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    I think I understood the concept of this book before Jesus plus nothing , but I m not sure if I ever really thought about it as much as I have since I finished The Naked Gospel I don t feel like a particularly religious person I know that rules aren t my rescue and I don t go to church because it s just what I do on Sundays But, Like pretty much every other Christian out there, I recognize and follow a lot of the Christian rules On the other hand, my faith is a living, breathing connection with the Almighty, and I think that s what Farley is trying to get his readers to look for The whole thing, for me, boiled down to one thing do we trust that the Holy Spirit will guide us in all things Or is He not enough, so we look to guidelines and rules to figure out how we should live as Christians Trusting in something that you cannot see or fully comprehend is HARD, especially when there are all sorts of other guidelines to follow that make life a lot easier Do I trust the Holy Spirit like that Not as much as I should Do I look to rules to tell me how I should behave Of course But this book has made me think about what I trust to guide me in my daily walk Since I finished the book, I ve been aware of when I m being religious and when I m really asking for and following the guidance of the Holy Spirit.Pros Really, really makes you think especially if you come from a background of religiosity I think this would be a great book for non Christians who think that Christianity is just a bunch of rules, although some of the Christian jargon might scare of potential readers.Cons Loose analogies and stories that clumsily relate to the rest of the content in the book When your thesis is so simple, there isn t a lot of meat and the filler is sometimes obvious.Read my full review here

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    The message of The Naked Gospel by Andrew Farley isn t a new one, but it s certainly one that isn t always preached clearly As a woman who personally struggles with legalism and a sense of earning God s love and forgiveness and approval, I experienced a sense of relief as I read through the pages of this book I have always known that Jesus blood covered my sins, but I still felt like I needed to do my best and make God proud And if I sinned which is daily for everyone , I had better make sure those sins got confessed ASAP, and I d better try harder to do the right thing next time Effort, effort, effort Thus telling God that His Son s blood must not ve been quite enough But Farley reminds us, Our forgiveness and cleansing are solely because of the finished work of Jesus Christ It is FINISHED Once and for all forgiveness.As I read his words, I could really feel the burden being lifted from Farley s shoulders He dealt with being driven by a guilt based faith for many, many years, which only led to depression When he discovered the LIFE that God intended to give us through His Son s sacrifice, Farley began to experience freedom and God s truly unconditional love Jesus exposed the futility of life under law, Farley explains No one can keep every letter of it, and God doesn t expect us to He simply desires for us to love Him and accept His grace and forgiveness He doesn t want us to get down on ourselves when we sin He wants us to simply desire what He desires And since, as Christians, He truly does live in us, His desires become our desires If we do not desire what He desires, then He is not in us The message of Jesus plus nothing from start to finish is often too humbling for us to swallow Instead, we opt for performance hoops to jump through in order to impress God The secret is that grace deactivates our pride Removing the law from our lives means our self effort is no longer prodded to control behavior The law excites human effort It encourages us to depend on resources outside of Christ But unconditional acceptance deactivates human effort and allows the Holy Spirit to be all that he wants to be through us I love this This is the freedom God intended.It is vital for everyone Believers and non Believers alike to be exposed to The Naked Gospel The author s fervor is contagious his words are well written and his message is clear as is the book cover ha and well delivered Read it And share it.

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    Imagine the gospel message delivered exactly like the Bible gives it no additives, all natural Imagine that message so often distorted by Law practicing and guilt bearing delivered by a pastor of a Texas church for us common people, as God intended.Yet again, this is a book that will change your life, if you re ready for the truth in its pages Farley attacks the age long myths of false humility and keeping of the Mosaic Law as Christians He continuously asks the reader to answer for himself how complete is God s complete, once for all forgiveness When I read this book, I realized the contradictory ideas modernism has supplanted for the true gospel message Terms in the Books of Romans and Hebrews are studied carefully, and the new life in Christ at salvation and as a lifestyle is drilled into the reader The pure Word is not hidden in this book which will take Watchman Nee fans to a point of revolution in their Christian communities mine is in upheaval but God is being lifted up.This is the first book in my library that I have given copies to seven of my friends, and it has had no small impact One man accepted Christ, realizing he d never understood the gospel until reading The Naked Gospel Thank you, Andrew Farley Read this book Tell me how it put you into your Bible and the flesh less I give The Naked Gospel five stars and highly recommend that every Christian leader read it David Telbat

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    If you re Christian, you should read this book.I m an atheist and I did Of course, I also have a fascination with religion and faith, so perhaps I m not the best judge This book will definitely give anyone with an open mind something to think about While his ideas may seem radical to the church, they aren t offering a jihad or anything crazy, just telling people to live their life WITH Christ instead of FOR God and there are a lot of details and specifics that I won t go into His focus is on Christians and that if you believe Christ died for your sins then he did, so stop focusing on your sins and live your life and let Christ live through you It s really optimistic.I m still going to Hell, according to him, which he doesn t focus on and never really says it outright He actually says a few things that makes me think he d be open to some alternative lifestyles that MIGHT be frowned upon by the Church Or maybe I m just reading the book as I do.BTW, I read this book as the only atheist in a Christian youth group book study I ve been going there for almost a year now, because I like the people and the thought provoking conversations They let me come because they have open hearts, are awesome people, and they I think like my outside perspective and willingness to listen I think some closed minded people could learn alot from listening to us talkand listening to us listen

