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    I wrote this, and I m so incredibly excited for people to read it NOBODY DIES.The playlist is long and not especially diverse If I Was Sick Guy ForsythIt s a Pleasure to Meet You Motion City SoundtrackHer Morning Elegance Oren LavieDancing Through Life Wicked Cast RecordingSister Winter Sufjan StevensFalling Slowly Once SoundtrackFalling for the First Time Barenaked LadiesStrange The FeelingDelicate Taylor SwiftSame Old Stuff The FeelingBest Worst Mistake If Then Cast RecordingOne Night Town Ingrid Michaelson and Mat KearneyIf I Fell Across the Universe soundtrackJust The Way You Are Billy JoelKing of My Heart Taylor SwiftNew Year s Day Taylor SwiftDogs Damien RiceThe Book of Love The Magnetic FieldsCould I Be You Matchbox 20Out of the Woods Taylor SwiftNew Romantics Taylor SwiftTalking in Code Margot and the Nuclear So and So sThe Worst Part Motion City SoundtrackHold Me Down Motion City SoundtrackGive up Give in Motion City SoundtrackBreakway Kelly ClarksonYou Were Right Badly Drawn BoyThe Way I Am Ingrid MichaelsonLove Story Taylor SwiftGet Happy Bowling for SoupYou Are in Love Taylor SwiftWires AthleteTic Loch LomondChasing Cars Snow PatrolHere is a Heart Jenny Owen YoungsIn My Life The BeatlesCalendar Girl StarsCall it What You Want Taylor Swift

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    this is a gr8 book and nobody dies

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    I went into this book bracing myself for cliches or for it to be something similar to what I ve read before But I was thrilled to be mistaken I loved this book LOVED IT I ve never had a character articulate what I had felt before as I had in this book I cried several times while reading because this author GOT IT I was diagnosed with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis when I was 14 years old after being misdiagnosed several times I ve had those friends who have unintentionally made insensitive comments I ve had undergone treatments in both of my knees so I can walk I have had to stay in my apartment all day because i physically could not get out of bed I hid my illness for four years until an unplanned hospitalization made me come out as chronically ill and it was honestly the best thing to happen My basketball team hosted a Lupus Awareness Night and sold t shirts All of the proceeds went to the Lupus Foundation My community got an education on what an invisible illness looks like This is a book that I wish my 14 year old self could have read But I m so appreciative that there are teenagers today that will read this It will help those that are chronically ill AND help educate their loved ones Thank you Hannah Moskowitz, this is one of the greatest gifts I never thought to ask for.

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    I absolutely loved this Official blurb Romantic, refreshing, and brimming with empathy Isabel and Sasha captured my heart.

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    I have been excited for this since i first saw Hannah talking about it on twitter A chronically ill main character I m crying already, 2019 can t come soon enough

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    I received a free eARC from Edelweiss for a voluntary and honest review All thoughts and opinions are my own Book review Sick Kids in love by Hannah Moskowitz 3 stars Sick Kids in love by Hannah Moskowitz Genre YA, Contemporary, RomanceRating 3 5 stars Synopsis from Goodreads Isabel has one rule no dating.It s easier It s safer It s better for the other person.She s got issues She s got secrets She s got rheumatoid arthritis.But then she meets another sick kid.He s got a chronic illness Isabel s never heard of, something she can t even pronounce He understands what it means to be sick He understands her than her healthy friends He understands her than her own father who s a doctor.He s gorgeous, fun, and foul mouthed And totally into her.Isabel has one rule no dating.It s complicated It s dangerous It s never felt better to consider breaking that rule for him Review DISCLAIMER All thoughts and opinions are my own I love that this book didn t romanticise sickness and I really liked Isabel and Sasha s chemistry I also really liked that their romance didn t feel insta y at all We also get to see the details of Sasha and Isabel s sickness and how it affects the both of them throughout the story.I m not sure why, although I did love the story at the start, as it progressed I ended up liking it less and less I really wanted to love this book, but maybe my attention dwindled I really liked the story and Sasha, but in the end, wasn t a big fan of Isabel.

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    A beautifully written story about what love means and finding your person, your home We re always told not to change for a boy a girl, a person but is that really and truly the case Maybe love is transformative Maybe we do change for a relationship to work And maybe, just maybe, that s not a bad thing Love is love is loving someone exactly how they are now and also holding the belief that they can be the best happiest version of themselves and supporting them in that growth Unconditional acceptance and encouragement for growth Both can be true This book made my heart so happy I adore reading books by authors whose stories have too often been told by those in the majority identity To read about two Jewish and chronically ill main characters written by a Jewish chronically ill author is unfortunately a rare thing It s a gift Moskowitz has given us She has also woven in some education about ableism for those healthy readers out there without it feeling like she s lecturing which is a hard thing to accomplish For anyone who has ever loved anyone who s sick or disabled and I include myself in that group this is a must read For anyone who is healthy this is a must read For anyone looking for a witty and smart love story this is a must read Just read the damn book.

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    This is a beautiful book about two teenagers who are living their lives, falling in love, oh and they have illnesses that they live with, but don t define them as people The empathy this book evokes is just wonderful and the characters are well written I loved the way this book made me think and feel I have a friend who is just learning about RA as it was a recent diagnosis for her and this book truly gave me a lot to think about Thank you netgalley for this arc, it is definitely a book I will share with my students.

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    let s fuckin gooooo

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Sick Kids in Love download Sick Kids in Love , read online Sick Kids in Love , kindle ebook Sick Kids in Love , Sick Kids in Love e2e86b0aab67 Isabel Has One Rule No DatingIt S Easier It S Safer It S Better For The Other PersonShe S Got Issues She S Got Secrets She S Got Rheumatoid ArthritisBut Then She Meets Another Sick KidHe S Got A Chronic Illness Isabel S Never Heard Of, Something She Can T Even Pronounce He Understands What It Means To Be Sick He Understands Her Than Her Healthy Friends He Understands Her Than Her Own Father Who S A DoctorHe S Gorgeous, Fun, And Foul Mouthed And Totally Into HerIsabel Has One Rule No DatingIt S Complicated It S Dangerous It S Never Felt Better To Consider Breaking That Rule For Him