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    I received this book from a friend I had seen it around and was very interested in reading it because it looked like just what my family needed.when given this book, the sister of my friend told me that it wasn t what we expected, but it was what we needed I think that is a good description of this book Maybe you ve felt unsatisfied in your church family and have considered leaving Or maybe you are perfectly happy where you are Either way, reading this book isn t a waste of time.Unlike so many books out there that feel like just a list of to do s that will supposedly fix all your problems, this book guides you through it s story to realize that the to do s and displays of Christianity in the church often fail to supply what we need because, in the end, what we need is a deeper, personal relationship with Christ and the people He puts in our lives.I highly enjoyed listening to this book and while it may be controversial to some people, I found that it was just what I needed and found so many wonderful little gems of wisdom in this book.We will never have all the answers for life, but we can grow in a closer relationship with The One that does.

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    Throughout this book, I was blown away by the depth of insight that John, one of the characters, offers I didn t keep a list of memorable quotes as I went, because I felt like I d be writing out most of the book So, I had to flip back through the book to pick out some passages to quote here, and really, it wasn t difficult to find several there are great quotes on almost every page I ve listed some good ones at the end of my review.My situation at the moment is different from the main character, Jake s, situation, but there were many aspects which I could relate to in his concerns and how he tried to deal with his concerns with unhelpful patterns of thinking I guess I loved this so much because it was so patently the right book at the right time for me very much of a God incidence.I can t say I agree entirely with the main concept of the book that, for the most part, churches are institutions where structure and commitment often replaces the free and easy nature of relationship with God and with others we meet together because we feel obligated to do church, rather than because we want to spend time with God and each other , although I do agree that this can happen I know there are churches like this, but I hope the other churches where meeting together helps us to grow and draws us closer to God in an intimate relationship and also to each other so that God s love and grace shines from us in all our interactions with other people are in the majority The article at the end of the book makes some valid points, and I think if people are finding an alternative to structured church that keeps their faith living and active, and if this book helps them in finding their way in that, then that is great as well.But despite that, some of the minor concepts have been immensely challenging to me I think this is a book that I could read through again and pick up different things on subsequent read throughs We don t get God s love by living up to his standards We find his love in the most broken place of our lives As we let him love us there and discover how to love him in return, we ll find our lives changing in the relationship Walking toward him is walking away from sin The better you know him the freer from it you will be But you can t walk away from sin, Jake Not in your own strength Everything he wants to do in you will get done as you learn to live in his love Every act of sin results from your mistrust of his love and intentions for you We sin to fill up broken places, to try to fight for what we think is best for us, or by reacting to our guilt and shame Once you discover how much he loves you, all that changes As you grow in trusting him, you will find yourself increasingly free from sin. I ll admit your circumstances seem much worse now But that s not the only place to look You re on a new road with your eyes on old road signs I think what God wants you to know is that those old road signs are nothing but myths to prop up a dying system They don t really work, as you re finding out. God will provide for you He always has, except you don t know that The fact that you don t have insurance or a job to lean on doesn t mean he will forsake you The fact that others are destroying your reputation doesn t mean they ll have the final say God is not a fairy godmother who waves the magic wand to make everything the way we want it You won t get far if you question his love for you whenever he doesn t meet your expectations He s your Father He knows far better what you need than you know yourself He is a far better provider for you and your family than you yet know He is bringing you into his life and rather than saving you from these things you are enduring, he has chosen to use them to show you what true freedom and life really are. Part of the journey involves doing what God makes clear to you If you ve submitted it to him, then let him sort it out If he were asking you to leave today, I think you d know that, even in the face of your fears If he hasn t made it clear to you, then wait Just keep loving him and following him every day I m learning the joy of resting in him, doing what I know to do and not doing what I don t know to do It s been one of the hardest lessons to learn, but also the most freeing. You had this incredible hunger to know God and follow him But you also wanted to be circumstantially secure and well liked Those just aren t compatible with following him We are safe because he is with us, not because our circumstances are easy, and trying to get everyone to like you only made you less a person than God made you to be When you started following what God put in your heart, the other kingdom had to collapse It was inevitable if not enviable.

