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Under The Spanish Stars (Wandering Skies #2) summary Under The Spanish Stars (Wandering Skies #2) , series Under The Spanish Stars (Wandering Skies #2) , book Under The Spanish Stars (Wandering Skies #2) , pdf Under The Spanish Stars (Wandering Skies #2) , Under The Spanish Stars (Wandering Skies #2) 55d4bda275 Charlotte Kavanagh S Beloved Grandma Katarina Sanchez Is Gravely Ill, So When She Begs Charlotte To Travel To Her Homeland In Andaluc A To Uncover The Truth Behind A Mysterious Painting, Charlotte Agrees Taking Leave From Her Soul Destroying Job And Stalled Life In Australia, Charlotte Embarks On A Quest Through Granada S Ancient Cobble Stoned Streets And Vibrant Neighbourhoods There She Meets Mateo Vives, A Flamenco Guitarist With A Dark Past, And Through Him She Quickly Becomes Entangled In The World Of Flamenco And Gypsies That Ignites A Passion She Had Thought Lost But The Mystery Surrounding The Painting Deepens, Reaching Back In Time To The War Torn Spain Of The S And Charlotte Discovers Her Grandmother S Connection To The Spanish Underground Who Is Her Grandmother, Really What Is Mateo S Connection To Her Family History And Why Is Finding Answers To A Family Mystery Turning Into A Journey Of Self Discovery For Charlotte Weighed Down By Secrets, Betrayals And Shattered Relationships, Charlotte Finds Herself Questioning The True Meaning Of Heritage, Family And Love

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    I just loved this novel It has everything you want in a book, mystery, enchanting setting, handsome stranger We have workaholic Charlotte travelling to Spain for her ailing grandmother to look into a painting that was given to her by her father The painting was unsigned and her gran really wants to solve the mystery of it before she passes In Spain Charlotte receives help from dashing guitarist Mateo, who introduces to the world of gypsies and flamenco As the search for the answers to the mystery painting are revealed, Charlotte starts to uncover secrets from her grandmothers past, and ends up finding much than she bargained for This book had me hooked from the start, staying up late into the night to finish it Charlotte is a refreshing heroine, it was lovely to see the transformation as she realises her life could be so much richer, and I have a bit of a crush on Mateo Though not my usual genre I ll definitely be reading of Alli Sinclair s books Highly recommended.

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    Charlotte Kavanagh s Abuela, her grandmother, Katarina Sanchez was desperately ill after a heart attack Safely tucked away in a hospital in Melbourne, with her brother Steve, and parents keeping an eye on her, Charlotte had travelled to Granada, Spain in search of answers for Abuela Katarina had been a flamenco dancer in Spain, one of the very best in the 1940s She had been given a painting by her father before he died, and Abuela was finally in need of answers to all she d held inside over the years.Charlotte s quest took her to a bar in an old part of Granada, where the streets were cobbled and the people full of life Here she met Mateo Vives who was a flamenco guitarist and connected to the gitana clan whom she sought As Charlotte learned about Abuela s past her life in war torn Spain when Franco ruled she also discovered connections to the underground And it seemed Mateo was also tied in to the mystery in some way.Would Charlotte find what Abuela needed to know Her discoveries about her grandmother were astounding to her But it also pointed to Charlotte s unhappiness with the way her life in Australia was heading Under the Spanish Stars by Aussie author Alli Sinclair was astounding, fascinating and wonderful I was thoroughly involved in the story both aspects in the 1940s and the current day were perfectly executed The flamenco dancing, the flamenco guitar, achieving duende, the Spanish countryside all captured my interested and kept me enthralled until the final words Highly recommended.

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    I am a bit conflicted by this book The first half first felt a little like Strictly Ballroom with all of the flamenco references and Spanish sprinkled in I think it would have benefited from exposition about the dancing, but I managed to get along The second half sadly, fell into the usual romance tropes and felt a little stilted at times, moving things along for the sake of plot The resolution was a little short for my taste.

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    This was a lovely story although at times the characters and situations seemed a bit one dimensional.

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    I love Australian Authors I love romance novels I love all kinds of dancing I love sexy guys with sexy accents If you love these too, then grab yourself one of Alli s novels and swoon along with me I ve devoured everything Alli has written, including her short stories I adored them all, but this is my favorite so far I found the story emotionally engaging, bringing both smiles and tears to my eyes Blending contemporary romance with historical tragedy and throwing in a bit of mystery, Alli had me turning pages to the bittersweet end There is a free prequel available It is not vital to read the short story, but it sets the scene beautifully and adds another layer to the story I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    Alli Sinclair is a well traveled Australian author whose international adventures and love of dance inspire her story telling, which is something that shines through in Under The Spanish Stars.Katarina Sanchez has recently had a heart attack which causes her to take stock of her life and she decides the time is right to track down the origins of a mysterious painting given to her by her father She is not well enough to undertake the journey herself so tasks her grand daughter Charlotte with the mission Sitting back now and pondering the story I wonder if there was to it right from the beginning Katarina and Charlotte are described by the family as being two peas in a pod, it has always been Charlotte who understands her Abuela Katarina the best.Charlotte takes leave from her position in the family business, which she has little love for, and sets off for Granada the homeland Abuela refuses to speak of There were a few unexpected twists in this one that I don t want to ruin for anyone, and a few that were fairly predictable and one which has left me still with questions.Katarina has been gone from Spain for decades and refuses to talk of her time there so none of her family are quite sure what happened to bring her to Australia which means this fact gathering mission could be quite the eye opener for the whole family.The narrative is written in alternating chapters with Charlotte s travels in the present and Katarina s life in 1944 Both timelines are written in the third person which makes it very easy to follow Sinclair has a poetic way with words that brings the landscape to life and evokes the artistic passion felt by the characters in the story.We learn, through Charlotte s travels, of her early artistic dreams to be a painter which were quashed by self doubt and a less than resounding first exhibition She gave up the dream to pursue a career in the family business as a risk assessor which has taken over every aspect of her life Granada ignites the passion in her once but she is determined to stick with the safe path.Read

