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    Wow, wow, WOW This story fully earned its place alongside the rest of the books in this amazing series And everything that happened during the group s vacation in Fiji, taking Jet and Soren from a place of awkward interactions and hurt feelings to so much Gah It gave us our defining moment It was the first time I d heard Jet s song the way it was supposed to be heard, the first time I saw how much we had truly affected each other s lives, and the whole place means so much to me and to us I loved not only Jet and Soren, but also how this story covered every single major event good, bad, and ugly in their relationship, from their first tentative hookup to their hashtag real Disney love HEA The guys had a lot to overcome along the way, so some parts of the story felt pretty heavy and angst laden His shaggy brown hair is unstyled, his ripped jeans are tight, and the cocky smirk that has haunted me for three years is still the same.This vacation just became a whole lot interesting.As we lock eyes, I realize I m wrong.It s awkward The word I m looking for is awkward To help level that seriousness out, though, there was lots of humor from Jet as if that wouldn t be a given , but the snark banter, with Soren giving as good as he got, was also extremely high, so color me one happy glamper Gonna knock or Gonna move your hand lower or Damn the warm sound of his chuckle.Soren slides open the screen door No Because then you ll tell the guys I was jerking off when you came to get me, and then that ll become a running joke Oh, bless your heart That s already a running joke With the nature of Jet s touring and Soren s away game schedule, there was a lot of traveling, but even the longest separations in the book were handled well and I found them tolerable Not my favorite, of course, but I managed.We did get one dreaded Big Misunderstanding , but I was thrilled when Jet s blunt nature didn t let it hang in the air for too long before a timely confrontation resulted in them being even stronger than ever together The story did contain Jet s view spoiler closeted ex boyfriend hide spoiler

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    After reading every single book in this series, I had a feeling that Jet and Soren s book was gonna be my favorite I have been looking forward to Jet s story ever since he was introduced and I can gladly say that I was right It was awesome

    It became clear pretty fast that Jet and Soren have been keeping some pretty naughty secrets from everyone else Flashbacks of a sexy rendezvous show us how well Jet and Soren really know each other

    So when these two meet up again on a Fiji getaway with family and friendsthings do get a bit awkward They also get quite hilarious and hotThe sexual tension could be cut with a knife

    Both men just got out of a crappy relationship and they were both in desperate need of some tender loving Thankfully this is what they found with one another But we all know the road to true love isn t always easy Plenty of bumps along the waybut when it s real it s real and true love always conquers all

    With this awesome book, we have come to the end of an amazing series I am so curious to see what will be next from Eden Whatever it is, I will definitely give it a go

    Highly recommended

    An ARC was provided to in exchange for an honest review

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    NOW LIVE US Trick is book 5 of Eden Finley s Fake Boyfriend series This story changes the game and there is no fake boyfriend trope actually going on Instead we have a bit of the forbidden romance happening since Jet is the younger brother of Soren s friend, Matt, whose story we got in book 2, Trick Play Ever since reading Matt s book I ve been super excited to get Jet s story He was such a fun and crazy character that I knew his own book would be just as amazing as he was And I wasn t wrong He definitely changed a bit in his own story and had matured some and event though it didn t really change how I felt about this book, I did kind of wish that we didn t have the little time jump between the previous book and this one Only because I was greedy for of Jet s craziness, which was toned down in this book But overall he was still that Jet that I first fell in love with And somehow even a little bolder when it came to Soren.He and Soren had a lot they needed to work through and even with some very awkward encounters, they still had that chemistry that was sparking between them the entire time I loved seeing that and how they dealt with their own heartbreaks from the past Together they had an insane attraction that was fun and intriguing It had me glued to this book from start to finish and for that it gets a big recommend from me.

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    Update I m sad to see this series end and I really enjoyed this book, not as much as the previous ones but it was still absolutely a 4 star book I m giving this 5 stars because someone gave it 2 stars even though I m quite sure the book hasn t even been written by Eden yet, so I don t really get the rating Why do people do this I m sure once I ve actually read it someday at the end of 2019 it will still be a 5 star book, so

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    4.5 Stars This could ve been soooo drama filled So thank you Eden Finley for not going there.I ve wanted Jet s book from the get go And it definitely didn t disappoint Sad to see this series come to an end but what a great way to go out extended epilogue book 6 aside.Can t wait to see what EF does next.

