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Headstrong Like Us (Like Us, #6) quotes Headstrong Like Us (Like Us, #6) , litcharts Headstrong Like Us (Like Us, #6) , symbolism Headstrong Like Us (Like Us, #6) , summary shmoop Headstrong Like Us (Like Us, #6) , Headstrong Like Us (Like Us, #6) 3b435f3d You Re Cordially Invited To The Wedding Of Maximoff Hale Farrow Keene, And According To Celebrity Crush The Ceremony For This American Prince And His Tattooed Bodyguard Is Going To Be The Event Of The Century There Will Be No Wedding Crashers Including But Not Limited To Hateful People, Rabid Fans, Nosy Paparazzi, And Other So Called Media There Will Be No Drama None Whatsoever Because When You Put Three Famous Families And Their Hot Bodyguards Together, Nothing Will Go Down There Will Be No Fighting No Brawls, Fists Flying, Verbal Slingshots, Or Rifts That Tear Into Craters Lovers Only Everything Will Be Perfect Nothing Will Go Amiss During The Happiest, Most Anticipated Occasion Of The Year But Then Again They Don T Call It The Hale Curse For Nothing The Like Us Series Is A True Series, One Continuous Timeline, That Follows A Family Of Wealthy Celebrities And The People That Protect Them The Like Us Series Reading Order Damaged Like Us Maximoff Farrow Lovers Like Us Maximoff Farrow Alphas Like Us Maximoff Farrow Tangled Like Us Jane Thatcher Sinful Like Us Jane Thatcher Headstrong Like Us Maximoff Farrow Charming Like Us Oscar Jack Wild Like Us Akara Sulli Banks

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    11 23 2019 Review after reading I had a lovely time reading this book and visiting old friends It was great seeing Farrow and Moffy finally tie the knot I also loved all the parts that had Lily and Lo in it.makes me want to re read the while Addicted series again. Looks like I might have addictive issues as well.I am not gonna give it 5 stars like I originally did, to cross out all the one star reviews before the book was even out I am gonna go with 4 because the story was very long and some parts I found myself skimming a bit That said, I will read this book again in the future and I will never tire of these two awesome guys Thankfully we will see them again in the future books, which I am very curious about Can t wait Review before I read this book Apparently, I am a middle aged woman who loves this couple and I happily fetishize them LOL laughing my fucking ass off Really looking forward to reading this book and any other book that will follow in this series I would normally never ever rate a book that I haven t read, but since all the haters don t seem to have a problem with doing soneither have I So here is my 5 star rating for a book I am really looking forward to reading, to neutralize all the fucked up 1 star ratings people have given it, because they seem to have a problem with MM books and with authors who decide for themselves what they want to write and who their characters end up with As much as I love to escape reality, I do still realize that these books are fiction I will adjust my review accordingly when I am done with reading this book.

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    Sadly Disappointed The review I truly don t know what to say Strangely, I m not all that happy with this book While it had it s cute moments and I love seeing Marrow so close, the story itself was boring Nothing big happened and frankly, it was a bit predictable I m sad to say I actually struggled to not skim The story didn t pull me in like I had hoped, even though I love Marrow It might be because I m still a little bit sick, or because my eyes are hurting me they re so dry that keeps me from focusing, or it might be that it seems like I m in a deep reading slump again and this book wasn t enough to get get me out, or it might just be that the book simply didn t work for me Who knows Even I find myself a mystery, so that s saying something Overall, while it had some awesome moments, even made me teary at some point, I just wanted the book to be finished Hell the struggle to focus actually gave me a headache O This is not to say that the book was bad in any way at all Most people probably love it a lot However, for me, it just wasn t good enough at this time Maybe if I re read it sometime in the future it ll be better Anyways, though this one wasn t for me, that doesn t mean I m in any way ready to say goodbye to Marrow I ll miss them Their love is beautiful and nothing can compare to that I am however, looking forward to Oscar Oliveira Jack Highland s book I do love a straight man falling for a man theme Also am I the only one who doesn t ship Donnelly Luna I totally can t see them together at all As friends sure, but Hell no I actually want Donnelly with Beckett for some reason..Quick basic facts Genre New Adult Contemporary Romance M M Series Series, Book Six.Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler

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    Apparently making fake accounts, deliberately targeting MM authors, and putting one star ratings on a book that is yet to be released is the fun thing to do these days I ll adjust my review AFTER I ve actually READ the book.

