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    I read this when I was in college as a fun, mindless read While it s trash, it s good enough trash to read twice The plot sounds and is melodramatic two dancers one poor, one rich are pitted against one another in a ballet company There s also a mysterious illness and the obligatory stage mothers versus completely uninvolved parents But the details of what it felt like to be a dancer in 1970s New York City just seem spot on The smoking, the gossip, the weird eating habits honey straight from the jar for energy, health food is bran muffins with margarine, steak with frozen green beans or cow s liver , the backbiting, the dangerous neighborhoods where getting mugged is a given, the scrambling for money from wealthy donorsall of this and the book s great atmosphere elevate it above pure trash The author is a musician and clearly had some inside knowledge, given his depiction of the characters of the two fictionalized ballet companies, one of which is undisciplined and cutting edge, the other of which is part of the Russian tradition but ruled with the iron fist of an artistic genius and control freak At least these characters have passion for something, and they re two dimensional rather than one dimensional.

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    Ballerina undoubtedly paints the brutal beauty of ballet on stage as well as behind the curtain A realistic glimpse into the demanding world of this stunning athletic artistry.Stewart s writing dances off the pages You not only have a sense of the visual but you move with the words as if you were in front of the barre Well researched and the inclusion of dance language terminology, and references is appreciated certainly adding to the reading experience.The narrative is dramatic exploring the athleticism, the physical, mental and emotional demands ballet requires Political and power struggles along with clashes, competition, the overall stealth dark side unknown to outsiders of such graceful dance brought to the forefront on stage for the reader to be thoroughly entertained Coming of age personally and professionally as we journey with the differing female protagonists Sacrifices, challenges, choices, highs and lows expertly drafted.Stephanie and Chris contrasting young women bridged together by the love of ballet They misstep on stage and off stage, as they navigate their way through professional and personal demands The supporting cast just as vital making the story a page turner, keeping the peruser part of the dance corps We are privy to two young women growing in a world full of intricate steps, coming into their own en pointe.A dramatic tale of the ballet world and its machinations, backstage as much a performance as front and center Great story especially if one is fond of ballet, balletomanes will find this novel highly appealing.http ravenhairedgirl.com

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    ARC for review.What a fun palate cleanser of a book after a disappointing last read Originally published in 1978 but really not dated other than prices Ballerina is the fictional story of two young girls in the ballet corps of two companies in NYC and it s lots of frothy goodness all the competition, jealousy and pushy stage moms you would expect, but also a fair amount of loyal friendship Professional dance is like modeling in that they are the only two industries I can think of where women are paramount and the men are nothing than lower paid accessories, so I love that However, in the lives of Steph and Chris men are still so very important and ultimately one becomes the breaking point between the women and even though you might roll your eyes at some of the actions you ll also remember what it s like to be young, in love lust and stupid It s all the enjoyment you would expect plus the added bonus that, hey, there are lots of French phrases and ballet so it s ART mixed with the soap opera ish elements so you can feel totally noble or at least not completely guilty about reading it If that s your thing I m happy to be proud about my trash Recommended for your next trip to the beach or long airplane ride.

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    I read Ballerina in the early 1980s, and over the years I ve thought of it from time to time, remembering the characters and some of the storylines If a book sticks in my mind for that amount of time then I know it was a good one Since I lost that long ago paperback, I was thrilled to see this book back in circulation again I enjoyed it now just as much as I did when I first read it Even though the book is set in the late 1970s, it holds up very well and is a great bit of nostalgia A can of Diet Pepsi for 35 cents, anyone The writing is pure 1970s, too, with a few instances of head hopping not enough to be totally annoying , and there was only one character in whose POV the author really went deep Anna Boborovsky Barlow Lang s personality, abrasive as it is, came through vividly and was, in my opinion, one of the best parts of the book I don t particularly like Anna, but I couldn t stop reading about her I m glad to now have this book on my Kindle where I can read it again whenever the mood strikes And re read it I will.

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    This was one of my favourite books when I was in my 20 s I found a copy at a used book sale and nostalgia made me buy it I have to say that I enjoyed this book just as much now as I did back then If you are a dancer or just love ballet I think you will enjoy this book I love that it gives you an inside look at the cutthroat world of the ballet Just as it did back then.it made me cry at the end.

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    I read this book long ago, and loved it I am now moving, sorting through books, and delighted to have found my original now yellowing pages copy, and I put it on my list as my first read when I am in my new apartment.

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    In reading this book, I couldn t help but think of Tchaikovsky s music and the ballets that feature it While the prose sometimes descends into melodrama, it also rises to the sublime The story centers around two young would be ballerinas, Stephanie Lang and Christine Avery, who meet at ballet school auditions and become fast friends The expected dramatis personae eventually presents itself a conniving ballet mom Anna Lang , the implacable company director Marius Volmar and socialite with money than taste or talent Dorcas Amidon While the novel was written long before Black Swan, there is a certain undercurrent of that sort of manipulation through the book Still, it s an interesting look into the world of ballet, particularly through the eyes of one of the supporting characters, who knows little about the world of dance, but who is in love with one of the girls and wants to appreciate or at least understand her world A fine, entertaining read indeed.

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    A typical schlocky 70s novel about two teenaged girls trying out for scholarships at a top tier ballet school They become best friends, and move on up through school and into jobs in ballet companies For schlock, this was pretty good not as predictable as might be expected I enjoyed this quite a bit.

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    I read this book years ago and re read it many times over the years It may not be perfect writing but it remains one of my favorite books And yes, I did want to be a ballerina but sadly lacked the talent.

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    Read this old favorite during a sick day.

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