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    When we first meet Charlotte, her Grandmother Abuela is a very poorly lady and has asked Charlotte to travel to Granada, where she spent her youth, to find out the truth behind an unsigned painting her father had given to her.The story alternates between Abuela telling her story back in 1944 and the present day when Charlotte is trying to find out the truth of her Grandmother s past A past which she has spoken very little off previously.It s hardly a quick and easy journey for Charlotte given that she lives in Australia and she is torn between carrying out her Abuela s wishes and being by her side whilst she is so poorly Little does she know how at home she will start feel in Granada, especially when she finds herself drawn to the charismatic Mateo Under The Spanish Stars is a lovely romantic read, but with a lot depth than I was expecting, if I m honest The chemistry between the characters is very real and believable Their stories are both heart warming and heart breaking at the same time The story features a lot of Spanish history and the detailed descriptions of Flamenco are so full of passion It was easy to picture the dancers and the musicians as they performed and I could almost feel the electricity in the room, as if I was there.All sorts of family secrets are unravelled as Charlotte uncovers the truth, one which is especially devastating for Abuela At the same time Charlotte finds herself imagining a future very different to the one she once saw herself living.This is a captivating read which I am happy to recommend.Many thanks to the author and publisher for my copy via Netgalley.https chataboutbooks.wordpress.com

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    I really enjoyed this historical romance set in the glorious, colourful surroundings of Granada, Spain The story is written in two time frames the present day and travelling back to 1936 to a very turbulent time in Spain.Charlotte Kavanagh and her family live in Australia Charlotte is very close to her Grandmother, Katarina Katarina is of Spanish origin and she lived there till the political climate in Spain proved too difficult for her and her friends Katarina Charlotte s Abuela is very ill in hospital, she has asked for the help of her granddaughter, Charlotte, to go on a mission to find the origins of the artist who painted the painting given to the young Katarina by her father Charlotte is also hoping to discover about her Abuela s history in Spain which Katarina has kept secret all this time.Charlotte sets out on the mystery tour across half the world to Granada with little than the painting for clues Charlotte doesn t expect this journey to include experiences and discoveries for her own destiny.The author, Alli Sinclair, takes us on two very well choreographed journeys one with Charlotte discovering facts and unearthing secrets about her Abuela and her own heritage The second journey starts back in 1936 with a young Katarina secretly taking flamenco lessons away from the watchful eye of her mother As the years went by in Spain political unrest grew and some forms of flamenco dancing were frowned on by the tyrant Franco and his henchmen Life took on a dangerous turn for Katarina which left her and her loved ones in fear of their lives.This is the first book I ve read by Alli Sinclair and her words drew me in to the love of flamenco and to a country so vivid with it s colours, rhythmic sounds and glorious foods I could feel the love the people felt for this dance and their own culture and heritage The heat of the dance intensified with Alli s descriptive words Going back to the time of the unrest for young Katarina was exciting and dramatic The young people of Spain were in fear of their lives and their beliefs were questioned.Alli Sinclair took me on many journeys with this story there was heat, drama, fear, love, family, culture A beautiful love story that time and conflict could never erase 5 5

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    It must be said that Alli Sinclair is a story teller There is simply something truly engaging in Sinclair s stories and most particularly in the way in which she delivers them.Under The Spanish Stars is a novel shrouded in mystery and intrigue that tells the story of several generations of the Sanchez Kavanagh family Charlotte Kavanagh is on a fact finding mission to uncover the truth of her grandmother, Katarina Sanchez s past in Spain, a homeland that Katarina refuses to speak of It is while searching for clues as to her grandmother s past that Charlotte is faced with confronting her own past and the obstacles that she s allowing to hold her back from the life she wants to live.Sinclair s writing has an almost rhythmic lilt that is both engaging and from a practical perspective offers solid pacing for the story and gives depth and character to what is already a culturally rich storyline There are times where the prose itself serves as much purpose as the story, characters, and setting That is something that I immensely enjoyed about this novel.A story that will keep you hooked from the first page to the very last word, Under the Spanish Stars is a must read for 2016.

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    Review to come.but it s safe to say I loved it

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