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    Before you read this I AM BY NO MEANS TRYING TO INVALIDATE THIS BOOK I love the message of Grace, in fact I wish there was throughout this book I guess you can call this suggestions.I m half way through this book, not super fond of his writing style He makes a lot of absolute statements as well as thoughtless connections that may be interpreted the wrong way I get what he s trying to say though But the problem is, I shouldn t have to try to deduce what he means because of his undeveloped writing The danger is if or when things are interpreted the wrong way For ex he writes A true relationship with God is impossible unless we love people I have a problem with this, I get that he s trying to make the point that loving people is important and God wants us to love people But is it really IMPOSSIBLE to have a relationship with God if we don t love people All things are possible through Him who gives me strength Yes, it maybe difficult to love God if we don t exercise that love with his creation, but impossible Also, what does that mean for people who have autism, who are asocial and cringe at any sort of human contact Perhaps they don t have the cognitive capacity to love people But I have read blogs by people who have Asperger s who love God so much because of the fact that he isn t people He doesn t have the annoying tendecies that we as humans have So I fully believe it is possible to have a relationship with God without having to love people, not that I m advocating not loving people Jesus told us that the way to love God is to love people Jesus says in John 15 My command is this Love each other as I have loved you Greater love has no one than this to lay down one s life for one s friends Yes, Love one another However, it isn t stated that loving people is THE way to love God Of course you can love God by loving others But isn t it to remain in God s love first As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you Isn t it love God, then love people, and we love not by our own strength, but by God s Perhaps he means ONE way to love God is to love people, not THE way It s such a simple change, yet completely changes the interpretation It seems like he tries to force analogies Some of then directly contradict what he says He uses the analogy of how an artist covers his masterpiece before it is finished because it s still not perfect Then he compares it to God saying, God does not expose your sin, he covers it But the whole message of grace is that he has forgotten it as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us It is REMOVED, not covered Covered suggests that its still there, but if it s still there, then what did Christ die for He continues to say Do not fear that God will ever humiliate you in order to humble you or teach you a lesson Exposing an unfinished person is rude He is great at keeping things just between you and Him You are His masterpiece, and He will protect you and cover you until you are complete This points to God never condemning us Ok GOOD But here he suggests that we are incomplete The next page he says, Though you are a work in progress, He has already declared you completed Ok, then why did say that we are unfinished, then say we are complete I understand his point that we are made complete through God s grace and what Christ did for us However, according to his previous analogy, because we are complete, God will expose us Take out the analogy.It s little things like this that I have problems with I wish he would directly talk about grace It seems like with each chapter, he s saying what people believe about God, and then merely negating them without a much deeper approach Don t get me wrong, there are some great things in this book But it s almost if he s trying too hard by forcing God into his own analogies I m not bashing him, I just would like a developed and thoughtful approach But this is certainly a great starter book to share with people who have false perceptions of God.

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    This book takes some key phrases I hear in church and calls them lies The author explains how God is our Father and compares our relationship to Him with our relationship to our own children He is very much of the opinion that certain aspects of church such as the tithe are Old Testament theology where as the New Testament covenant is based on the 1 Corinthians 13 idea of God is Love Thae author does not use a lot Bible verses to back up his explanations, and that made me uncomfortable I d love to have my pastor read it and give me his opinion on it

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    this is a fantastic book about the Love of God and the lies that religoin portrays Darin gives real life examples from his life and from others to help you along in the book Some of the lies told about God are He is the angry God, He is the jealous God, He is holding you accountable, God is watching you, always waiting for you to mess up.This book is clear and easy to read and is a very good book to give someone hurt by religion

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    I can empathize with the person who has grown up in the church, receiving a picture of God as a divine manipulator, angry, condemning, disinterested, etc. For those who have, I HIGHLY recommend this book However, this is not how I was raised, and after reading this book, I am SO GRATEFUL that I was raised under the arms of a loving God.

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    Incredibly good book If you ve grown up in church and have tried to navigate around the rules you think God is holding over your head, this book is an essential So good, so freeing, so much truth.

