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    Summary A history of the Bowery Mission s 140 year history of working with those down on their luck on Manhattan s Lower East Side.The Bowery on Manhattan s Lower East Side has often been the last stop for many in New York who are down on their luck homeless, drug or alcohol addicted, jobless, or broke, sufferers of PTSD and mental illness In the background of many is abuse and abandonment from an early age It is thought that the word, hobo derives from the intersection of Houston and Bowery.For many, the Bowery Mission has meant the difference between the end of the road and a turnaround for 140 years In this book, Jason Storbakken, a former Bowery Mission director who continues to work with the Mission, offers both a history and inspiring description of the ministry of the Bowery Mission that aims to serve like you are serving a King, affording tremendous dignity to people who come hungry, dirty, and often times smelly They receive meals, clothing, hot showers, and for at least some, clean beds.More than this, they hear what for a number has been a transforming message Through both chapel services and personal ministry, the book narrates stories of people whose lives have been transformed by Christ The author describes one of these, Mr Wynn, addicted to crack cocaine who had attended Bible studies, and had asked about baptism, but when the day came, lingered outside the chapel Just as the last person was stepping from the water, Mr Wynn dashed down the aisle, pulling a pipe from his pocket and calling, Baptize me, baptize me Shattering his crack pipe on the altar, he leapt into the pool His splash further soaked my already wet clothes, but my spirit soared, and I could not suppress my emotion as I asked if he was ready to start a new life and if he believed that God forgave and loved him Yes, he declared.Since then, he has found a home, returned to his work as an accountant, and remained drug and alcohol free Storbakken also tells the hard stories of those who turn back to old habits, and those who never change, but are nevertheless loved and cared for.The history is fascinating In 1879 Albert and Ellen Rullifson began in a rented room at 14 Bowery, gathering with a group of men and women in prayer to launch the Mission We of the critical role of Louis Klopsch and The Christian Herald in providing funding and leadership that put the Bowery Mission on a firm footing, of the critical role played by Superintendent Hallimond in shaping the character of the Bowery Mission s work, how J C Penney became a key patron, and the connection hymn writer Fanny Crosby had with the Bowery Mission We learn why the doors of every Bowery Mission facility are painted red.Storbakken takes us through the changing times and transformations in the Bowery and how the Mission continued to adapt while staying true to its gospel message and servant ministry In the present, the combination of gentrification and the needy results in fascinating contrasts, as well as unusual donations from basketball shoes to sushi All of this is fitting, Storbakken asserts, for those who they would serve as kings The theme of how they have consistently treated those on the margins with dignity is a takeaway all of us might consider.________________________________Disclosure of Material Connection I received a complimentary review copy of this book from the publisher The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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    Glad I won this as an ARC This short book details the history of The Bowery Mission, which is very interesting The staff here were are true Christians dedicated to service and prayer The complete opposite of those horrible faux Christians who believe in prosperity gospel I don t get those people Jesus is not Santa Claus You don t win luxury cars and designer clothes through prayer Barf Reading about the people of this Mission was quite moving and affecting I had no idea that JC Penney yes, that one saved the Mission from financial ruin during the Depression What a decent guy he was This slim book is worth checking out both for the NYC history and as a palate cleanser towards the plethora of people nowadays who proclaim to be Christian but who act the opposite of how Jesus taught I.e refusing to give flu shots to migrant children currently being held in detention centers.

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    This book chronicles the fascinating history of New York s famous Bowery Mission The history is enlightening I had no idea the Mission had been involved in worker s rights and antipoverty work Interspersed throughout are some unbelievably inspiring stories of lived changed and healed My favorite is the story of what the men did with their nickels The author doesn t hide the reality that not all visitors to the Bowery Mission experience transformation, that often the struggles of drugs and alcohol can overcome so many individuals, that Bowery employees and volunteers can even experience violence in their line of work Still, as one member of the mission wrote, We are looked at like dirt, but we are somebody The book is not just a history and and a description of lives changed but a call to action I learned that the numbers of homeless in NYC today parallels those of the Great Depression The writing is choppy at times, but the stories and the photos overcome that shortcoming.

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    The Bowery Mission has stood on the Bowery, one of New York City s most infamous and crime ridden streets, for 140 years I ve passed the Bowery Mission before and looking at its red doors thought if only these walls could talk In this book, Jason Storbakken, the Mission director does his best to speak for the mission and it s history, telling the story of the birth, life and growth of the mission and peppering its historical timeline with tales of the people that have lived and died and fought demons of all nature there Many of them were homeless due to substance abuse, mental illness, criminal backgrounds or from carrying the burdens of coming home from war Some succeeded, some failed, but all received love and support from the Bowery and its myriad of programs and volunteers Its compassion for the poor seems truly endless This book has a lot of ground to cover, and in doing so doesn t go quite as deep as I d like into some aspects There is a solid overview of the general history of the Mission and it s leaders, and has good illustrative stories of the types of people you find at the Mission and how some of them have found success and even become mission employees and volunteers, all of which I loved reading Perhaps this is a topic for a whole other book entirely, but I would have liked to read about how the Mission actually works Some protocols are mentioned on how to handle different scenarios people coming in on drugs, or panhandling for money, or who try to deal drugs from the Mission but none are gone into much depth I would have liked to know how does this mission really handle the flood of humanity crashing against their doors everyday How do they keep going on when at times it has to seem hopeless The Bowery Mission is a Christian mission, so of course some of the answer will be found in the workings of faith and compassion.

