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  • Hardcover
  • 250 pages
  • King's Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus
  • Timothy J. Keller
  • English
  • 04 August 2019
  • 9780525952107

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    I m all kinds of happy with this book I ve either liked or loved all of Keller s books But this one is my favorite It carries all of Keller s popular themes justice, idols, gospel critique of religion, and worldview challenge But they are all brought out from the text of the Gospel of Mark The strength of this book is that it helped me trust in and love Christ Also, it s a wonderful example of reading the gospels It s a wonderful book to read for devotions or hand to a skeptic.

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    I cannot recommend King s Cross highly enough There were so many parts that spoke to me, that brought me to new awareness of the gift of Jesus to the World.How can it be that we have lost the urgency, the joy, the passion that is the real and true story of Jesus Like C.S Lewis, Timothy Keller opens my brain to new pathways of understanding of just how significant the death of Jesus on the cross is.I know this seems weird to say I m a Christian one would think I m feeling this all the time But, I m not Honestly, sometimes I think I am worried about hurting a person s feelings, or offending a person by sharing the story of Jesus Keller explains gospel means news that brings great joy why in the world wouldn t I be eager to share that with someone How have we lost that How have we let the world convince us that sharing Jesus news of great joy is not a good thing I d like to entice you with excerpts, but I practically have to quote the whole book I ll give you some pictures of the essence.In Chapter 1, we learn that the Trinity the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit are each centering on the others, adoring and serving them this makes God infinitely, profoundly happy if it s true that this world has been created by the Triune God, then ultimate reality is a dance if this world was made by a Triune God, relationships of love are what life is really about He must have created us not to get joy, but to give it.The author then goes on to the story of Jesus temptation in the wilderness He explains the wilderness is a battleground, and Satan is wanting to tempt us away from the dance Using the story of Adam, Keller explains that God said to Adam because you love me, don t eat from the tree just because I say so Obey me about the tree and you will live.We know that Adam didn t live up to his end of the bargain.Now Satan goes to Jesus in the wilderness Satan comes to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, the ultimate antigarden to the Garden of Eden.God said to Jesus, Obey me about the tree , only this time the tree was a cross and you will die And Jesus did He has gone before you into the heart of a very real battle to draw you into the ultimate reality of the dance What He has enjoyed from all eternity, he has come to offer to you.In the afterward of the book, Keller tells us that Steven Spielberg was refused any Oscars until he stopped making movies with only happy endings, yet his fairy tale ending movies are his most popular critics observe this and scowl that, of course, escapist stories will always be popular.He Keller goes on to say that Tolkien argues that people sense that such stories point to some underlying Reality As we read or watch them, we are being told that the world is certainly filled with danger nonetheless there is a meaning to things, there is a difference between good and evil, and above all there will be a final defeat of evil .the gospel story of Jesus is the underlying Reality to which all the stories point it is the true story it happened.Keller also shares the words of theologian Robert W Jensen who argues that our culture in in crisis because the modern world has lost it s story We once thought that life had a purpose, that there was something to live for, and that there was hope for a resolution to the sufferings of the world Now, many say, none of these things are true.What a sad statement.If ever there was a time for sharing news of great joy , it is now, don t you think We as Christians have the antidote the only question is, are we applying it

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    THERE IS GOOD NEWS God is the source of all love, all life, all light, all coherence Therefore exclusion from God is exclusion from the source of all light, all love, all coherence Jesus began to experience the spiritual, cosmic, infinite disintegration that would happen when he became separated from his Father on the cross Jesus began to experience merely a foretaste of that, and he staggered Pastor Kellers thoughts about the written word of God are at times staggering to me I can think of no one that moves me in the same way he does He uncovers aspects of the bible that are momumental in depth of insight, and this book is no exception Taken from his sermons on Mark this book does a lot to answer the questions of WHY God loves us, WHAT he came to accomplish, HOW aspects of his life can be the blue print for the direction we should live ours Keller never assumes we can accomplish this live as Christ did Our love for Christ should propel us to that end, but never with a sense that moralism will accomplish this, rather the good news of the one who lived the life we should have lived and died the death we should have died.The chapters of this book correspond to the chapters of the book of Mark, there is a constant theme of selfless love that Keller is trying to get the reader to think deeply about Preeminent Love of the triune God is always the missing ingredient in a humble success of the christian life The reasons to read this are clear You will see Jesus clearer than you presently do, you will see yourself clearer than you presently do, and you will most likely finish this book wanting to surrender.

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    This was a brilliant book, very theologically meaty but also easily read Keller takes you through key passages in Mark, highlighting who Jesus was, what He did, and why Very clearly thought out and well written Highly recommended

