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✽ Imagine God  kindle Epub ❁ Author Rick Pribell – Livre-game-of-thrones.co chapter 1 Imagine God , meaning Imagine God , genre Imagine God , book cover Imagine God , flies Imagine God , Imagine God c3cabd6068dda By The End Of This Book, You Will Be Able To Recognize God And Begin To Know Him Better, Regardless Of Your Faith Understand What It Really Means To Be Created In His Own Image Contemplate Unresolved Issues With New Insight Reflect On Your Experiences In A Divine Way Enlighten Others Illustrated By The Photograph On The Book S Cover, Author Rick Pribell Shares With Us His Inspirational Encounter With The Rising Sun Revealing Not Only The Literal Truth Of Scripture In The World, But Also The Relevance Of Divine Communication In Our Lives Today

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    What is your relationship with God and how can you use life examples to improve your understanding, connection and relationship to Him These questions are at the core of Imagine God by Rick Pribell As he writes in the preface, The purpose of this book is to share a simple but powerful revelation exposing how we can begin to know God Pribell writes that his goal is for this revelation to become a branch of hope for you to grab, to pull yourself up by as you pursue a genuine, deep and real understanding of God Regardless of your faith, this book uses real life situations to show how God works through you and in you It s a concise primer on faith and constantly challenges the reader to find yourself closer to Him And it can also be used as an effective workbook for introspective study Divided into four parts, each chapter is followed with relevant gospel passages to enlighten and inspire, but also to confirm the author s assertations Pribell argues that we were all created with the ability to know God intimately, by being created in His own image Using real life circumstances and situations, Pribell demonstrates how we are able to relate to God by reflecting on our emotional responses, enabling us to know him in a much deeper and personal way Rick suggests a number of insightful questions you might ask yourself at various points in your journey In the third part of the book the author outlines the steps one might take on what he calls a path to salvation And in the final section, Pribell shares his own spiritual journey and relationship with God And he discusses the photo on the cover of Imagine God, which is of an image of a rising sun and a cross This image was what he awakened to after reading a prophecy from Zechariah the night before LUKE 1 78 79 NIV It serves as both an inspiration and as a symbolic metaphor in his own spiritual journey Imagine God is a concise and practical guide to developing the kind of relationship with a higher power that the author experiences and that is fulfilling and true It may take work and careful consideration, but through the lessons in this book, you can adopt and develop a closer personal relationship with God.

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    Believe, be grateful, and become renewed Author Rick Pribell offers his biographical information as a Testimony, a technique much in keeping this impressive book Having graduated from the University of Florida he travelled the world with his export distribution business, married, altered his career with a stint in real estate, and when that didn t materialize, he found solace in Christianity a diversion for a man raised Jewish Suffering a massive myocardial infarction in 2015 with the resultant surgical quadruple bypass, Rick found new health and new spiritual life He has since been committed to sharing his new perception and helping others discover God for themselves In his Preface, Rick states his mission in providing this supportive guide The purpose of this book is to share a simple yet powerful revelation exposing how we can begin to know God The potential is already inside of us This can be useful as an effective workbook for introspective study By understanding what it means to be made in the image of God, each and every one of us can then look within ourselves and begin to relate to God The epiphany transcends our religious differences, it can transform anyone desiring to learn the personality of God, His like and dislikes This can lead us to appreciate Him confidently and form an everlasting relationship with him What follows in this luminous book, in Rick s enlightened state, is a sensitive and accessible path to come to an appreciation of divine communication by coming to accept and understand and appreciate the concept that we can imagine God a discovery that allows recognition of God s perspective on likes, dislikes, and what is good versus what is bad Suffusing bountiful scriptural references to support his thoughts, Rick manages to open a portal of enlightenment few other authors have accomplished At this moment, as we live in a time of global chaos, IMAGINE GOD is a restorative treasure Rick Pribell s commitment to enhance others lives in the way his own life has blossomed is most welcome.

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    An inspirational guide to understanding God s words This book was written after the author, Rick Pribell, had a heart attack in 2015 This near death experience, a prophecy from Zachariah Luke 1 78 79, NIV, and his own inspirational encounter with a rising sun brought about a profound need to share with the world his message of how our emotions reflect God s spirit, an epiphany that transcends religious differences I have never read another book which so clearly and in such a straight forward manner conveys the word of God in a format which will encourage the curious, and the needy, to explore the meanings behind his teachings in an easy to understand way.Simply and yet with great clarity, in his own words the author explains what is meant when God said he had created us in His own image Once we understand this, the author then explores how our emotions, actions, thoughts, hopes fears and wants, are reflected in how God wants us to act, towards others, in situations, and in our journey of faith In reading it I felt it helped me to understand his word so much better, look at emotional situations in another light, and it has enabled me to begin to know Him, and what he wants me to do and be, .The photograph on the front cover was taken by the author himself in Melbourne Beach, Florida It has great significance to the author as it symbolizes a light shining in the darkness and showing him a path to guide his feet It is a picture and a meaning which can be an inspiration to us all At a time when Scientific American reports 23 percent of us have forsaken religion entirely, this book is sorely needed It is inspiring and heart warming to read, helps us to understand how much God loves us, and its short compact format makes it quick and easy to reference when needed Highly recommended

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    An inspiring, unifying message for us all, about our God.I ve read a lot of Christian books, and this book stands above the stack, because it has a very unique message Pribell offers us his insight into how we are all, as humans, created in God s image Using our emotions and the way we process and think, he brings us into a deeper understand of how God must think and feel, making Him real to us After all, our God only wants a relationship with us, and this book shows us how that s possible.Pribell didn t come to his faith easily Born and raised Jewish, accepting Jesus was against everything he was taught Living a prosperous life working with a successful packaging export distribution business and dabbling in real estate wasn t enough He wanted out of life and knew there was something missing His travels around the world taught him what it was.Then, in 2015, a life altering heart attack made him look deeper The result is an amazing book filled with scripture verses, a personal story, and a very inspiring photograph If you want to know God intimately, or if you are searching to fill that thirst for something that you can t quite quench, this book has the answers We are indeed created in God s image, and that alone gives us grounds for praise.Well grounded in scripture, short and concise, this book offers the hope and encouragement we all need to embrace the life we were meant to live Highly recommended.

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    I encourage anyone who wants to get to know God better to purchase this book You will not be disappointed After I read this book I did feel closer to God and felt that I could be an encouragement to others.

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    Very inspirational book A book you really need to read Image book really does a wonderful job encouraging people to get to know God In encourages you to have a better understanding who God is and maybe how he thinks and looks at things Truly a new way of looking at your faith.

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    When I first read this book I was on a personal journey I truly wanted to find my spiritual identity This book encouraged me tremendously It truly helps you open your eyes and get to know God This is one of the best inspirational books I have ever read Truly a life changer.

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    I had been suffering from depression and very down on myself when I came across this book It truly helped me feel with some issues and strengthened my faith in God I feel I know God better now and can seek his help when I am in need Wonderful book

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    The author does a great job of forcing you to think about a topic most people never think about It encourages you and portrays the message that God has no limitations A great inspirational book.

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    A very powerful book I recommend reading it.

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