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    I, surprisingly, enjoyed this book way than I thought I was going to but I still think this should ve been a novella.This marrow is the best one I ve read in the series and there were a lot of cute moments that sold them to me in so different ways, I m so happy these two got their happy ending.I was so motherfucking scared for Lily and Lo They re my babies, my loves and I can t even stand the thought of them not being okay but shit s part of life and they have their ups and downs but they re strong and capable of everything.And all the side characters were so great Jane and Thatcher were ADORABLE and I just need of the Cobalt siblings And seeing the core six, the Meadows girls, the Hale siblings and the Abbeys I just love them so much.Now, I don t know how CLU will turn out So far it looks like Jack might be bi curious but we haven t really had any information about it but I hope that s the case or that he s been gay all along because the alternative is having Oscar going after a straight guy and making this a I m going to turn him to my side scenario and I would hate it.And yes, I saw that little setup for Sulli Akara Banks and yeah Thanks, I hate it KBR will have to change my mind on this and that s a shit ton of work.

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    Moffy Farrow swoon

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    6 STARS I wish you could see the way he s staring at me With utter, eviscerating love that deserves fanfare and centerfolds and documentaries just focusing on that one look.And God, the way he makes me feel First and foremost, I want to thank Krista and Becca deeply, utterly for writing this book, this series Words always escape me whenever I finish reading one of their books and I m grasping at them know, because I m desperate to make everyone understand how fucking amazing this book was.I ve read the whole Addicted series, including Rose and Daisy s stories I ve read every single book in the Like Us series, and I can tell you know from the very bottom of my heart, that this is the best book they have written.To date.This book slayed me in the best way possible I found myself choking back tears and emotions of all kind Happiness, love In this book, you get the raw, real shit people You experience the love alongside these characters It s like you re right next to them, looking at everything that s happening with your own eyes instead of just reading it from a page You should know that I can survive in any universe, but I only want to live in the ones with Farrow Redford Keene Oh Maximoff Farrow These two own every single part of my heart I ve read A LOT OF books in my life and when you stick to a certain genre for an extended time like I have with romance you become desensitized to the feelings and emotions to some extent Only very talented authors can make me fall in love with fictional characters this hard And I am saying this with 100% certainty Moffy and Farrow are my favorite couple ever It s cemented Written into the skies and impossible to erase These two love each other with such fervor it made me tear up just from the sheer emotion of it Their banter, their loyalty, the fact that they know each other better than anyone else Their unconditional love If you need me to scream off every mountain peak and yell until my lungs bleed that I love you, that you re mine, that everyone can shut the fuck up and let us be I d do that Seeing these two get married, live their best lives, face all the difficulties that lay in their way with incredible strength and determination is the best thing you can imagine I ve cheered for them since day one and writing this review here, after getting a fourth book, watching them get married and become the best people ever makes me so fucking happy Krista and Becca write romance like it s nobody s business and I breathe for their words I ve been searching for you my entire life, and if someone told me that we d been together before, in another time or place, I wouldn t question them I ve longed for you before I even knew you, and now that I ve found you, there s not a single day I want to live without you I d like to take a moment to talk about Donnelly that fucking man I am so in love with him I can t even form words I would die for that boy and I need him to have his happy ending with Luna ASAP Please Slut a guy yells at my sister You wanna slut, come get me Donnelly shouts back.Luna grins And I d also like to say that Charlie can fucking get it I d serve that motherfucker any day of the week and I am not even ashamed The day I see this asshole fall in love is the day I can rest in peace Charlie Charlie A girl grabs at his shirt Will you sign my clutch No He shakes her off like she s a pest These characters my God, how can I live without them The whole old gang made an appearance in this book and I loved seeing them even though it made me HIGHLY emotional I never want these books to end I want to read about everyone from the second gen and then I want a series for their kids and then their kids and so on and on But luckily, we have books to look forward to Next up Oscar and Jack These fuckers own me already and I can t fucking wait to read their book I m gonna combust until it s released, I can feel that already.Final words this book was everything I hoped for and Dear World, let this last forever Best regards, a hopeful human