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    I BeforeBook is an extended meditation on the historical Christian premise that Jesus life, death, and resurrection form the central event of cosmic human history as well as the central organizing principle of our own lives x.1 A true life story Keller goes through Bauckham s arguments about the gospels as oral histories.2 The Gospel of Mark Peter mentioned in basically every episode shows that Mark was writing Peter s testimony.Jesus has come anything can happen now Coming of Jesus calls for decisive action.Mark is divided into two acts Jesus identity 1 8 and Jesus purpose 9 16.Chapter 1 The DanceJesus is Christ Jesus is Son of God Jesus is YHWH All in the first couple verses The dance of reality The Spirit as dove is unique to Mark, connects with Gen 1 2 Same three parties at both creation and beginning of new creation.C.S Lewis trinity is kind of dance.Glorify you glorify something when you find it beautiful for what it is in itself.If reality has been created by Triune God, then ultimate reality is a dance Trinity is characterized by mutually self giving love If this world was made by a triune God, relationships of love are what life is really about 9 But if from all eternityultimate reality is a community of persons knowing and loving one another, then ultimate reality is about love relationships 9.Keller agrees with my interpretation on wild animals inserted for sake of early Christians being thrown to wild animals.Garden of Gethsemane is antigarden to Garden of Eden.We are stationary when we do things to benefit us, out of a concern for us, in order to somehow help us.God said to Adam Obey me about the tree and you will live And Adam disobeyed.God said to Jesus Obey me about the tree and you will die And Jesus did.

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    This is a must read for anyone, Christian or not For those already with a strong faith, it will solidify the core beliefs of Christianity and bring a greater level of intimacy with and understanding of Jesus himself Walking through Jesus ministry and life, with a focus on the facts, which Keller is so spectacular at, is a powerful way of rationalizing Christian practices and beliefs For those still seeking, this book is beautiful in that it deals with the core of Christianity Jesus life is full of hope and his message was one of peace, acceptance and love, and Keller does and incredible job of focusing on these large concepts, while examining all the small details that make it so indiscriminately true.

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    Eu confesso, amo Keller J li alguns de seus livros, mas essa exposi o do livro de Marcos simplesmente espetacular J quero come ar a ler os outros livros com essa pegada de coment rio b blico N o d nem pra come ar a falar aqui do meu sentimento ao terminar esse livro Eu n o queria termin lo Se n o leu, leia

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    I enjoyed this as an audio book and it was very listenable Tim Keller is the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, and I have listened to his audio sermons for quite a few years in fact, he is one of a very short list of preachers whose sermons I will actually pay to listen to I m familiar with his style and some of the flow of his thought, but this was by far the longest thing I ve consumed of his to date I was not disappointed.Keller is an incredible communicator He has an uncanny knack for taking a floating idea, snatch it from the atmosphere by way of scholarship, place it in it s theological and sociological framework, and then in incredible ways apply these truths like a pastor Keller is unique in his ability to say things you understand while retaining a strong sense of intellectual and spiritual integrity King s Cross is basically a devotional and pastoral commentary of the Gospel of Mark I will, in the future, use it as such and I would highly recommend it to anyone for the same purpose He doesn t exhaust the text, that wasn t his intention, but he doesn t leave anything out that needs to be in this book His approach is creative, but in a familiar way by that I mean that he will offer perspectives that you may not have heard before, but he does it in a way that causes you to think, surely I ve heard this before This is the genius of the book The insights he offers are things that, after hearing them, you feel like you should have known But, to be clear, I don t believe that he is merely exploiting low hanging theological fruit , it is the way he presents these things than the harvesting of them that makes them so easy to digest.Highly recommended is my review of this book Whether for a pastor or just someone who wants to understand Jesus life and the timeless, glorious message of the Gospel of Mark better this is a definite gem in the Christian archives Mark has given the story of Jesus and declared that this is actually the world s true story as well Jesus, the King, created all things in love He has the power and beauty to see His vision for the world through to its glorious end to undo everything we have been able to do to harm it To accomplish that He had to come and die for it Three days later He rose again, and one day will come back again to usher in a renewed creation The Gospel is the ultimate story that shows victory coming out of defeat, strength coming out of weakness, life coming out of death, rescue from abandonment And because it is a true story it give us hope because we know that life is really like that from chapter 19

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    I have just finished reading The King s Cross by Tim Keller, and I find myself as is usually the case when I read Tim Keller wanting .Keller does a fantastic job of inviting his readers to join with him on a journey through the book of Mark The pace is natural, the insights and teaching phenomenal I felt as if I was right there, immersed in the first century as an eyewitness to the life of my Jesus The nuances, the details, the tremendously multi faceted story all are written about with clarity and an underlying palpable urgency it s as if Keller is saying to his readers, Do you see Do you see what is truly happening here I learned so much The answers to questions I have held for decades were patiently answered through the pages of this book What made Jesus death so unique What was the purpose behind Jesus cleansing the temple Why did he curse the fig tree And what s I was reminded again through Keller s writing, that God is a God of mercy and justice, grace and sovereignty.I certainly do hope that Keller will pursue writing in similar fashion about other books of the Bible.

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    Timothy Keller is being lauded as the next C S Lewis, and it s pretty easy to see why He s got a distinctive writing style intellectual, but not complicated While his thoughts aren t as complex as Lewis s, his prose is much enjoyable King s Cross just in time for Easter is essentially a commentary on the Gospel of Mark Keller focuses on the actions of Jesus, and he cites Mark s journalistic approach as the reason he chose to center King s Cross around that gospel Keller s premise is that the cross of Jesus is the turning point of all of history As you can tell from the cover, he claims that the story of the world was and is being told through the life of Jesus His argument is compelling, as he weaves a narrative of reconciliation, not of just the world, but also of individuals This is the story of the world, says Keller reconciliation, to God and to each other And the King s Cross accomplished this.

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