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    This is an incredibly powerful book and is available free as an e book as well as being buyable in printed form It gently looks at why so many Christians are discouraged, or fed up with structured church life, but without in any way criticising the Church as such Jake, the main character, relates a series of conversations with an unusual person called John who appears in his life now and again As he comes to terms with what John is saying, he experiences many struggles in his life until he begins to find a deeper and meaningful relationship with God Not everybody will relate to Jake, and not everybody will reject all forms of structured church but I still highly recommend this to anyone as probably the most thought provoking short novel I have ever read.I enjoyed just as much on re reading five years later, finding the theology such as it is even helpful and encouraging There isn t much of a story from the novel point of view, but the life changes that happen and which can happen to anyone, whether or not they have had enough of structured church are incredible.Definitely recommended.

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    This was one of those books that I wasn t sure what was wrong with it until I nearly finished it, mainly because it s written as a journey you re not quite sure of the final destination til the end There s a bit of wheat among the tares, but overall it has the potential to do much harm encouraging frustrated people to just leave the institution of church which is to blame for pretty much everything just love be loved by God love others It s not particularly well written is of a polite rant than a novel It correctly identifies many problems with the modern church an obvious one would be that it s made up of sinners but provides a solution that is less than satisfactory, let alone Scriptural.

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    Not What you Might ExpectThis is likely one of the best books I have ever read and I ll tell you why.I ve been all about the Church for most of my life I ve been a pastor, a denominational official, a Church Administrator, an Elder, a Chairman of the Board and while I m not currently in a formal Church Ministry role, I m finishing up a Master s degree in Organizational Leadership and writing a Master s Thesis on Leadership Styles and impact within the organization of the Church.On some levels, I m sick and tired of the organization of the Church Many of the criticisms leveled at it for being impersonal, political, manipulative, disingenuous and full of petty people are unfortunately true There are literally millions of people who comprise the walking wounded who have brushed paths with many Churches and have sworn that they are never going back to such a place because it is full of hypocrites and toxic people.I understand that I m reminded of the man who said all the things above to his wife and ended up with the comment, And I m never going back there again His wife responded, But you have to go back You re the Senior Pastor For all who have felt this way, this book is for you.Through the masterful use of dialogue in the context of a fictional setting with a pastor who has been wounded, this book touches on all these themes and brings the reader through to the end with an alternative view of Church.It s not about the organizational Structure Some imagine that if we just structured the Church right the problems would be solved I can vouch from a level of involvement that exceeds many, that sadly this is not the case.The church will never be perfect in this age because I am not perfect.What is needed is a new view and understanding of the Church This book does an excellent job of illustrating where hope lies.I recommend it highly 5 Stars.Bart Breen

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    Jake Colsen, an overworked and disillusioned pastor, happens into a stranger who bears an uncanny resemblance in manner to the apostle John A number of encounters with John as well as a family crisis lead Jake to a new understanding of what his life should be like one filled with faith bolstered by a steady, close relationship with the God of the universe Facing his own disappointment with Christianity, Jake must forsake the habits that have made his faith rote and rediscover the love that captured his heart when he first believed I will be the first to admit that when a friend gave me this book and I saw the title I wondered if I really wanted to read it But after reading it, I will say that I found it very thought provoking in that it made me really look at myself and what I thought about organized church The emphasis is on developing a personal relationship with God through Christ that affects everything we think, say and do So that we are being Jesus rather than doing church It in no way condemns organized religion but rather encourages all that our faith shouldn t be all about church but rather all about God and Jesus Focusing our lives on God s Word and the central message of the Gospel and that organized church should just be a miniscule part of that I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is involved in a church and wants to take a fresh look at what their faith is really about.