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    Over 100 years, the Bowery has been an infamous street in New York The Mission has been helped by people coming together to provide the simple basics of life What are they Hot meals, showers, clean beds and warm clothes They are helping the homeless get off the streets and back on their feet The Bowery Mission helps the mentally ill, troubled war veterans, drug addicts and those down on their luck They even help those who were in prison but now are out It s a place that one goes to when there is no other place to go for help The book is a history of it helping the unfortunate If nothing else, this book will make you grateful for what you have It s all too easy these days to be down on your luck or homeless and nothing to look forward to It is too easy to feel that no one cares The author has written the interesting history of this mission It s amazing that it has existed for such a long time I think differently about places like this now It s amazing.Disclaimer I received an arc of this book from the author publisher from Netgalley I wasn t obligated to write a favorable review or any review at all The opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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    In Bowery Mission Grit and Grace on Manhattan s Oldest Street, Jason Storbakken, the Mission s director, tells the story of the mission from its inception to its evolution, its relationship with the Christian Herald and other Christian organizations and its supporters Storbakken always returns to the Mission s main goals as well as the homeless population the organization serves day in, day out He gives homeless people a significant part in the narrative, telling their stories with the good and the bad Though the Mission is a religious organization and Storbakken does naturally include his religious views, the story of the Mission is accessible and informative to all regardless Most interesting is the evolution of homelessness through the lens of the Mission s history.Recommended for those who like Lower Manhattan, red doors, and shiitake mushrooms.Thanks to the publisher and Library Thing for a free copy of this book I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot

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    The Bowery Mission on one of downtown Manhattan s infamous roads has a history of over 140 years to serve as a shelter for homeless people, drunkards, drug addicts, and other wandering souls Jason Storbakken, a recent director of the Bowery Missions, shares the various buildings they used throughout the years, the leaders, financial ups and downs, and colorful characters that continued serving this mission outpost amidst the most dangerous quarters of New York City.Bowery Mission Grit and Grace on Manhattan s Oldest Street not only illustrates the role of meals, hot showers, clean beds, warm clothes, and recovery programs but also the musicians and celebrities that came by and stayed for a while, yearly foot washing, and the various denominations that came are represented here, way out of their comfort zone, while contributing heartedly behind the red doors Christianity with hands and feet, and a funny episode a leader s cheek turned to enemies.

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    For 140 years the Bowery Mission on New York s Lower East Side has been helping the homeless Jason Storbakken was a director for many years and has now written this compelling history of the mission and its work, introducing the reader to many of the people who have supported and worked there over the decades as well as many of the people it has helped It s a Christian mission and the Christian ethos pervades the account, but even for a non Christian it s an uplifting and inspiring story It s a salutary lesson for us all to see Christian beliefs and values in action I found it a compelling read and felt that I gained a deeper understanding of what it s like to be out of luck and on the streets.

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    How is a retired RN who used to work inner city mission hospital and jails supposed to give an unbiased review for a book detailing the long term work of a New York City institution that serves the same clientele Can t be done The Bowery Mission has done their good work since 1879, but this small book tells of the current day to day challenges and some of the triumphs There are photos from the distant as well as recent past that show the continued efforts of this iconic institution I won a print copy in a LibraryThing Giveaway.

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    Really interesting look at the Bowery Mission It goes through the history, of course, but it s filled with real people involved and their stories It is not a thriller, but if you are a people person and are curious about bad places, then you will want to read this book

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Bowery Mission summary pdf Bowery Mission , summary chapter 2 Bowery Mission , sparknotes Bowery Mission , Bowery Mission 2fc4348 A Colorful History Of Lives Rescued On New York City S Infamous Boulevard Of Broken Dreams The Bowery Has Long Been One Of New York City S Most Notorious Streets, A Magnet For Gangsters, Hucksters, And Hobos And Despite Sweeping Changes, It Is Still All Too Often The End Of The Road For Troubled War Veterans, Drug Addicts, The Mentally Ill, The Formerly Incarcerated, And Others Generally Down On Their Luck Against This Backdrop, For Years, Christians Of Every Stripe Have Been Coming Together At The Bowery Mission To Offer Hearty Meals, Hot Showers, Clean Beds, Warm Clothes And, For Thousands Of Homeless Over The Years, The Help They Need To Get Off The Streets And Back On Their FeetJason Storbakken, A Recent Bowery Director, Retraces That Colorful History And Profiles Some Of The Illustrious Characters That Have Made The Bowery An Iconic New York Institution His Book Offers A Lens Through Which To Better Understand The Changing Faces Of Homelessness, Of American Christianity, And Of New York City Itself All Of Which Converge Daily At The Bowery Mission S Red Doors

  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages
  • Bowery Mission
  • Jason Storbakken
  • 02 April 2017
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