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    Please let there be a Marrow wedding in this book REVIEW UPDATE 5 stars I would have given this if I could, because this couple is honestly one of my all time favourite couples If not THE favourite And I can t tell you how happy this book made me The only time I wasn t happy was at the end, because it was over I m not really sure what to write because I don t want to spoil anything, but this book was just everything and if you re a Marrow fan then I m sure you ll feel the same I ve waited a long, long time for this, like I m sure a lot of fans have, and I wasn t disappointed.I reviewed this book over two months ago, when the cover was released and there was no blurb, and that s not something I ever do But I gave it 5 stars anyway because the chance of me not liking this was practically non existent they d have to of done something terrible like break them up for me to not like this For me, the wedding was beautiful The vows, the location and the emotions they both felt in this book, you get to see them both at their most vulnerable, and I really loved seeing both of them letting go of their emotions, especially Maximoff.And I really love Farrow He s this guy that to the world doesn t give a lot away, hiding behind this exterior that he s tough, which he is But he s also just wanted love and companionship A husband, a family, and I could feel how much it all meant to him.Ugh, I could rant about these two for hours I think the thing I love most about Marrow is their strength There s never any miscommunication or petty arguing, they just love and support each other with everything they have And there was so many times whilst I was reading headstrong like us where I had to swallow a lump in my throat because it just got to me Their love.Their life.Their strength.I wouldn t change a thing about this book It just cemented them as one of my OTP s I loved the addicted series, and I love the like us series And I can t wait to read the next one with Oscar and Jack I think that one is going to be interesting Marrow will forever hold a special place for me, and now that I ve written this review, I m gonna go and re read it again Also, I just want to say that even though I am a huge fan of Marrow, I am not a middle aged soccer mom fetishising this couple I ve seen a lot of hate over Marrow, and at the end of the day, everyone is entitled to their own opinion But I don t want to be put into a category just for loving a certain couple I m not even 25 yet, and I ve read all different genres of romance for several years now I just enjoy reading about love, in any shape or form.

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    REVIEW BELOW THE RANT Something is clearly happening in the black hole that is The Internet, and since I m a 90 kid I usually stay away from stans or fans or whatever they call themselves BS and hurt feelings, cause I don t care about those At all.Rating a book before reading it while lamenting over the injustice of it all because y all don t like these two fictional character is, probably, the most idiotic thing I ve seen people do in a good while We re talking Ron Weasley pointing a broken wand at Draco Malfoy level of idiocy here.Don t purchase the book if you re that butthurt about it Better yet write your own book if you think you know better Or write a fanfiction to satisfy all of your fandom needs OR you could wait to actually read the book before forming your opinion and then give it all of the stars you think it deserve just like everybody whose second name is not Petty does.The entitlement of it all is just ridiculous ____________ This review is my opinion, if it offends anyone I will live with the guilt for the rest of my life This book gave me an headache.Regardless of the uproar this book, and others like this, caused over Facebook and the clear as day entitlement issues some people manifested after the thing went down, I didn t like all the unnecessary drama in this one.The Addicted to you series, followed by The Calloways series and the Like us series alle have one thing in common being so ridiculous that somehow the ridiculousness stops being a problem which is the key point to most NA books for a number of reasons I am too lazy to list I ve read all of the books above, I liked them somewhat the same and I do believe most of the drama in those books, and the new one also, was and is used to fill up pages that otherwise would ve been left pristine white.I like Farrow and Maximoff relationship, let s start with that I like them alone, I like them together, I like them in general During the first three books we see them come together, fall for each other, and stay together during very difficult times that most real couples can relate to, minus the paparazzi I would choose Farrow and Moffy over Tatcher and Jane every single time, not because there s something wrong with Tatcher and Jane, but in all honesty they aren t as interesting I don t feel represented by Jane as a woman, I do think her character could ve been so, so much than what she is I don t want to start any discussion about it either, it s my opinion.Farrow is an awesome lead character for an NA book He s driven, he knows what he s putting on the table, he is relatable at times the residency drama a couple of books ago , I felt that, because I experienced that in my choice of profession and it s not pretty, cause the human s mind rarely is I felt Farrow struggles, he is my favourite I love him, I can t help it.Maximoff is a character that, believe it or not, changed consistently throughout the series from being the guy that only had one night stands and the guy who took care of everyone, to a aware, in a relationship, young man I don t like the Prince Charming syndrome he clearly has, I m with Charlie on that one 100%, and I hope that going forward we can see him coming off of it, it is rather annoying.And this is getting too long, so I ll try to summarise While I find the structure of the Hales Cobalts Meadows clan absolutely ridiculous, and I m sicilian, I know a thing or two about ridiculousness, this installment was necessary for Maximoff to actually talk to Loren and get some things off of his chest I liked that, it was a very liberating scene that couldn t have happened in the previous books because the kid was simply not there yet.Loved the relationship and the support Moffy and Farrow had for each other And all the love they received from all the others was absolutely fantastic.Didn t understand the bottom top countdown dilemma, but I am a woman and I do not dwell on such foolery, but if I did I would probably get my You re a woman congratulation badge trashed By my nonna.Speaking of grandmothers, I loved the way Lily handled the old cow in the end The team humour made my day, but I love all of the bodyguards, I am biased.Also Could have gone without the Loren bought a bottle of whisky oh my god BS, cause you better believe that if a recovering alcoholic buys a bottle of alcohol, he s gonna know exactly where that bottle is He may not drink it He may even tell you that he bought it and that he has no intention of even sniffing it, but he s going to know where he left it, 100% It was a pretty inaccurate detail to include I also find all the babying Ryke and the others do around Loren a bit redundant The authors need to stop using the I m a recovering alcoholic road to justify Loren s shortcomings or unwillingness to look past his nose over and over again It doesn t work, it s all a bunch of BS, stop making it a thing, dear authors, people are starting to notice your inadequacy on the topic.Didn t like the therapist debacle, because duh.Didn t like the baby situation I can count the times he was in a scene on one hand, each of those time were very short where he usually fell asleep or was sleeping All the other times he was only named I mean, c mon, was it really that important for Farrow and Moffy to have a baby being, quite literally, shoved onto them, right after Jane s I am going to be your surrogate if you want to proposal No, it wasn t And I don t need to be shown how good the protagonists are, or how selfless they are, in this way or with this kind of situation Really poor taste, in my opinion Also so clich it was annoying.The discussion about adopting VS surrogacy I can kind of get behind, because ideally everyone wants their children to look like them It s a primitive thing, humans and animals are very similar in that aspect because both of them want to keep their DNA alive and thriving I don t really fault Farrow or Maximoff for thinking about that, but I do think the authors dealt with the situation in the wrong way And it s not the first time they put aside adopting by giving some kind of lame excuse I kindly suggest the authors to stop writing about such serious topics if they don t have the will to educate themselves about it before shitting all over it.I am also very sure Moffy and Farrow s marriage isn t valid, cause last time I checked, Italy where I live does not allow random US VIP bodyguards with no diplomatic authority to officiate a wedding Any type of wedding Not even for the book equivalent of the Kardashian Jenner bunch Sooooo, yeah.Farrow and Maximoff need to get married again, for every legal reasons you can imagine regarding the parenthood aspects of their new life read get your facts straight before marrying your lead characters in another country next time, dear authors.Also I am not sure about the Oscar Jack thing Mostly because I find turning every bodyguard except Tatcher, Donnelly and Oscar s brother bisexual or gay a little bit too much, but what do I know I m Straight after all Whatever that means nowadays.Overall, I gave it two stars which are plenty in my opinion for all the fuckery that went on because, as the two stars rating states it was ok I liked the flow of it, the characters were clearly distinguishable from one another, and again, I love Farrow and Maximoff Mostly Farrow Duh.The baby situation almost made me give this book one stars because it was only used to add drama to an already drama charged series.I m not really interested in the next one, but I am very curious about the eight book because I want to know how the authors managed to pull that rabbit out of their bottomless hat.It was a quick read for me, I m sure somebody will appreciate the drama than I did, so pick it up if you like that kind of thing I still think that the reaction to this book was absolutely childish and entitled, the fact that I didn t gave it stars doesn t mean I agree with that kind of behaviour.Also I find that categorising people by what they like to read in their own damned free time is all kinds of stupid Thinking that the reason some characters are liked than others is because of some closeted fetish is so ignorant I can t even I could go on a tangent on the whys m m books are so popular around young adults and adults alike, or why most of the writers are, in fact, women and the few men that do write great m m books are mostly overlooked, because of fucking course they are Don t support the authors if you feel like they re doing the LGBTQ community wrong, but do not point fingers at people with different views and opinion on things And I understand that writing shit on the internet is easy just know that you re not helping or saving anyone with that keyboard Just saying.