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    A good buddy gave me a copy of this book Amazing I give this out the time Great book to understanding the difference between things we practice and believe in the church that are not biblical So in line with the truth that our relationship, worth, acceptance and love are NOT based on performance, programs or religion but solely on relationship and the finished work of Jesus on the cross LOVE IT

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    I will admit that I am extremely bias rating and reviewing this book Andrew Farley is one of my favorite preachers, the way he teaches is a gift from God, He practically breaks down the Gospel in baby steps that you can understand The way he explains difficult passages of the Bible while still managing to keep the context is amazing and well done I have been following his ministry for about a year now, he never disappoints me when I watch his sermons learning something new everyday is remarkable and I really do plan on hearing him preach live I believe the message he preaches is the only Gospel that will save, there is no other Gospel but Jesus plus nothing Now let s get started on the review First and foremost, I absolutely love how this story was written It is rare for authors, particularly Christian authors to write in a way that pulls the reader in Most of them try to use big vocabulary words that takes away the essence of the book and they overdo scriptures that take away the quality of the book However this book started of with his vivid testimony about how he encountered Grace From him upbringing, college life and his frustration of trying to live the Christian life I was captivated in the initial pages,it reminded me a lot of myself,thus I appreciate how honest and vulnerable he was telling the story Also I love how the chapters was broken down into parts, that really made the book an easy read If there is one MAIN thing I loved hard one , it will be the chapter about the will of God It spoke to me directly cause years I was questioning if I was in the will of God and when he explained how God gave us the freedom of choosing was life changing The reward chapter was good as well, many Christians have a flawed perception on that I personally agree with his stance, I don t believe there is going to be different rewards based on our good behavior Otherwise we would be boasting about what we can do for God, except it being out of Grace and not works He tackled tough scriptures but he did it with clarity and ease.This has become of my favorite books, it is so readable, truly this is the Gospel, all others are a counterfeit

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    MY REVIEW Reading this thought provoking book by Andrew Farley stripped away some of the religious thoughts I have attached to the Gospel He poked and probed around several scripture passages that I personally have never thought through but rather just taken for granted Much of what he said was intriguing and helpful, but some left me still chewing to determine my own beliefs on particular parts There were multiple chapters and portions I really enjoyed, but one of my favorites was when he dove into the official start of the New Testament and how that impacts our life The overall reading of the book is fairly deep, yet his style of writing is easy to read in that it s personal You are not just reading heavy thoughts, but rather Farley s own testimony to a degree I personally felt that the theme throughout the book was hard to follow and that each Part was like reading a mini book in of it s self However, I still enjoyed this book despite the weak spots along the way I would highly recommend this for a seasoned Christian who seems to be in a Christian bubble and would like to challenge the rut of his her living.My only caution is that this book needs to be read with great discernment I am still unsure of how I think about certain thoughts that Farley addressed and I would not read this book with abandon, but with great contemplation and thoughts Remember that this book is not the Gospel.BOOK OVERVIEW Jesus plus nothing 100% natural No additives It s the truth you may never hear in church The Naked Gospel is a chapter by chapter assault on the churchy jargon and double talk of our day It puts forth a message that is simple but life changing With a fresh take on Scripture and unapologetic style, The Naked Gospel will challenge you to re examine everything you thought you already knew.

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    I received a free copy of this book through The Blog Tour Spot I did not receive any money for this review.This book got my interest with the whole concept of taking the Gospel at face value nothing added, nothing subtracted just the Gospel My husband and I have within the last few years have gotten dissatisfied with the way the modern churches have gotten into programs and gotten into the newest things and have kind of gotten away from the teaching of the Bible.This book is in no way a bashing of the church It is just a straight forward challenge to us as Christians to take the Gospel as is and not try to add anything to it.I wasn t really surprised at the results of the survey that was taken at Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois Just because you are very active in church doesn t automatically lead to feeling fullfilled.I was also not surprised at the story of the author s father asked to give his testimony and the father wasn t even a Christian at the time Yes he attened church but had not made the decision to follow Christ yet, He recieved a great response I have recently had a conversation with my oldest daughter about this She recetnly moved out and meet some new people at a local church s singles ministry but none of this young people are Christians.This book is really good at getting you to see the difference between the Old and the New referring to the Old Testament and New Testament.I would encourage anyone who wants to just get back to the Gospel to read this book and keep your mind open There are many things that author brings out that goes against what we have always been taught or learned in church, but then again didn t Jesus go against the religious traditions of his day