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    This book was recommended to me by my father in law who says it has completely changed the way he looks at God and religion and how he, a pastor, preaches about both He bought the book for me because he was curious what the atheist s perspective on it would be.The book s basic premise is essentially that we should strip away everything else we ve learned about God and what it means to be Christian and boil it down to one simple concept God is Love When we look at Him through that perspective, all our in fighting, all our feelings of guilt and unworthiness not to mention our need to judge and condemn others will cease to seem important as we simply focus on loving God the way He loved us.And that s all well and good as a theory except for one glaring thing HELL Specifically, how can you say God is Love at His most basic essence, and then explain a place created by Him or at the very least, allowed by Him to exist where people, who He supposedly at one time loved, get burned and tortured and pretty much get the shit kicked out of them non stop over the course of trillions upon trillions of years This kind of love, to me, reeks of an abusive relationship where the husband promises to love, honor and cherish his wife but if it doesn t work out or she strays in any way, he will fucking KILL HER And I know this isn t a new or mind blowing concept, but it s one that the author seems to take a keen interest in repeatedly NOT addressing, almost as if he s conspicuously avoiding the subject Which tells me one of two things either a he too doesn t know how to reconcile eternal hellfire with a loving God or b he doesn t believe that Hell actually exists but is too afraid to alienate his Christian reader base The thing is, I was right on board with a LOT of what the author was trying to convey They were the kinds of things I was thinking myself regarding the Christian faith while I was still a part of it Namely that too many of the faithful would rather spend their time focusing on and worrying about the negative aspects of God s character rather than simply rejoicing in the fact that He just wants to be our friend, Dad and confidant Unfortunately when you balance this truth to the truth of the Bible, you really can t escape the fact that this is a conditional relationship and if you walk away from it citing abuse, absence of affection or complete and total alienation you are beyond screwed I made notes about various things that struck me as I read, raising issue with many of the author s minor points, but in the end, most every comment I made came back to that one irreconcilable point That s all well and good, but what about Hell All that said, I actually think this is an important book for Christians to read Honestly, if Christians adopted this love as the basis for everything concept, the religion as a whole would leave a lot less to be loathed Loving others and just being secure in your own salvation without the need to scare others into the faith is exactly what a religion based on love should be anyway.

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    God s Word is More than Words What Tone do you Hear in His Voice I m going to disclose that I purchased this book fully expecting to be challenged by it because I ve had an opportunity from a distance to get to know the author by participating on his web site, listening to his podcasts and reading his blog In addition, knowing this book was presented by Windblown Media, the publishers of The Shack, So You Don t Want to Go to Church Any and He Loves Me Learning to Live in the Father s Affection all books which have had a profound impact in my life, I fully expected that this would provide a similar challenge.I was not disappointed.This material represents something of a rewrite and editing of previous work by Hufford and while I have not read the previous material, I can t help but believe that the message has improved in strength and clarity for that.Those who measure the value of a book by its adherance to familiar systematic theological patterns are likely not to appreciate this book It doesn t conform to those patterns and indeed, as is the case with most material from Windblown Media, that is the point The Misunderstood God plays strongly upon the theme that God is Love period The common themes within today s christian community that would add something to that statement the yeah, buts have contibuted to an image or picture of God that has people seeing God as something He is not This is true of institutional religion that has added elements that seem designed to influence behavior and commitment based upon an appeal to fear, guilt or shame and has resulted in a representation of God that seems akin to a schizophrenic deity or an alcoholic celestial father, when clearly the New Testament speaks repeatedly that God is Love.Hufford dares to take the statement seriously and structures his book upon I Cor 13 by contrasting the popular images within today s performance based, behavioral modifying religious approaches and then dares to present God as the loving non manipulative God that He in fact is In doing so, Hufford draws from the simplicity of the images found in scripture and his own experiences This simplistic approach flies in the face of those sophisticated theologies that insist that God s love must be balanced by his justice, his wrath, his judgement etc Hufford seems to be saying in fact, that these elements must be seen first and foremost through the prism of his love, and nothing else.As I read the book, I could not help but draw my own analogy to today s examination of what the real components of communication are Tone and body language in fact convey of the total message in most communications than the words themselves What Hufford is suggesting is that you cannot understand God if you hear or apply tones and motives to his words that are not there If you see God as anything less, or anything than love in essence and truly desirous of your best, then you have misunderstood God.This book is worth the read and even those who may be predisposed against such a message for whatever reason I believe will find something within that will help to draw God into a sharper and personal focus.I purchased this book for reading on my Kindle and I found nothing in that medium that detracted from the reading experience.5 stars.bart breen

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    I received a comlimentary copy of this book from the publisher and Goodreads Of course, I had to flip through it and check it out Should it go to the top of my reading shelf, on my to read shelf or when I get time stack of books Out the door I went to an appointment, and as I turned to lock the door I grabbed the book and dropped into my bag Normally, I dislike waiting, however I became so engrossed in this book that I forgot the time I found myself thinking that if I would hurry I might finish another chapter before they called my name Mr Hufford shares some touching stories in his life and he tells a certain truth about how religious principles have remained the same for centuries, but it is we,the people, who have lost sight to their value and meaning Perhaps this is why a majority of Christians admit to being miserable and frustrated in their Christian lives.It s a very good book and I m passing it around to members of my church for them to read We need God in these days and times than ever.

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    I cannot say enough good things about this book If one allows it to speak to one s heart, what this book is saying, can lead you into magnificent places in your life It can help you get on the path to knowing the heart of God.For that is what this book is about, the heart of God Darin has not written a book of theology or doctrine He has not written us a method or formula for knowing the heart of God.He has simply pulled back the curtain on religion and shown us the man manipulating the levers I highly recommend this book, and would hope that all my friends would buy a copy and read it.

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    This is an amazing book that challenges some of the things that we grew up in the church hearing, and replaces those things with a God who loves us so deeply Based on 1 Corinthians 13, Darin Hufford walks us through the qualities and characteristics of God to show us that we are in relationship with a loving God who wants His very best for us I highly recommend this book

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