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    Rating this 5 stars to counter all the 1 star ratings all the special fucking snowflakes dished it for one petty, butt hurt, douchey, nasty reason or another The book hasn t released yet for fuck s sake and I m willing to bet, these shit heads didn t get an ARC either just by the content of their reviews, or lack thereof I mean one person gave this 1 star because she s upset the series is longer than she thinks it should be, or that this couple got books than she thinks they deserve To people like that, I say What is wrong with you GROW THE FUCK UP If you read this and hated it, that s one thing I suppose a legitimate opinion is a legitimate opinion, but this hasn t fucking released yet So this tells me some people rated it badly JUST to pettily and vindictively rate it badly Asshole move I will adjust the rating once I read the book, if any adjustments are necessary I anticipate and expect that won t be the case

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    I m giving 5 starts just to counter all the 1 star ratings given by these shit head fans trying to sabotage a MM book that hasn t even been released yet.I feel bad for these authors Must be nice to have such dedicated fans thinking they are entitled to control their creative choices, telling them what they can and can t do in their OWN books I mean Seriously This just shows how petty and douchey some fans can be Going as far as creating fake accounts to sabotage an author s work because they didn t get what they wanted in the first place Or because the series is not going in the direction they wanted to Let s be honest, I think the real reason behind this is quite obvious if you think about it.If you re one of those idiots, here goes an advice Nobody wants to see an adult throwing temper tantrums and deliberately targeting a MM book just to be petty and vindictive I wouldn t want any fans with such a shitty behavior, and I m sure Krista and Becca Ritchie don t care about you either.

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