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On Pointe pdf On Pointe, ebook On Pointe, epub On Pointe, doc On Pointe, e-pub On Pointe, On Pointe 691fb54eb73 Our Feet Slipinto Satin Shoeswith Stiff Shanks,hard Boxing,tight Elastic,and Slippery Ribbonsthat Wrap And Endin Hard KnotsThe Frayed Edgesare Crammedout Of SightWe StandA Row Of Bound Feetrisesto Its ToesFor As Long As She Can Remember, Clare And Her Family Have Had A Dream Someday Clare Will Be A Dancer In City Ballet Company For Ten Long Years Clare Has Been Taking Ballet Lessons, Watching What She Eats, Giving Up Friends And A Social Life, And Practicing Until Her Feet Bleed All For The Sake Of That Dream And Now, With The Audition For City Ballet Company Right Around The Corner, The Dream Feels So CloseBut What If The Dream Doesn T Come True The Competition For The Sixteen Spots In The Company Is Fierce, And Many Won T Make It Talent, Dedication, Body Shape, Size Everything Will Influence The Outcome Clare S Grandfather Says She Is Already A Great Dancer, But Does She Really Have What It Takes To Make It Into The Company And If Not, Then What Told Through Passionate And Affecting Poems In Clare S Own Voice, On Pointe Soars With Emotion As It Explores What It Means To Reach For A Dream And The Way That Dreams Can Change As Quickly And Suddenly As Do Our Lives

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    A YA book about a teenager ballerina that tries to make it to the company The pressures of this kind of life, the sacrifices An in the end, how to deal with sickness in the family, which can put other things in perspective The book was nice, easy to read I would like it to go a bit deeper, it was a bit young for me But it would be a great book for a younger person.

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    I thought the book was okay The only problem for me was that it didn t really talk a lot about her dancing It was mostly talking about her grandpa and how she was caring for him from his stroke But, I feel the author did this to show that throughout the book Clare found that she was a dancer whether or not she made it into City Ballet So, overall the book is about someone finding her passion and getting through tough times with that passion and love at stand.

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    3.5 out of 5 starsFor being written in verse it was just weirdly structured paragraphs, not verse Also Clare had some very bitchy streaks that I didn t love overall but the general story of coming to love yourself and what you love to do was good

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    2 stars.As long as you love what you do, you will succeed.On Pointe is about Clare She lives in Washington and wants to be in the City Ballet It is her family s dream Problem is, she s tall and competing against the others in her class.Though it had good morals, On Pointe was still boring It is written in verse and some parts, like the parts where Clare is just at home doing normal things, could have been written in normal first person POV prose Other parts, however, were lovely in verse and really got the moral across.The big message of this book was the one I mentioned above As long as you love what you do, you will succeed Clare, at first, thinks that if you can t do ballet professionally, you are a failure What she doesn t realize until the end is that you can dance for yourself You don t have to dance to impress others or be part of a company You can do it because you love it and you will still succeed in being a dancer, albeit not a professional one.I am a dancer and one of the flaws in this book was the pointe shoes I do quite a fair bit of pointe work for 4 years and I have NEVER gotten a blister In this book, everyone in Clare s class has popped blisters and blood on their tights I understand that it is probably a higher, harsher level of pointe than what I am used to but it would have been realistic if the girls feet conditions were varied For example, Clare could have had the blisters, but Willow could have perfect feet and Rosella could have just had a broken toenail It starts off with small paragraphs explaining the people in Clare s class I originally thought that this book was going to be from all their POVs I think I would have liked it better if we got to see what Willow, Dia and the others were thinking.The book actually had me feeling quite depressed at the start Ballet isn t always that harsh Clare seemed like she didn t really like it, in my opinion Also, unlike Audition, the verse didn t have much symbolism In Audition, different ballet steps and positions helped tell Sara s story In On Pointe they are used in class and that s about it.I never worked out how old Clare was It says on the jacket flap that On Pointe is aimed at ages 8 12 but I think it should be higher because it touches onto things like eating disorders and the need to be thin It never actually, blatantly, goes against Rosella s puking I found that odd.Not as good as I d hoped Older readers might want to try Audition if they are looking for a different ballet verse novel On Pointe was fairly disappointing and I really could not see which age group it would fit into Also, I was quite bored aat some points Good morals though.

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    Clare is a dancer She wants to join the City Ballet, but she s taller than most professional dancers Can she make it If she can t, what will she do On Pointe examines what happens when our dreams change Clare begins the summer auditioning for the City Ballet, living with her grandfather, and chatting with her friend Rosella, who says negative things about their peers that make Clare uncomfortable By the end of summer, Clare s perspective and priorities have undergone a dramatic shift.Lorie Ann Grover s verse beautifully conveys the work, pain, and pride that come with being a dancer, as well as the self consciousness and alienation we feel as our bodies change us from children to adults Clare learns that our passions don t have to be our professions This is a valuable lesson for anyone, but it is especially valuable for readers who are passionate about one art or another.I would recommend On Pointe to fans of dance, poetry, or readers struggling to define themselves.

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    Normally I hate novels in verse, but this one seemed really natural, like you were hearing Clare s thoughts.I was amazed by this book It was beautiful and sad and true I m not sure if a non dancer would get much out of it and hey, I ve got an audition looming in my future that made the book that much meaningful but as a dancer of seven years, I loved it.

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    Novel in verse that vividly describes the physical pain of being a ballet dancer.

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    When Clare s dream of being a ballet dancer is chrushed, she realises that there s to life than being the prima ballerina Pretty good.

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    I would recommend this book for teens who are into ballet Although the suggested age on the book flap is 8 to 12, I would say it s geared towards teenagers This book does touch on eating disorders, so keep that in mind if you decide to read it I think the end message is a good one There is unfortunately a lot of pressure in the ballet world to look a certain way and to have a specific body type This book shows that you should do something because it s what you love to do As long as you dance, you are a dancer.

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    So to begin with I don t usually like books in verse The storyline is simple Clare is a dancer who is living in Washington state with her grandpa She really wants to make it to city ballet She s dedicated her life to dancing Another thing I didn t like was that like all of the girls had bulimia and that was annoying and very stereotypical.

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