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    sighs deeply I don t know what to say about this book I found it sitting on the shelf in a St Vinny s and the title piqued my curiosity After seeing that the audiobook was on Hoopla I decided to try it one evening with Devin and I don t want to say it changed everything but I honestly hope it has I figured with that title it could go any direction, but I honestly wasn t really expecting the direction it DID go A fictional exploration of what it means to be the body of Christ and to follow Jesus, it made me realize the origins of some of my pharisaic tendencies, and was really convicting It s not the type of book that will leave you with a list of things you need to do, which causes people like me, who have an achiever strength, to struggle For people like my husband, who is most content being and has a strength of inner belief, it seemed to verbalize and explain things he s always felt but never really knew why about how church is usually done.There were definitely a couple things that made me slightly uneasy in phrasing, but the number of absolute convicting revelations about how I ve lived FAAAAAAR outweigh any tiny things I had concerns about The writing isn t anything special imo, but the content was really powerful to us, and we would love to discuss it with others.

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    This should be titled, So you don t want to go to church any Good neither do we Because no one in this story went back to church.I like what one reviewer Christine said, This was one of those books that I wasn t sure what was wrong with it until I nearly finished it, mainly because it s written as a journey you re not quite sure of the final destination til the end I really read it thinking it was to help people go back to church and heal those wounds, but this book is just the opposite If you read that last 2 chapters you will understand why they say some of the things they doWhy one star 1 I didn t like the fiction writingNow I am no fiction reader, but I could not figure out who was who It never really said, John said, Jake replied I thought that s how fiction is wrote Just my opinion, lol.2 The book is against churchAnd let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near Hebrews 10 25 This book, in the last chapters, John one of the main characters says ultimately that you don t need to meet up regularly This totally contradicts Hebrews 10 25.

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    Have you ever wanted to have a sit down conversation with one of Jesus disciples Chances are.none of us will get that opportunity this side of eternity But, through this book and in this message, you will take an unexpected journey and discover truths about the body of Christ and your walk of faith that will change the way you live You will not want to miss out on this opportunity to hear answers to some of your most desperate questions about the church Should you feel guilty about not going to a church on Sundays Are you supposed to be working in a full time ministry Is it important to have a membership to a particular church body The answers to these questions and many will yield insight into what the TRUE body of Christ is supposed to be Most people would admit that the body is broken, but what we can t seem to do..is mend it This book will lay out the blueprint that Jesus gave us in His life, and through His teachings, and set us on the path that the body of Christ was meant to follow..there is no other way to be the body, than to follow Him The message within this book will help you look at your walk of faith in a whole new light You will not want to miss this unexpected journey

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    Over the past year our family has started participating in a house based church instead of a traditional building church We have really enjoyed the freedom that has come in doing that This book really confirmed my discontent with what church should look like as well as provoked other thoughts on my personal relationship with God.

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So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore summary pdf So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore, summary chapter 2 So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore, sparknotes So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore, So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore 3eb6eb9 Jake Colsen, An Overworked And Disillusioned Pastor, Happens Into A Stranger Who Bears An Uncanny Resemblance In Manner To The Apostle John A Number Of Encounters With John As Well As A Family Crisis Lead Jake To A New Understanding Of What His Life Should Be Like One Filled With Faith Bolstered By A Steady, Close Relationship With The God Of The Universe Facing His Own Disappointment With Christianity, Jake Must Forsake The Habits That Have Made His Faith Rote And Rediscover The Love That Captured His Heart When He First BelievedCompelling And Intensely Personal, SO YOU DON T WANT TO GO TO CHURCH ANYMORE Relates A Man S Rebirth From Performance Based Christianity To A Loving Friendship With Christ That Affects All He Does, Thinks, And Says As John Tells Jake, There Is Nothing The Father Desires For You Than That You Fall Squarely In The Lap Of His Love And Never Move From That Place For The Rest Of Your Life

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  • So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore
  • Wayne Jacobsen
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