, it was not among the better modern Arthurian fiction I have read for the past 30 years It combined the worst elements of comic books and Hollywood, neither quite getting the Arthurian romance right.

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    Let s start with the fact that the Arthurian legend, in all its many forms, is one of my most favorites.I liked the way the authors brought in all the tribes and groups vying for power and control in Britain Britons Celts, Picts, Saxons There was at least an attempt to show both good and evil in the various groups And many parts of the legend were included Merlin and Morgan as Nimue , the Grail, Lancelot and Elain, the sword in the stone And there were twists from other versions Morgause and not Morgan as mother of Modred Mordred , a mutual desire between Ygraine and Uther, and the marriage between Arthur and Guinevere never consummated.7 10

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    What a mess The first half 250 pages is nothing but blow by blow swordfight after swordfight Terrible Then the authors shift but it still doesn t work Morgause gets less than one page, Morgan La Fay gets less than 10 pages, but it goes on and on describing every flower and weed that grows in Britain.

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    I love anything and everything about King Arthur, and I read this book many, many years ago, and just felt the urge to read it yet again And I still loved it Read it from cover to cover in one sitting.

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    Really good read for an Arthurian enthusiast.

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