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    Life Changing If you believe that Christians should regularly ask for forgiveness Christians struggle against their old selves God should help us with decisions Christians can be out of fellowship with God OT law is written on Christian hearts Christians will account their sins at the Great White throne Christians will get many rewards Christians should tithe God gets angry at ChristiansThen you need to read this book I have totally changed the way I look at Jesus s ministry and the epistles Read this book

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    I was than a little disappointed with this book Farley makes big claims about what he is going to deliver, and i never really was impressed It seemed a dumbed down version of both Owen s _Mortification of Sin_ and a number of other Puritan thinkers The language of the book is far too jazzed up, the metaphors and anecdotes are often weak and pedantic, and the writing is coddling to the point of being hard to bear Now, i realize that this may simply be the product of where American Christian readership is at not many are used to reading Tozer, Bonhoeffer, Kierkegaard, Edwards and Owen any and Farley s language may simply reflect that This is a Zondervan publication after all However, i have some theological problems with the book as well Completely jettisoning the Old Covenant seems to me both theologically and intellectually problematic similarly, Farley s main thesis seems to be that we are to no longer worry about rules and laws and just live by the spirit A good thought by no means a new one But the problem is that he downplays the moral law making no distinction between moral and ceremonial law and acts as if the Spirit won t lead you to hold to the moral law Generally, this was a problem with the book Shallow theological treatments and below average writing The message is generally good, but it has been said before and comprehensively.

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The Naked Gospel: The Truth You May Never Hear in Church summary pdf The Naked Gospel: The Truth You May Never Hear in Church, summary chapter 2 The Naked Gospel: The Truth You May Never Hear in Church, sparknotes The Naked Gospel: The Truth You May Never Hear in Church, The Naked Gospel: The Truth You May Never Hear in Church 2de99e4 Andrew Farley The Naked Gospel From World Andrew Farley The Naked Gospel From World Changers Church InternationalDr Andrew Farley Is The Lead Teaching Pastor Of Ecclesia Church Without Religion And A Bestselling AuthorThe Naked Gospel, PartReligion Is A Headache What If We Could Do Away With All Of The Religious Guilt And Live From Delight What If We Could Enjoy So Great An Intimacy With God That It Would Seem He Wa The Naked Gospel The Truth You May Never Hear The Message Of The Naked Gospel By Andrew Farley Isn T A New One, But It S Certainly One That Isn T Always Preached Clearly As A Woman Who Personally Struggles With Legalism And A Sense Of Earning God S Love And Forgiveness And Approval, I Experienced A Sense Of Relief As I The Naked Gospel The Truth You May Never Hear In ChurchLivres Audio Audible Abonnement Audible Meilleures Ventes Nouveauts Tlcharger L Application Podcasts Audible Sur Votre Echo Audible Original The Naked Gospel Truth You May Never Hear In The Naked Gospel Finds Friends Among Those Who Are Burned Out On Experience Chasing, Ceremonialism, Or Legalism It Attacks Churchy Jargon And Powerless Ideas And Puts Forth A Message That Is Simple But Life Changing With A Fresh Take On Scripture And Unapologetic Style, The Naked Gospel Will Challenge You And Stir You To Re Examine Everything You Thought You Already Knew The Naked Gospel The Truth You May Never HearThe Naked Gospel Is An Intelligently Written Book That Is Thoroughly Intriguing Your Church Or Small Group Could Benefit Greatly By Its Wisdom And Concepts This Is A Must Read Dave Stone Your Church Or Small Group Could Benefit Greatly By Its Wisdom And Concepts Is Andrew Farley S Naked Gospel The Authentic But At Its Core, The Naked Gospel And His Other Books Present Yet Another Denial Of The Fundamental Gospel Doctrine Of Justification By Faith Alone, In The Finished Work Of Jesus Christ Alone Farley S Theology Is A Strange Mix Of The Perfectionist Teachings Of Hannah Whitall Smith, Watchman Nee, And Others Of Past Generations, With Super Grace Teachings Similar To Those Of The Deceased Heretic Robert B The Naked Gospel Download EBook PDF EPUB The Naked Gospel Finds Friends Among Those Who Are Burned Out On Experience Chasing, Ceremonialism, Or Legalism It Attacks Churchy Jargon And Powerless Ideas And Puts Forth A Message That Is Simple But Life Changing With A Fresh Take On Scripture And Unapologetic Style, The Naked Gospel Will Challenge You And Stir You To Re Examine Everything You Thought You Already Knew The Naked Gospel Just Another False Gospel Of My Wife And I Were Recently Introduced To A Book Called The Naked Gospel, Written By Andrew Farley The First Thing I Do When I Hear About A Biblical Book Or Author Is To Deteermine Where They Stand On The Gospel If Someone Gets The Gospel Wrong, I Am Not Interested Any Of Their Biblical Teaching The Naked Gospel VeritasThis Review I Wrote And Posted On The Ooze Viral Bloggers Site I Receive A Book Every So Often, I Read It And Then I Blog About It Here And On The Ooze Viral Bloggers Website It Has Taken Me A While To Get To Reviewing The Naked Gospel By Andrew Farley It Took Me A While To Get Through It

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