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    4 Stars I wanna say it was like at first chapter with these men but honestly, it took me a bit to connect with these characters I was maybe a quarter or in when I was starting to really get into their story I liked that we were given their past because it really made you root for their now and future I even liked the fact that Jet wasn t completely over his recent break up just because Soren was now back in the picture and single as well They were both honest about still being in their hurt even though knowing that they still had feelings for one another Although the age gap is brought up often in humor, I didn t feel it I thought they were a great match and their age really didn t play a factor in how they treated each other or how they handled the up and downs that came with their relationship The angst was low and I always appreciate that I have to be in a mood to read a really angsty book Lucky with this book any misunderstandings that happened didn t last long and were swiftly dealt with This was a great addition to this series Loved all the guys Loved all their stories I can t help but want a Ryder book and a Harley book I know I m supposed to come away from this book hating Harley, but instead I m intrigued I want his story I want to know if he finds his way and if he finds his person I also want to know about Ryder What happened in his past that brought him his baby girl I m hoping they get their stories written Happy reading dolls xxARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    not what i expectedthere s a lot of things working against this book, not all of which are the book s fault i started reading this book and then set it aside midway thru to read Junkie by Cambria Hebert which was my favorite MM romance of the year and probably one of my favorite MM romances of all time so circumstances were kind of working against Hat Trick but i probably wouldn t have set down Hat Trick in the first place had it been attention grabbing.i think it s always tough to write relationships between two side characters that you ve been building over the course of the series people expect a lot and i was no exception i wanted something not angsty or dramatic but BIG something sexy and sweet that rivaled the first book for me.unfortunately i think because the build up for these two was presented in other books, their actual story fell flat i loved soren and jet but this book was quiet, kind of slow moving, and while i wanted our main characters to be together the thing that kept them apart was silly and resolved within the first like 50 or so pages.it s hard to say what would have improved this story i think eden finley does an incredible job at touching on the realities of the lives of her characters like it s prolly pretty fcking difficult being gay when ur a rockstar or a pro sports player and i think she handles family relationships well but there just wasn t anything in this story that made me think damn, this is a favorite all of this is just a long way of saying i felt sort of blase towards this book it s not bad AT ALL but it didn t provide the emotional intensity i craved.

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    This is book 5 in the Fake boyfriend series by Eden Finley.I really enjoyed the writing style and fell in love with all the characters in this series It was a real pleasure to revisit all the couples They are different but special in their own way I was looking forward to this one, because I was super curious about Jet and Soren I have to admit I didn t really feel the 10 years age gap between them Jet is the lead singer of a band He s always on the road, opening the concerts for a bigger band.Soren is a hockey player He s struggling to find a team that would give him a contract with a no trade clause, but he s afraid he might need to retire and he isn t ready yet.They meet again in Fiji, where the gay brigade the other couples in the series, spend a vacation together.We get some flashbacks from the past, how Jet and Soren met, what happened between them 3 years ago I was glad there weren t too many scenes with their memories And now they are just as hot for the other, even if they fight it at first I can t say I agreed with the secrecy, and the baby brother comments in Soren s head I also would have wanted angst, maybe Jet s ex to make a bigger move on him There are a lot of hot scenes and I could really picture them together I loved the jealousy both felt What I loved the most would be the ending It was extremely sweet and beautiful Overall I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it

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    4.5 stars

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    4.5 stars I m kind of sad that this was the last book in the Fake Boyfriend series so I tried to read slowly and make it last longer I wasn t very effective though I basically inhaled this story Jet is the younger brother of Matt, one of the MCs from Trick Play, he s a singer and his band is one step away from hitting stardom.Soren is the hockey player that came out in Deke and a close friend of Matt s.Those two have a common social circle but they also have a secret from three years ago so they ve been kind of avoiding each other since then The story starts with all four couples from the previous books plus Soren taking a two week vacation on a private island in Fiji Soren broke up with his longtime boyfriend a few months ago and, even though he knows that was the right move, he s starting to question his decision to go away as the only single one among four couples.That is until Jet shows up heartbroken after splitting up with his closeted boyfriend The attraction between them is unmistakable and soon they give in It s supposed to be just for fun but they can t deny their feelings no matter how many obstacles they have to overcome And they have enough of those ex boyfriends in close proximity, paparazzis following them everywhere, distance.Both of them are in different phases in their careers, Jet is just starting out a very promising career in music while Soren has to deal with the possibility that he s facing down his last season as a pro hockey player.The fact that they found each other again at this partucular moment in their lives works wonders for both of them They support and encourage each other no matter what I liked that even though they were possessive, there was also trust between them and understanding.I loved both of these characters, their humor, their chemistry, their personalities I liked that the ex wasn t a shallow character and that there were so many supporting characters around without any of them stealing the spotlight from Jet and Soren This was their story and there was no denying that, but we also got to peek into the future of the other four couples and see what their lives are like a few years down the road.This might have been the last book in the series but it s definitely not the last we ll hear from these characters An ARC of this book was kindly provided to me in exchange for an honest review

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