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    Mesmerized is the story of Serena Albright, a high school senior from Sacramento who has ambitions of becoming a journalist It is 1986 and Serena works as an editor for her school newspaper The previous year, Serena s family suffered the devastating loss of her older brother, Christopher, who was the victim of a horrendous hate crime Christopher was gay, and Serena wrote an editorial piece for her school newspaper in her brother s memory The article was shocking to the school, and Serena was reprimanded by her principal who assigned her detention painting parking blocks in the school parking lot.While she is fulfilling her assigned punishment, Serena is joined by another student that she doesn t know very well His name is Brodie, and it becomes obvious to Serena that he is gay Their friendship immediately blossoms and Serena soon discovers that Brodie has a passion for dancing As luck would have it, they soon encounter Lance when they venture into an abandoned warehouse Lance is a local college student who is also a dancer Serena is awestruck and heartened when she observes a romance blossoming before her eyes her two new friends are falling in love with each other.Several other key characters are introduced within the story Serena s grief stricken parents, her best friend Maggie, and her arch nemesis Pamela are all very colorful, deeply portrayed characters who bring the story to life Eventually a romance blossoms for Serena herself when she encounters her dashing coworker Wesley after she begins a new job as a hotel maid It is no surprise that this author is an accomplished playwright because in many ways the story had the feel of a screenplay There were a lot of quick witted one liners and some subtle, sarcastic humor that made it an entertaining and at times lighthearted read But what was particularly gripping about the story was the depth of the emotion that the author conveyed The manner in which the grief issue was portrayed was incredibly intense.There were also some interesting plot twists and a few surprises which made the story unpredictable enough to set it apart from other YA gay themed stories One thing specifically that I liked was that the story was told in the first person narrative of Serena The theme centered upon her coming to terms with having a gay sibling and coping with his death than it did with gay characters falling in love.I felt the writing was strong, the characterization was deep, and the plot was believable yet unpredictable This is definitely one of the better written YA novels I ve read, and I would be quick to recommend it to YA fans.

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    2011 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention 5 from at least 1 judge

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    First off, whoa I hope you re ready for an emotional ride with this book It packs a punch that will leave you breathless, giddy, and full of hope.If I wasn t already fairly close to my siblings, this book would have me reaching out to them in a heartbeat In fact, even though we are close, I almost put the book down to go hang out with them.Serena is a high school senior who, before the start of the book, loses her brother to a hate crime He is brutally murdered and left in the gutter because he s gay At the start of the book, Serena knows virtually nothing about who he was, and her parents are stuck in a catatonic state.Through a series of events that can only be described as fate, Serena befriends hot boy Brodie and they meet Lance Because of these meetings, Serena starts to learn about the brother she had, and wishes than anything she could have him back to talk to him.My heart broke throughout the book for Serena and her family Seeing her suffering from the loss was painful, but at the same time, watching the love of Brodie and Lance unfold through her eyes was beautiful I could feel how intense it was by the words the author uses to describe their looks, their movements, and every other last detail.Secrets are revealed throught the book, and I won t ruin them here, but let s just say I stayed up very late to finish it I just couldn t go to sleep without knowing what happened In the end, Serena finds the courage to confront her brother s killer with the help of her brother s best friend, boyfriend, and her mother.Also, the ending scenes with The Showdown I would pay seriously good money to see this as a movie because of that scene Barnes chose the PERFECT song for the dance sequence, and it was running through my head throughout it So beautiful.Do yourself a favor Get this book Read it And then go hang out with your siblings and get to know who they REALLY are.

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    Marvellous story of the aftermath of a brutal killing, the healing that eventually takes place, and the positive changes that occur in the lives of the victim s His name was Christopher Albright.Can we please not refer to my brother as the victim sister, parents, best friend, and boyfriend as they struggle to come to terms with his death and the acknowledgment that he is still a part of their lives.

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    I spend much of my reading time inhabiting the pages of middle grade fiction Thus, a foray into contemporary young adult literature is a stretch for me But I knew that D M Barnes also writes for TV and cinema, and I figured he could teach me as an author a few things about pacing I was right This book which includes themes of gay romance, hate crimes, and parental grief moves at a breathless pace from first page to last The author also creates compelling characters and sets up a plot that grabs and holds the reader s heart.

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Mesmerized summary pdf Mesmerized , summary chapter 2 Mesmerized , sparknotes Mesmerized , Mesmerized e66f62b While Being Punished For Writing A Controversial Article In Her High School Paper, Serena Albright Is Befriended By The Enigmatic Loner Brodie Wiles Serena Witnesses The First Time That Brodie Meets Lance Royal, Who Is Secretly Rehearsing To Compete In The Showdown, The Biggest Dance Contest Of The Year Immediately, Serena Is Drawn Into Their World, Inspired By The Love She Recognizes Between ThemThrough Her Close Friendship With Brodie And Lance, Serena Finds Comfort For The Grief And Guilt She Feels Over The Brutal Death Of Her Older Brother, The Victim Of A Hate Crime Frustrated That Her Deep In Denial Parents Spend Endless Hours In Front Of The Television And Refuse To Acknowledge The Death Of Their Son, Serena Accepts The Challenge To Have A Face To Face Meeting With The Boy Who Killed Her Brother

  • Paperback
  • 264 pages
  • Mesmerized
  • David-Matthew Barnes
  • English
  • 24 April 2017
  • 9781602821910